Visiting San Francisco

This week for Travel Tuesday I want to take you to a beautiful city, with lots and lots to do.
San Francisco, California.

San Francisco is one of those places that there is pretty much something for everyone.  From sports games to beaches.  Historic sights and piers to sharks and china town.

Most popularly known is the famous San Francisco Bridge.  I have to be hones, although I love the above picture I took, the sun was almost perfect with the bridge.  It was taken through a window of my hotel on evening, so the clarity isn't the best.

Did you know, if you walk along the south side of the bridge and look down into the water, you have a really great chance of seeing some large great white sharks.  Not a lot of people know that, but for some reason the sharks hand out near there, so your chances of seeing them are better than anywhere else in the area.

The Rock, more famously known as Alcatraz.  You can actually take a tour of this old prison, and hear the tales of the famous inmates.
I know, isn't it crazy to think of inmates and a prison as intriguing, especially Al Capone, "Machine Gun Kelly" to name a few.

Chinatown San Francisco is actually the largest Chinatown outside of Asia itself.  There is so much to do and see in this area.  Personally I found driving around it kind of crazy, but still doable.  If I ever go back I would just park and walk next time.

The piers, are also a lot of fun.  It's also home to one of the more famously known piers, Pier 39.

This pier has so much to do and see, you could literally spend a good day just on the pier.  Lots of shops, places to eat, shows and street shows.  Fun for anyone from the single to a family.

Even the seals will come out to welcome you to pier 39!

You can't visit San Francisco and not take a ride on one of their famous trolley/cable cars, especially up those steep streets.

However, as you can see.  Walking around San Francisco's steep hill streets will surly give you a great butt and calf's:)  They are really lucky, they are on the coast, if those roads ever iced over, they would be near impossible to have to climb:)

There is actually so much more, I only touched the surface with a few things I did.  But truthfully there are really an endless amount of adventure's for someone visiting.
It's a beautiful city, and any time of year is likely great to visit.  I visited in April and found it to be cool mornings, but absolutely perfect days.

Have you been to San Francisco before?  What were your favorite things to do when you visited?
If not, is this a place you'd like to visit one day?

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