Mountains, Amusement Parks, Pumpkin Patches and Lots of Fun

This week has been quite eventful.
I mentioned last week I had purposely worked ahead a little to get Octobers posts all done (except these Monday posts:) and that I was working on November.

Well one of the reasons was the Grow Your Blog, Hop.
I have been working on this for quite some time.  I wasn't sure how much interest there would be in it, last time it took me nearly a month to have 41 participants sign up.

This time, I wanted to do things different and have 80 total.  So I mentioned on a couple of Facebook pages if there would be any interest and the response was overwhelming.
So much so, that since I had it already to go I set it live on 5pm on Wednesday night and by the next morning it was already 65% full.  By Friday afternoon it was about 95% full.  I will check this morning, but I expect if it hasn't already the last 5 spots will be taken sometime today.

Isn't that crazy, and very awesome at the same time!  I am really excited about it.  I have a ton of work to do, but one great thing about the spots selling out so quickly is it's now going to give me an extra week to get it all done.

I really hope that this one turns out even better than the last time.  Last time's hop was also great, but I think with the changes made for this one, it's going to be even better!

Took this last night up near my sisters house, just a beautiful evening so I had to share!

As for an update on the recent injury flare up that happened a bit over a month ago.  Thursday, I finally was able to get out and do a little walking, YAY.  Things went great, so I took Friday's walk up in the mountains.  A little hiking, but on easy very groomed trails.
It's felt so nice to get out!  Sadly, I hate to say this but because I have had to be so inactive to let things begin healing again.  Just walking a mile or two actually made me a little bit sore, LOL
Oh well!  The great news is, I can start slowly building and strengthening it again and practice being on my feet more and more.

Took an afternoon and went up to a farm with my niece, nephew and sister.

They had this great event, with free lunch, free pony rides for the kids as well as corn mazes.  Hay rides for all, and pumpkin picking.  It was super hot out, like 90, but it felt like 100, LOL  So we skipped the apple cider and went for ice cold flavored lemonades instead:)  We sat and at our lunch on hay bails and listened to old fashion country live bands as we did.
It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.

I also spent a little time up in the mountains this week.  A lot of the leaves have already fallen, but in some area's they are still patches of the bright colors on the trees.  It was beautiful either way.  I couldn't help bringing my camera out, even if it was overcast that day.

Also, this is the time of year when our Amusement Park, Lagoon transforms itself into Frightmares, and with only a few weeks left in the season I have a feeling I will be spending some time there each week until the end of the month when it will all be shutting down for the winter.
My sisters and I are supposed to have a girls adult day there soon, we've been planning on it all year. It will be when I can go finally ride all the awesome roller coasters:)  Okay, well at least not alone:)  I ride them with the kids, but depending on which kids some are tall enough, and some are not so much.  I love the kiddo's, but it will be fun to have an adult day and hit up the awesome haunted houses and zombie lands:) that aren't really kid friendly:)

Thursday night I attended my writers meeting, and it was fabulous!  We had a NY Times Best Selling Author Angie Fenimore come and speak.  She came with her fiance, and they did a fabulous job!
Gave me a lot of food for thought on how to better myself.
The topics were pitching to agents and creating a great platform for yourself (website).  The information could be used for that as well as in life for job interviews and I think I can also implement some of the things into my wedding business and even this blog.
I would love to take one of her classes and do more, but with as busy as this year is, I may have to wait until later this winter, before wedding season starts:)

It's back to weddings this week, and life is about to start to get pretty busy.  Additionally the youth group I work with, I am in charge of an activity for them this week, just to name a few things on my to-do list.
Of course, I apparently never think life is busy enough and I am always taking on even more... I really need to stop doing that!

In other news, one of my sisters announced she is going to be having another baby, which is super exciting this will make my 9th niece or nephew:)  Baby isn't due until June, but I am already looking forward to having another baby in the family again!

So that is a bit into my past week.
All my mountain pictures this week are from Big Cottonwood Canyon, which if you have run the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon here in Utah you may recognize them, as many of them were taken up near the start of where thee race begins.  If you haven't run in, if it's on your calendar then this is just a little peak at what you get to see if you run it.

