Teardrop & Waterfall by Lauren Kate

NOTE: Although I am reviewing both books in this review, I have taken precaution not to include any spoiler alerts for either book.

I absolutely loved Lauren Kate's Fallen series, which is why when I saw the Teardrop series come out, I knew I had to pick them up to read.  I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, but I was excited to read them!

Eureka Boudreaux's mother had drilled into her head since she was a young child that she was never allowed to cry or shed a tear.  She was never told why, other than to never do so.  She did as she was told, no matter what life threw her.  Even when her mother who was everything to her, had her life taken from her.

The problem with not crying means keeping emotions in check, or not having any.  Eureka has made this become easy, using her feet pounding the pavement in races and training as a way to allow herself to release all life's tensions and problems.  However, when you are known to not show much emotion, you can also lack in friends.  Eureka has two, Books and Cat.

However, that all changes when a odd inheritance is left to her in her mother's will..  A book written in an ancient language, a locket that won't open, a stone with a note not to unwrap it and a letter. None of which make even the least bit of sense to Eureka.  Then comes Ander, a boy who apparently knows Eureka better then she even knows herself.

Little by little Eureka's past and future are discovered, the only problem is Eureka is presented with a life if the stories are true that is much different than she could have ever imagined or wanted.

Teardrop and it's sequel Waterfall tell Eureka's story.  A story of darkness, a story of fear, and love in different ways.
I have to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect with these books.  I did enjoy them, and found them to be pretty fast reads.  But I can't say they make any of my favorites lists.  They didn't quite live up to the Fallen series.  At times I found the storyline to be lacking and moving to fast, jumping around subjects too quickly that probably needed more telling.  I also found the romance a little unreal, it went to fast for me to feel as though I believed in it.

Like I said, I did enjoy them.  But they weren't my favorite.  I am not sure if there is a third book in the series.  I feel like it ended, but sometimes authors have different ideas so we will see.
I think if I hadn't of had such high expectations to begin with, I probably would have enjoyed them much more.  With that said, I still do recommend them.  But although a love story, I personally would say they are more fantasy than anything.  The subject matter is quite clean, so these YA books are age appropriate for their audience!  If you're expecting writing like Fallen, you won't get it.  But if you're interested in a fantasy read with no expectations based on previous novels you will probably really enjoy Eureka's story!

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