Stat's, Updates and Total Randomness

Life was a little slower this past week, I was finally able to catch up on a few things.  As for blogging, I was able to knock off the first 10 things on my to-do list and even though my list still has several more dozen on it, its definitely a start!  Additionally, I have the rest of my October posts (minus my Monday update posts) all created and ready to run for the month!

Which is awesome because it means, more time I can spend visiting other blogs!  I have a goal, to get most of November's posts created by Mid October... we shall see if that happens:)

About You

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to take care of a couple of nephews and a niece while their parents are out of town.  We had ton's of fun, I love playing with those kids it always makes me feel young again:)  We had a slumber party and watched old Disney movies from my childhood, they loved them just as much as I hoped.  Apple Dumpling Gang, Blackbeards Ghost... Great times!
Ya, we are totally stretched out and relaxing in our camping trailer and maybe ate too many goodies!

A sweet friend returned from a spur of the moment trip to Paris, and brought me these beautiful coasters.  Aren't they pretty!  I think this is the first thing I own from Paris:)


So this is the first Monday of the month with my new series where I share my September goals, and how I did as well as my revenue numbers.  So here it goes:

Compared to my August numbers, my page views are back on their climb to pre-summer, which I think has helped me achieve a few things this month.  You can read about my September stats HERE.

Income earned: $159. Since my goal was $150, I did make it, just barely:)  I haven't been working on a whole lot of campaigns, but I do plan to increase this in the coming months.
My October goal: $200.

Twitter: Ended the month with 6,483 followers.  My goal was to hit 6,500, so yes I did miss this goal a little.  However, I did start the month with barely over 6,000 so overall I find this to be highly successful!  Why am I working on twitter?  Well Twitter is my #2 source of traffic second to Google. Because of this, it's a no brainier that I should work on growing this!
My October goal: 7,000 followers.

Instagram: I ended the month with 1,461 followers. Since I started the month with 1,306 followers this was a pretty good growth! Even though I did have a goal to hit 1,600.  So no, I didn't hit the goal, not even close.
Instagram is something I want to build to obtain some higher revenue advertising opportunities.
For me Instagram is the hardest to grow, but I have been discovering some new things that help so hopefully implementing them more, it will help it's growth.
My October goal: 1,550 followers.

My 3 Top Posts (per page views) in September

Fall into Fitness Giveaway Hop
Runners Etiquette, How to Not Ruin a Race For Others
Funny Questions Runners Ask

Random About Me

It's been a while since I have done one of those, total random facts about me.  So today I decided to share a little.  I am always completely honest, so ya laugh on some if you have to!  I am usually the first to admit, I am occasionally weird and have my "dork" moments.

* I love the 2015 Disney Cinderella movie, I finally got my copy and ya I have watched it twice, it's just so cute!

I have a goal this month to not spend more than $200 on myself, this includes eating out, clothing, movies, stuff with friends, spend on nieces and nephews.  Why? Because lately, I have been spending 5X's that, and lets face it, money would be better spent on trips and vacations!

* I collect key chains from everywhere I visit (I have several hundred displayed.)
But I oddly don't have an actual key chain with my keys, LOL  I have a rock climbing hook holding them together instead:)

* I am trying to cut down on how many times I wash my hair.  I know dumb, but I was washing it 1-2 times a day before.  I can now go 2-3 days thanks to dry shampoo:)  I wouldn't be going 3 days if I was working out, LOL promise!  On the plus side, as someone who has fine straight hair, after a few days with the dry shampoo, my hair looks super thick and luscious:)  LOL

* I went shopping the other day and bought 2 complete outfits for $97.  It was the first time I used all those mobile coupons that companies keep sending me in their weekly email blasts.  I need to take advantage of those more often!

