All Things Hidden - By Tracie Peterson & Kimberley Woodhouse

Those of you who know me probably know this, I love Alaska.  So when I chose the book All Things Hidden, it was first because it was based in Alaska in area's I have traveled to.  Second because I loved the premise of the depression-era story line.  After I dove into the book, I realized I was going to really enjoy this read!

Gwyn Hillerman's life has had it's share of trials and uncertainty.  Gwyn was born in Chicago and moved to Alaska with her family as a very young girl.  When her father decided to take his medical practice into the isolated Alaskan Territories.  Gwyn spent almost all of the life that she can remember growing up in the beautiful mountains and valleys of the peaceful yet unforgiving Alaskan frontier.  To her life was full of learning and adventure.  Until one day when her mother decided to take her younger sister and leave Gwyn and her father to move back to the high societies and rich life of Chicago.

Dr. Hillerman did his best to raise Gwyn and gave her all the love he could offer.  He taught her in medicine and she became his nurse at his clinic.  Even with the beautiful surrounding land, great native friends and all the love in the world from her father.  Gwyn still felt a piece of her heart was vacant and longed for a letter or the return of her mother so she could one day feel her love.  Even if deep down Gwyn herself knew that would never happen.

Dr. Jeremiah Vaughn's life just took a turn for the worse.  When a very affluent patient of his in his Chicago hospital practice dies.  Those with power go against him and succeed in stripping him of his medical license. Practicing medicine had been his dream since a he was a little boy.  He wanted nothing more but to help people who were needed medical attention.  Right after hearing the news of the medical board, his fiance calls off their engagement, because she is more interested in what people will think of her and would rather not be associated with Jeremiah anymore.
With all hope lost, an unexpected invitation from his old mentor arrives and Jeremiah decides to leave his city life behind and travel to Alaska and practice medicine in a new up and coming community that desperately needs the help of doctors.  The only problem is, Jeremiah decides to keep all his recent Chicago happenings a secret for now.

Gwyn was unsure at the beginning of her father bringing in Jeremiah, but she soon realizes his help has been greatly needed in the lives of others.  She can't help but slowly begin to harbor secret feelings for the man. But Gwyn's life has never been easy, God continues to give her trial after trial.  When the unthinkable happens to her, she isn't sure if she can trust or love anyone and that includes her strong feelings for Jeremiah.

Jeremiah loves his new job in Alaska and thrives with helping the new settlers and community.  From the moment he saw Gwyn and learned she was nothing like any woman he had ever met, his attraction to her had been growing.  The only problem is, he's unwilling to let her know his feelings because of the harboring secret that he is sure she won't be able to accept.

All Things Hidden is a historical fiction, based during the middle of the Depression and set in the beautiful Matanuska valley and the town of Palmer, Alaska.  This is a story of love and heartbreak, excitement and uncertainty.  You will fall in love with Gwyn and Alaska, not to mention learn so much about the original settlers of the great and fascinating state.

This is a Christian based novel, appropriate for any reader.  Although I do believe adults who love historical drama will enjoy All Things Hidden the most.  I really enjoyed this story and found it to be not only entertaining but quite a fast read.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review by Bethany House. I was not asked to write a positive review.  All thoughts and opinions in this review are entirely my own.

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