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So normally I do a Monday link up, but I have decided to discontinue this for a while and just link up on others blogs instead.

However, I think I have finally gotten the quirks worked out for the new Comment Luv commenting system. Which allows you to leave a comment and also leave a link to a post you want me to come and check out.

I apologize for the hassle and bleeps of the commenting system over the past few weeks while I got it all figured out.  Which I think I finally have.  Its hard because it's not exactly a program for blogger, so to trick it into working for blogger took a little more effort.  But I had been told by many that they hate leaving comments on blogger and prefer programs like comment luv.  So I listened to you and made the changes!


Generally I don't blog about things until after I do them, guess you can call that the safety side of me:)
But I have mentioned that I am taking a cruise, which I actually leave for later this week.  
I've been on one cruise before, this is my second.  But I am going to entirely different places, so that keeps it exciting!
However, I do have a question for those who have cruised before.   Just curious, do you plan all your excursions through the cruise ship?  Or did you wing a few of them?  If you did wing them, did you find you liked doing that better?
I am torn, because I have this feeling winging it might be more fun, and probably cheaper.  But then, sometimes some area's it might not be allowed.... Anyhow, if you have any opinions on this, I'd love it if you'd let me know!
So what do you think of the nail color?  It's a bad picture, but I've been experimenting for fun colors for the trip, and I think this is what I might do, but I'm not sure...  It's actually a brighter pink, and a purple on the one nail.  With a teal and green glitter coating on them, for a little fun:)  What do you think, is it a winner?  Or should I pick something different in colors for the trip?


Okay, so this is something that I have been looking forward to talking about for a while now.  Me running again.  You may or may not remember about 2 weeks ago I mentioned I was going to be giving it a try again, and I felt my injury was ready to take the next steps.
I didn't blog about it last week for a reason, which I will explain in a minute.  But let me give you a quick re-cap!
Two weeks ago Monday, I walked a lap, then ran 50 meters, walked another lap and then ran 50 more meters.
Took Tuesday off because I needed to wait an see what would happen.
Wednesday Morning, I walked 1 mile then ran 100 meters, walked 1/2 a mile and then ran another 100 meters.  *Note, I had no pain at all while running at anytime!

Okay, now for the reason I didn't blog about this last week.
The week I picked to start running again, also happened to be a week that I didn't realize at the time was going to require me to spend 32 hours standing on my feet.  Doing exactly what got me injured in the first place.
By Wednesday night my foot and ankle were pretty swollen, and I could barely walk.  In fact it was swollen and even slightly purple... I know not good!
Was it from the running?  No, I honestly don't think so!
Was it from working? Yes! I am positive about this!!!

I had to put the boot back on for the better part of 3 full days, and I have been having to keep it on all night for the past 10 nights.  This all to correct what working on it did.
I had an easier week last week at work and after lots of boot, and ice and then PT I am almost back to where I was prior to spending too much time of working on my feet.


So, when will I try running again?  The answer is, this week!  I am not going to be spending much time at work this week, and very little time on my feet.  Which means this is a much better week to discover if the running is something I can start up again, and if the injury has healed enough for it.

So, what will I be doing about work?  Well, I am going to quit my job in April.  I have and know, I am never going to finish healing this injury if I keep on doing what is hurting it.  So if that means finding a second job that is at a boring desk, so be it!  Because to be honest, I would much rather work a job I am a little bored at for a while, so I can get back to running.  Than, have to take months and months more off running because my job won't let an injury heal.

* On a side note, I own a wedding decoration company so I will still have income coming in.  But it is true, I need a second job because I like to travel and that costs money!  So hopefully I can find something that won't be too bad, and will pay decent enough!  
If only blogging paid more... right:) hahaha...


I've been reading a lot more lately, so I'll have some great book reviews coming up in the future on Wednesday's!  
Also, tomorrow if you love wild animal shots, stop by my blog!  For Travel Tuesday I decided to show off a few of my favorite shots.


Last, today is the last day to join your blog up with us on the Spring Fitness Hop!  It's a fun way to host a giveaway, find new blog followers and find new awesome blogs to follow.  
Plus, what we've found in previous hops, you'll get lots and lots of more entrants and blog visitors by participating in a giveaway hop, than if you just host a solo blog giveaway.

Why is that?  Well each blog has it's own followers, and when they go to enter one blogs giveaway, they are far more likely to click onto the next blog in the hop and enter their giveaway.
When you take into account that we have 23+ blogs already signed up to participate.  Even though, there are no guarantees, this gives you the possibility of up to 23x's more visitors to your blog and giveaway than if you weren't linked up.  Which also means, the more blogs we have participate, the possibility of even better and better results.  Hope that makes sense!

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(NOTE: This is the last day to officially join up on your own.  If you'd like to join up later this week, you will need to email me directly.  I will only allow last minute sign-ups until March 13th.)

As for everyone who is already signed up - You'll be getting the email from me sometime today, with all the details, so if you want to design your giveaway post in advance, you'll have all the info today, to begin working on it!

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