* I will never leave my home or business if I have to pee, even a little.  I once was in a car accident, just before my friends and I left I decided I had to go to the bathroom, but I would just go when I got to the restaurant. After the accident, I had to be strapped down for hours while they determined if my neck was broke, and I had to pee the entire time.  It was awful, I don't even remember the pain from the accident, just having to pee, LOL  So ya now I never make that mistake before I leave anywhere:)

* If it is, "that time of the month" with the lovely painful "cramps" my girlfriends and I know, it's sort of an unwritten rule, that any of us can cancel plans at the last minute to lay around at home with a heating pad, Pepsi and painkillers instead:) and no one takes any offense to it, because we all, get it!

* I am enjoying Fear The Walking Dead, almost as much as I like The Walking Dead:)

* I no longer have the purple in my hair, I went back to my natural dark brown:)  But it was a fun month while it lasted!

* I want to go hang gliding or para gliding.  I was watching them fly off the mountain nearby me the other day, and it got me to wondering why I haven't done it yet!  It might be too late in the year, but I am really thinking if not this year, next spring!

*  I am itching to take a road trip!  Sure gas prices here are nowhere near as low as most of the rest of you get.  We are still around $2.69, but regardless I want to take a road trip.  Now all I have to do is find a way to fit one in:)

* I'm trying to cut out how much Pepsi I am drinking.  (I know I go through phases and have said this in the past.) But I have gotten up to 2 a day again, and this is not good!  I'd like to get back down to 1 a week!

* At work if people ask me if I watch any reality shows, I will lie and say I don't even if I do:)

* I wear running shoes with dress pants.  I know, the shame!  My sisters won't be seen around me when I do.  But because of the Achilles work injury I have had, it's has been a necessary thing to do.  But the oddest thing, it no longer bothers me to do it.  (I did buy an all black pair of Asics, not that it makes it any better.)

* I have never ran in one of those cute running skirts yet.  But I really want to get one!

* I would love it if someone called me up to go drive race cars around a track or out on the salt flats.  I would LOVE to go as fast as they'd let me!  That would be an awesome date!

* If I am not in the mood, I will put my phone on silent and leave it that way for an entire day, not bothering to look at it until the next day.  I know, not very business great, but that is what voicemail is for right! I should say I don't do this often, but maybe once or twice a month.
However, I am also known for not looking at my phone for 4-6 hours at a time, if I get busy!  My friends and family hate that I do that when they want to get a hold of me:)

* I am going harness my sewing skills and attempt a DIY project and make a Mermaid tail for my niece for her birthday in November.  It will be one that you can really swim in.  So many kids have them, but they are like $120+, and I have discovered I can get the Monofin, and the wetsuit fabric I need for it all for under $35 and I found the pattern/project details on Pinterest, and it looks only moderately hard.
The only problem, I am going to be jealous, and it's going to be hard not to make myself one, LOL They look way fun!

* I had fun watching the Supermoon and Eclipse last Sunday.  Here are a few pictures I took, while I was playing around with my camera while watching.

Okay, that is probably enough from me right now.

Tell me something random about you.
Do you set monthly blogging goals for yourself?

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and Mississippididdlin today for their Weekly Wrap!


  1. I wear sneakers all the time, but I can only push it so far at work. I have dress shoes that don't really have a heel though. Just enough so my legs aren't strained being so close to the floor but I keep the heel at a minimum.

  2. Hi! I'm glad I found your blog for a number of reasons! #1. I'm a bride-to-be! Any and all advice is appreciated! #2. I'm working on growing my blog as well and I would LOVE to learn more about how you've been able to grow your audience! #3. I just really like finding new, quality blogs! ♥ Shoot me an email? Can't wait to hear from you!

  3. How in the world do you have all your posts done for this month? Good lord! I was proud that I have most of the ones for this week written (but even so they're not complete). I must just be slow.

    I have never used a heating pad for cramps. Ever. Or skipped something because of them. And I do get them (actually, I STILL get them, even though I'm 53).

  4. Wow, what a great month you had here on the blog and on social media! And where in the world did you find the time to write most of your October posts already?!? I can barely keep up on a day to day basis!

  5. I never thought having goals on twitter or IG, but it makes perfect sense! I am also impressed that you have posts written for all month! We like to have our posts prepared for the week ( for the most part). It's been easier now that we haven't been posting every day.

