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I have been a little busy lately which is why I skipped last Monday's post.  But I didn't want to let two weeks pass me by.  The reason I have become so busy, will be news I will be sharing soon, I just want to work out a few more of the details before I start talking about it.

You'll probably see a few blog changes coming up.  Nothing in the form of content.  But in order to make my blog more mobile friendly, I am deciding which comment system to switch over.  As unfortunately the Intense Debate system I currently have with blogger, will not work if I convert it over to a mobile site.  Which is kind of a bummer, as I really like it.  I have a few options I am considering, but if you use blogger and a user friendly comment system that you like, I'd love if you'd share with me which platform so I can consider it!

The past few weeks have also been a little fun too, I got a short canyon hike in one morning with my Dad. Snapped a few pictures, that you can see in this post.  It's been great to get out and enjoy our warmer than normal spring weather!  You can see some of the pics I took of the hike in this post.

As for races, I hate to do it, but I think I am going to pass on any spring marathons.  I know it was what I was building towards.  But things kept coming up, and I am just not ready and haven't been able to put in enough training to preform as I would like.

I realized a few things, one I keep getting work injury flare ups, I know exactly what is causing them and although I am doing well at keeping them at bay. I am not doing well enough about eliminating the cause all together.  The cause as some of you will know is my 2nd job at the library. I should just call it quits all together! But as crazy as this sounds, love the job and the people there. But as much as I enjoy it, and I enjoy those I work with.  It's keeping me from my goals.
Another thing I noticed is, I am babying the flare ups too much.  It's never bothered it to run, yet when it flares up, I have been cutting back on the miles.  Which I realize is something I don't need to be doing.  Granted I also have a couple of fractures in my other foot, and those have been causing me problems when I run.  But I have taken it way too easy the past few weeks, and even they have been feeling really great lately.
It's really time I quite being lazy and taking it easier.  My doctors and PT's have all given me the thumbs up to run, and have all said it may or may not heal entirely.  But even they believe if eliminating the pain source, I may be able to run with no problems at all.  But I won't know until I do.
So basically, I am just being dumb, and in a way one of those stupid girls who needs to take a clue from her own advice!

So, I have done a lot of thought and I am going to refocus my efforts, train differently, and build up to training more.  I also need to really focus on dropping some of this extra weight, which I think has been part of the problem.  So here is to, a new beginning on that.

I'm also going to enter a few half marathons this spring.  I haven't run a half marathon in many many years (well a race at least.)
When I started my 50 states & D.C. goal I told myself I would give up on running races locally and just save the money for traveling to other states.  However, since I am not going to be traveling to do a marathon this spring, I might as well enter a few in my own state.
I have a couple in mind, I will probably enter last minute.  I also have a few other reasons that I think running a few half marathons locally might be a great idea for me!  So I am excited to give it a try!

Last, I have unfortunately caught another miserable cold, and after spending the last half of the week sick, and yesterday entirely in bed not even bothering to get dressed.  I have decided that it too has got to go, I am ready to be well again!  So today I am going to pretend I feel fine, hope it works haha.

What have you been up to lately?  Are you enjoying spring where you are at?  Have you gotten any hiking in, or spring activities you enjoy?

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