Tell me something you did last week.  Are you enjoying fall?  Getting out to see the leaves or picking pumpkins?  Tell me what you've been up to lately!
I am linking up with HoHo Runs and Mississippididdlin today for their Weekly Wrap!


  1. All those fall colors are making me jealous. I have seen zero fall colors on the trees here, and it's warming up again this week. I really hate it when it starts to feel like fall but summer just won't go away.

  2. That's great news that you were able to get in some walks and some hikes :) I love those photos, you live in such a beautiful area! I've definitely been loving the Fall weather we had this weekend. It made for pleasant afternoon weather and cool mornings. I spent a lot of time working last week but hope to get back to more of my usual routine this week.

  3. That's amazing to hear how quickly the blog hop filled this time around. It was a lot of fun back in February, and I'm looking forward to interacting with some new bloggers next month. Thanks again for hosting, I know it takes a lot of time and effort on your part!

  4. Such great pics! October is my favorite month, the leaves just started changing and it's cooler here now too--the smell of Halloween (there is a smell I swear it) is about to arrive and I love it so much! I can't imagine it still being 90 in October, especially looking at all those tree pics! Last week we went apple picking which is one of my favorite Fall activities, complete with apple cider donuts! We will go next week to get our pumpkins to carve!! :)

  5. Wow, your fall photos make me miss fall in New England, but not enough to go back and endure the long cold and snowy winters! The fall festival looked really fun and your niece and nephew are adorable! I enjoy reading the blogs through the blog hop, but never seem to get my act together to join in!

  6. Down in the valley's we are still waiting for fall to come, but up on the mountains and above 6,000 feet this is the last of them:(
    I'm the opposite this year, I am enjoying the fact that the warm weather keeps sticking around, because it here it can change in an instant and I could be buried in the snow for the rest of winter as soon as it does, LOL

  7. Thanks Kathryn, I was pretty shocked and I hope that means we have a great group with us that will all be highly interested and active participants. It should be a great time! I am trying to work in advance, but ya it does take a lot of my time but I am happy to do it, because it's a really fun experience!

  8. LOL, well I live in a desert state, so fall can be in the 90's during the day and dip down low in the nights. The mountains are cooler and these pics are up around 9,000+ feet, down in the valley around 5,000 feet everything is still mostly green:)
    I've never been apple picking, that would be so fun! Fresh Apple Cider sounds fabulous!!!

  9. LOL, I always wish I could take a trip to New England for a week every fall just to enjoy the leaves changing, it really is beautiful back there.
    We don't get quite those types here, but what we do get is still beautiful:)
    No worries, those blog hops are a ton of work but yes definitely check them out in a few weeks when it all starts up!

  10. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 5:50 PM

    Those photos are just amazing! Our fall foliage isn't near that pretty! :( Your adult girls trip sounds fabulous, right up my ally with the haunted houses! You know I am all about that!! I"m so glad you got to take a hike too! See you are on your way back, 2016 is YOUR year!!!

    I have to say too I'm so dang excited to be participating in the blog hop!!! I really appreciate all the work that you do to host something like this! I look forward to learning and supporting other blogs!

    Have a great week and thanks again for joining us! :)

  11. Beautiful pictures!! Sounds like a good week! Hopefully we'll be getting our pumpkins this week!

  12. Thanks! Ours in the mountains is almost gone, I was really lucky to still get any leaves on the trees:)
    I really hope this will be the last set back, I'd love to do in 2016 everything I hoped in the past 3 years!
    I am glad you are excited. The last one was great, it was such a wonderful opportunity I have been wanting to do it again, I just needed life to calm down first, so I could handle the workload:)

  13. Thanks, I love to take pictures:) Hope you do get pumpkins:) I actually haven't gotten any yet, but let the cute kiddo's play around in them:)

  14. Congrats to your sister! Having another baby in the family will be exciting!
    Looks like lots of fun fall activities out there. I am so fascinated by the climate in Utah. I must visit! It has been unseasonably warm here still. Just this weekend I noticed some of the leaves starting to change color although none starting falling off yet!