    Oh, BTW, I JUST saw that Cinderella movie this weekend and I loved it!

  6. Talking about hair, I went 6 months without drying or styling mine. It was too hot after summer morning runs! I rocked an ugly WET ponytail every day. I'm currently wearing my running shoes with dress clothes out of necessity. I don't care! I had on canteloupe and red running shoes today with a black outfit. Meh. I try to stay just a couple of posts ahead. A whole month? I'm impressed! Thanks for lining up today!

  7. Ya, I am not the only one:)
    I do a lot of running around at weddings getting them set up, and if I am at the library I am generally on my feet so ya I can get away with running shoes even if my sisters disown me when I do, LOL

  8. Truthfully, I blogged a lot less in the summer, and when I did have time I wrote a few half posts, or things that were just saved for whenever needed. So basically over the past two weeks anytime I had free time I went in and finished those posts, some just needed pictures or some quick spell/grammar checks, and quickly I realized I had plenty to schedule 2 a week for October:)
    But normally, it takes me a good solid hour to write a post, so no your not slow, your normal!
    You are lucky to have never needed a heating pad. I seriously can't even walk with the pain sometimes, and I have a couple friends who are the same way, so thats why we totally get it when each other says, can't I am in pain, LOL

  9. Hey Judy, I would love to come visit your blog, when you get a minute I'd love it if you sent me a link to your blog:)

  10. LOL, never mind:) Just realized your Chocolate runs Judy:)

  11. LOL, truthfully in the summer when I was bored I would start posts and never finish them. I just took two weeks and went in and finished all the posts, granted they were mostly done and just needed pictures and a few grammar/spell checks, so they didn't take much time. Otherwise, I would be lucky to be one week ahead:) I just hope life doesn't get to busy, it would be nice to stay ahead for a while, LOL

  12. I always like to set goals for them, otherwise if I don't they just sit and don't grow much. I have a crazy goal to try and hit 10k twitter followers before the end of the year. Not sure if it will happen, but it's worth trying for!
    Actually, I would't be so ahead on posts but since I took a lot of summer off, when I did have a little down time I would write a quick post that never got finished or went through final editing. The last 2 weeks I went through quite a bit in my draft folder and finished all the ones that only needed an extra 5-10 minutes work on them and before I knew it I had enough for 2 a week for October. Which seems plenty for me, I am not sure if I can go back to 4-5 days a week of blogging right now.

    Glad you liked Cinderella, I just LOVE it, I could literally watch it over and over, LOL

  13. Nice, I would love to be able to do that! I actually never use a dryer, and sadly I have gotten so lazy I haven't styled my hair much either this year. It's long and straight and a ponytail or braid or hat work just fine, LOL
    I am only ahead so much on posts because I had a dozen sitting in my draft folder that only needed 5-10 minutes work to finish. So rather than do new stuff, I decided might as well finish those, when I was done I realized I had enough for the month. I actually have about 50 more in draft right now, but not sure if I liked any of them enough to give them a go.. yet.. LOL

  14. Ok I drink so much water I have to pee all the time and my hubs hates going on road trips w me bc of it! It's great that you have grown your following so much over the last few months. I am working on IG as well. Impressive that you can write so far ahead on your blog. I have not quite figured out how to do that beyond a few days.

  15. Our servers at work block the new comment program and any link ups...I can only get it to it on my phone. We are blocked from all kinds of stuff on my work computers...
    We need a pictures of all those key chains, very cool!
    2 outfits under a $100 is great. I use to love shopping, but not so much feels like work lol
    Everyone always says it is good for hair to not wash everyday, but with running in the morning and working out at night mine is always s frizzy mess - I have to get the sweat out.
    I am trying to cut back on my Diet Pepsi consumption, it's always hard to give up something you enjoy.
    Your super moon pics came out great- couldn't see it here, super cloudy!

