Atlantia by Ally Condie A Book Review

I was a huge Matched fan, when Ally Condie began that series. Although I may not have enjoyed it's sequels as much.  Matched is still one of my all time favorites.  So when I saw Ally Condie had a new book out, and I was told it was a stand alone I was really excited to check it out.

To be honest, when I looked at the cover and even the book summary I immediately thought this was going to be a mermaid book.  I was actually looking forward to that.  But as I started reading I realized quickly I was wrong.  This isn't a mermaid story at all.  Although their are Siren's in it, the characters are all human.  Few just posses the siren talent.

In fact this story took me by complete surprise, it wasn't at all what I expected even when I realized all my previous assumptions were incorrect.  I'll be honest, it took me a little while to get used to the fact that I wasn't reading what I thought I was reading. Once I let that settle I really enjoyed the book for the beauty of what it was.

Atlantia is a community that lives under the sea.  Earth still exists above, but at one time those on earth sent loved ones below to live a better life, or so they were told.  Rio has dreamed of putting her feet on earth's soil for as long as she could remember.  Her twin sister Bay wants nothing more than to live below the sea.  When the children of Atlantia become a certain age, they are given a choice. Stay below forever, or go up above and never come back.

Rio loves her sister Bay and since their mothers death they are all each other has.  Rio has lived her life in secret, she has the voice of a siren.  Her sister has had sacrifice at times to help protect Rio's secret because siren's are not allowed to live among the rest of the community.
So, Rio makes the decision to sacrifice her desire to go above the surface and live a life below with Bay, she knows it's the least she can do for her. But a moment later after declaring she would stay below.  Bay makes an unexpected choice and leaves Rio below to go above.

Rio is devastated and confused, and can't figure out why Bay would go above to a world she never wanted.  This sets Rio out on a plan, to figure out what secrets her sister may have been keeping and what secrets her mother tried to take to her death.  At the same time figuring out her own destiny. But that destiny is going to take a dangerous turn as the truths unfold.  Rio was taught as a young child to suppress the voice she was born with.  But she soon discovers that maybe she has been silenced too long, maybe her voice is the key to the future.

I loved this story for what it was.  A beautiful love between sisters.  Even as I read this I couldn't help but think about Disney's Frozen and the sisterly love and dedication between the two sisters.
Atlantia has that same if not even more sisterly love with Rio and Bay.  I found it to be a refreshing read, something that was unexpected but at the same time beautifully written.
Although the author could have taken this book into so many different directions and turned it into a series.  She didn't, this book has a beautiful ending that reminds us of the power of love, the power of family.  I really enjoyed this one!  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a little fantasy and an ending that will leave you feeling happy!  But I won't say more than that, about it!

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