  15. Beautiful pictures as always and congrats on the expanding family! I am looking forward to the blog hop- I learn something new every time! Have a great week!

  16. I am excited to participate again and sounds like it will be a great way to meet new bloggers. Wow 9 nieces and nephews!! They must love you 😄

  17. Those pictures are fabulous. Yellow trees are my fall favorite. Did I tell you I got an entry into the Revel race of my choosing next year? I don't know which works best yet for my schedule but I hope I can get to Utah! I'm glad to hear you've had some improvement with your foot. I always enjoyed the pumpkin patch type things when my kids were small. Thanks for the blog hop opportunity! And thanks for linking with us!!

  18. Its been a little warmer than usual here too, the leaves at my house are only just beginning. If you ever make it to Utah allow me to be your tour guide or give you a list of places to see. We have a beautiful state mountains to deserts and I love it all:)

  19. Thanks! Glad your in the hop with us, I am excited for all the networking!

  20. Its going to be a fabulous way to meet new blogging friends. I still have standing friendships I made during the last one.
    Oh and they do:) I am the favorite aunt. Lol atleast I tell everyone that lol

  21. Yes you did mention that. If you do pick Utah we will definitely have to meet up! I may even run this next year depending on if the work injury will just hurry up and heal:)
    I think you'll enjoy the grow your blog hop, it was a lot fun last time such a great way to meet bloggers who are interested in networking!

  22. So glad to hear that you can hike a bit! Love your pics. I really like the one with the boardwalk! Looks like you had a great time at the pumpkin patch too! It's so great there are all these fun activities to do in the Fall and many free! Congrats to your sister having another baby! :)

  23. Wow, your pics are gorgeous! Our trees don't quite look like that yet. I'm so glad you were able to walk again, even if you did get sore. You'll be running marathons again before you know it! 😊

  24. Thanks Katie! Our tree's in the valley are yet to change much yet, but the mountains and higher elevations are.
    I hope your right!

  25. Such beautiful views! Love seeing the look of Fall, I have not seen too much in VA yet. Congrats to your sister. sounds like a big family :) Glad to hear you got some walking in, this is the best time to get out and enjoy all the pretty colors!

  26. Your pictures are stunning! I love fall and pumpkin patches! My husband proposed to me at a local pumpkin patch 3 years ago. I'm joining the Grow Your Blog link up in November. I'm so excited for the opportunity. Thank you! Now, I need to get busy preparing some posts.

  27. All of the mountain pics are so gorgeous! I love the one with all the yellow leaves on the trees. Looks like fall has arrived :)

    I did not do any fall activities last week but I did travel to Indy to visit family. It was great getting to see relatives I don't see that often and fun to have a change of scenery for a few days!

  28. It definitely is a great time to get out and enjoy the colors! I imagine your leaves will start turning soon:)

  29. That is awesome, what fun memories you have with pumpkin patches then. Do you guys visit one every year as sort of an anniversary date?
    Excited to have you in the hop and get to know you more!

  30. Yes fall arrived in our mountains a minth or more ago and is just starting to hit our valleys. Such a beautiful time of year isn't it!
    That is awesome about the family visit, those are always great times!

  31. I really can't get over how beautiful it is out there! I know I say that like everytime you post scenic photos, but I mean it! Pumpkin patches are always fun with the kids! Very cool about the Blog Hop, you are making me second guess my decision to not participate this time :)

  32. Oh that colour, just magically.
    We have brown here, yep brown. We have had very little rain so it's not looking green at all. Which means a hot firely summer.

  33. Thank you! Maybe that means you are just going to have to plan a trip to come visit us out this way some time and see some of it first hand:)

  34. I heard you guys were already starting out your spring with a horrible drought. We've had a drought here too, of course I don't believe anywhere near as bad as you guys are getting. We are hoping for a wet winter, we shall see... Hope you guys can get some rain too:)


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