  16. LOL. IG is a harder one to grow, at least for me, I hope you have faster luck than I have on it!
    In truth, I had a bunch of almost finished posts in my draft folder that I just put the finishing touches on, I was just lucky it was enough to to 2 a week for the month:) that's how I was able to get them set up. But I am not blogging daily right now 2-3 days a week is about all I can keep up with:)

  17. Oh No, I am sorry! That is good to know that this comment system is blocked by some servers. I knew the link ups were, but did not know that about this comment system, thank you for telling me so I can look into it!!!!!
    I will have to take a pic of the keychains sometime!
    Oh, when I was running daily I used to wash my hair 1-2 times a day, but right now since I am back in PT I can't really workout so since the hair isn't getting sweaty I am going further between. I don't think I could go with sweaty hair without washing it, I've tried before and even a few hours is bad, LOL
    You are so right on how hard it is to cut back on something you enjoy! Hope we both can break the habits:)

  18. I keep saying I'm going to start watching TWD, as soon as life calms down, I plan on it! Love your blood moon pics. It was cloudy here and we couldn't see a thing! I love love road trips. Especially when a race is involved! :)

  19. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 5:49 PM

    Dang you are so organized!!! I do really good to have my post ready a whole day before it goes live! I am getting better, I do have a clipboard now that I keep blogging notes and I write down blog topics in my Life Planner. This is a step forward, before I had nothing. So progress! I haven't made a single penny on my blog but I sure have spent a lot! Humm something is really wrong with this picture... I never use shampoo! Yea only conditioner. So I'm Poo-Free as they say :) But hey a random thing about me is I want a GoPro so I can take it on the roller coasters in Disney! Thanks for linking up with us this week I look forward to your posts!!!

  20. LOL, I have a feeling if you do you will love it!
    You know I haven't ever really taken a road trip for a race, but I have a feeling many are in my future as soon as I can get back into marathon shape because I spent a lot of my flight money on medical bills, LOL so road trips may just be the way to go!

  21. Not really, but I have this habit any time I am bored or have a few minutes or even if I take a 15 min break at work. If an idea for a post pops in my head I just start writing it, and it saves in my draft folder. Well a few weeks ago I looked at my draft folder and realized as it was creeping past 80, that I might be able to finish a few of them in not to much time, and so that's what I did, and it just worked out to be enough for the month:) I think the first one runs tomorrow, so we will see how it goes, LOL
    I have heard of people who only use conditioner, it makes sense! I have done it a few times in the past, especially if I am going to be somewhere really windy or heavy swimming, I'll wash with conditioner only and leave some of it in, LOL it actually helps!
    I will be jealous, I want a GoPro too!!!

  22. No worries, I had read your blog Monday but couldn't comment lol I just didn't want to forget to let you know I stopped by :) I am always challenged at work by blockd stuff, but I guess that so I can not get toooo distracted lol

  23. I'm absolutely fascinated by the stats bloggers post as monthly updates. Because we don't write any sponsored posts, we have never given a thought to how to grow the blog, get more followers etc. We love interaction with our readers, and that is our payment! Sewing a mermaid tail sounds really hard. I love doing crafty projects but that material would be difficult to work with. I'm sure your niece will be thrilled with her new tail! Since you are momentarily on a budget, I won't suggest buying a running skirt this month, but keep your eyes out for blogs with giveaways and coupon codes. I love running in skirts and wear Lululemon and Sparkle Skirts.

  24. I actually very few sponsored posts, I am extremely picky on what gets written on my blog so if I do one it has to be something I actually use:) I do a lot of social media and ad campaigns which is what most all my revenue the past few month has been from.
    But even though I do like making a little $ I will say interaction is also my favorite part. I have met some great friends this way.
    Lululemon skirts are my favorite there is one I have my eye on, but I need to drop some weight first so I don't cringe at how it looks when I try it on lol.

  25. Denise @ Healthy Family MediaMarch 8, 2017 at 5:49 PM

    Wow, what a great feeling it must be to have a month of blog posts ready to go! You're an inspiration :) I want to write more about my plantar fasciitis recovery and return to running intervals on the blog. I end up posting more on IG and Twitter instead because it's quicker to do on the go.

