Hiking Silver Lake in the Fall

This week for Travel Tuesday I am going to take you on a hike in Utah up near Brighton Ski Resort, at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

This is actually a very family friendly hike, it's well groomed and most parts could even be considered wheel chair accessible.

To get here, just take the Big Cottonwood canyon road, all the way to the top.  When you get to the Brighton one way loop just follow it, you'll see the signs and the parking lot.  At the Silver Lake Visitors Center.  It's free parking, and if the lot is full you can park a short distance down the road and walk into it easily.

The hike itself, isn't even quite a mile long.  I believe 0.8 is the exact distance of the loop.

It's also great for families, you can go up just to walk around.

Or take a fishing pole and do a little fishing.  There is a lot of animal watching, as quite frequently you can spot large moose up around different area's of the lake as well.

Since this is a watershed area, no pets are allowed.  They also don't allow swimming!
However, you can take a canoe or raft out on the lake.

If you'd like to go a little further you can also follow the signs that take you to Twin Lakes Reservoir.  Or if you just want to relax, just hang out and have a picnic.

Also, for those who love a great marathon.  The Revel Big Cottonwood marathon actually starts very near this beautiful lake.  So if you stop by to run this race, head back up later to stretch your legs out and take a walk around the lake!

If you live in Utah or visited this area before, have you been up to Silver Lake?
What's one of your favorite fall hikes to take this time of year?


  1. Gorgeous! The fall color is breathtaking!

  2. Thanks. Its a pretty area, most the leaves have already dropped I was lucky there was still enough to photograph that day:)

  3. Beautiful! I love how the paths are well defined and so well kept. Never thought of one being wheel chair accessible but this certainly would be!

  4. This is a pretty area, not too far from where I live so I have been here many times. They are so well maintained because one of the ski resorts takes care of it since its on their mountain.

  5. Gorgeous fall colors! I'd love to live near there so I could visit often, too!

  6. Looks like a great hike for the fam! Love the yellow trees!! So beautiful!

  7. Thanks Tina! Yes I am lucky to live where I do!

  8. Thanks Sharon, yes this is a pretty one. Probably one you and your family would love if you lived around here:)

  9. Your terrain is do different to ours hear. We don't get all those colours in Autumn/Fall. I'm so jealous. Just beautiful.

  10. Up in the Northern section of our state this is what we get. But when I go down to Southern Utah, we have places that look very desert and even a bit more Australia like in some. I like living in quite a diverse state!


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