Sometimes You Have to Believe in Yourself

Unfortunately, I have been pretty sick again this week.  I am so worn out from coughing and not feeling good, I seriously hope that this all comes to an end soon!
Because of that, I have literally no news to share from my previous week or training and I am pretty sure you don't want to hear about my cold. So I have decided to share with you a small part of what new things I have in the works in my life.

For a while now, I have eluded to "something" new going on, that I would be excited to share with you all when I was ready.
I will be honest, I was going to wait until June to share this with you.  (For reason's that will make sense come June when I tell you the rest of my plans.)
But I'd like to start running some Thursday running posts that will make far more sense if I tell you why I have been sourcing for information on certain race topics.  So I have decided to let you in on the little secret that I have been contemplating and working on for several months now.


If you have followed my blog for a while, you probably already know I own an event planning company.  Mostly weddings, but yes I do other things like corporate parties, baby and bridal showers and yes even funerals:)
If you follow my blog you also know I love to run, and used to be quite the marathon runner, and I am working towards getting back to that again.
Additionally, you may know I have been considering other employment options for my future and hopefully you have figured out, I feel I deserve to be happy and do things I love, but I am also okay with a challenge!

So I have decided to take the two things I love and combine them.  With what I know will be the most craziest and possibly most stressful set of adventures I have set out on yet.  However, even as that should detour me, instead I find myself excited at the prospect of pulling them off.


If you haven't guess already to what I have been alluding too.... I am going to try my hand at becoming a Race Director.
Why?  Well I will be honest I considered applying here in Utah for other race companies and after I thought about it, I realized why get a job working for some other company stressing just to make their pockets fuller.  If I am going to do it for them, or myself what goes into it and my commitment really won't change.  The important difference is starting a new race series myself, this accomplishment's(s) if I can pull them off could be my own instead of some other companies!

I am not going into this lightly, I didn't believe even when I started this new challenge that it would be as simple as, I have run a lot of races therefore I should be able to put on ones myself.  Ha Ha..
In fact, I have done a lot and I mean a lot of education on it, speaking with other race directors, and I can say my eyes have been opened (and are continually) and there is definitely an entire different world than the runner ever knows on what goes on behind the scenes and the costs to pull of a race event!

I don't want to get too much into it all right now, but in the coming months you will hear, much, much more on this.  Probably more than you ever cared to, ha ha...
Which is why I am going to keep the race(s) what/where and why's and distance to myself for now.


My mind has been fully invested in this for several months, my heart has wanted it for over a year now.  It's true, that things may not work out like I would hope.  However, if I don't try, then I will never know and that is a sure way to know my idea's will fail.
Originally, I wanted to wait to tell you the news until I had the permits secured, but after a little thought I figured win or lose I might as well share with you all what I am working on and take you on a little part of this new adventure with me this year.


That quote on the side of my blog: You have to do what others wont, to achieve what others don't... Has been up there before I ever wrote my first post, and there is a reason for it.  I truly believe it, and live my life by it.  I also wholeheartedly believe that sometimes the best things in life are the things you have to push past that "scary, can I do this, should I do this" point and take a leap of faith, trust yourself and just do it!
Which should also explain why Sir Edmond Hilary's quote is right below it:) Because, what fun is there in life if there is no risk and no unknown on how it will turn out!!

Have you ever decided to do something that is a little scary, but also something you find quite exciting?  


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