  26. Sounds like you still did great on all of your social media goals even if you did not quite meet them! It's fun reading all the random things about you. Gas prices are really low here and it would have been fun to go on a road trip across the country. We would have if we could have moved over the summer, but since that's not the case, we're flying and having our car shipped. I can't believe I am moving to CA next month!! Btw, love your supermoon eclipse pics!

  27. Congrats on your twitter + instagram followers! :D And yay for income! I hope you reach + surpass your October goal too! <3

    I watched a couple episodes of Fear The Walking Dead pretty recently! Hoping I'll get to see more of it at some point, when life calms down...

  28. I've found instagram hard to grow as well... but the people there seem to really want to be there and are engaged!

  29. It is a good feeling, but it was necessary if I wanted to pull of the Grow Your Blog thing I decided to open up today. I actually was going to wait on that until next week but then there was so much interest and since I had it ready I just decided why not:)
    You really should write more on that! I know so many runners and just every day people who get that and have a hard time recoverying:)
    If I even (I mean when I do) finally heal from my tendonitis I plan on doing a series on it. But I hear ya about social media. I do twice the amount on IG and Twitter than I do on the blog, like you said it's just faster!

  30. Thanks, I enjoy setting various goals for myself each month! Enjoy your low gas prices, they won't be out in CA, in fact when they go up out west, we are at times $1+ more than the rest of the country, it's pretty unfair, but price gouging at it's finest:)

  31. Thanks Farrah, it would be nice if I do, we shall see how the month goes!
    I do hope you get to see more Fear the Walking Dead, the season is over, but with only 6 episodes, it makes it easier to catch up! LOL Of course, you probably won't get much life calming down until after your residency:)

  32. Wow, I wish I could have all of my posts for a month ready to go. Life would be so much easier if I could make that happen! That is awesome!! I'm doing an Instagram course right now and have grown my followers by almost 500!

  33. Nice job on your monthly blogging/social media stats! Great growth with both Twitter and Instagram.

    I still need to see the new Cinderella movie! I'll have to add it to my list. I love the old animated version :)

    A random thing ... I'm not really a music person. It's not that I don't like it - I just usually prefer it to be quiet when I'm actually at home. Some of my friends listen to music all the time and know all the cool new bands but I usually only listen during my 5-minute commute to work and it's usually the top 100 radio station!

  34. I just hopped over to Instagram and followed you! I hope you reach your October goals. Love your post and random facts. Random fact about me: I've only worn make-up a handful of times this year for special occasions. I think I look better with it, but I don't look terrible without it. I'd rather have that extra ten minutes in the morning.

  35. Thanks, I will follow back, actually I think I already did:)
    That is awesome, I find myself going without make up quite often too, of course guarantee when I do, if I go shopping I always run into someone I know or a cute guy, LOL But I hear ya about the extra 10 minutes, sometimes I do anything I can to get extra sleep time in, LOL Even showering the night before if I can't workout in the morning:)

  36. Oh, definitely hope you can see the Cinderella movie, you'll love it, it's so cute and well put together!
    That's funny, I have a brother who is the same way, he has no problem with just dead silence even when alone, LOL Nothing wrong with that, I always tell him he must get a lot of thinking time in:)

  37. That is awesome, I really need to take an Instagram course, I swear I lose 1 follower to every 2 I gain, I just have a hard time with traction in it. Of course a lot of the non-follow I find are closed accounts, so at least they are not active.
    I'd love it if you'd share some of the tips you learn in your course on your blog, that is one area I really want to grow.

  38. Awesome shot of the eclipse!
    I am not a very organized person, yet! But I am definitely adding your goal setting methods to my own blogging goals :D

    Is your About Me Mondays a link-up or more just a feature you do for yourself on your blog?

  39. Thanks Caroline!
    Goals are always great to shoot for, I have tons in my life. I love to blog as a hobby, but to grow it and set goals for it too, does make it more fun, for me:)
    Not anymore. It used to be a link up, but about a year ago, I just found it was too time consuming to keep it up. Maybe I will bring it back in the future:)


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