Have You Heard of Train Dirty Fitness?

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this post, however I did receive a complementary VIP membership for this post.  However, like everything I place on my blog, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

I want to tell you about Train Dirty Fitness, but first "When was the last time someone called you gorgeous and you actually believed it?" That exact quote pretty much sums up the positivity behind TDF and the owner Crystal's positive philosophy and message to others.
From the minute you visit her blog or website you will see her "Hello Gorgeous" welcome message.

Only recently, have I begun getting involved with her website. I will tell you the truth, it was not completely new to me.  About a year ago, I became friends with a gal involved in her program, who is now one of her Fitness Instructors.
I would see her personal posts, and inspiration on Facebook.  Sure she was involved in a business, but I never felt like she was selling me something, I always felt like she actually cared and just wanted to help people become the best they could be.  Giving them the motivation to go after their goals, she always attributed credit to TDF.

Shortly after I was paying attention to this friends posts, she described her incredible relationship with Crystal, the owner of Train Dirty Fitness.  They grabbed my attention, I wanted to know more and I wanted to know what TDF was. So I started following (behind the scenes.)  I also started getting involved in a social media group that Crystal leads.

Train Dirty Fitness is a brand, that isn't just about selling you something.  It is a brand that ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU, and wants you to succeed in all you do.
Crystal doesn't even know this about me, but when I began blogging and adding social media accounts, I joined one of her supportive social media groups on Facebook and she helped launch my healthy living page and give it a great start with lots of other fitness like individuals.

It's all becoming the BEST YOU CAN BE.  Not perfect, not just like everyone else, just the best YOU.  Its about realizing your just as special and capable as anyone else, you can have the life you want.  Crystal understands not everyone has the confidence from the beginning to start on a new Fitness routine or goals.  That is what Train Dirty Fitness is all about.  Being there for you, building your confidence, reminding you, that you are gorgeous no matter what!


As I have explored the site, and played around with it I have to tell you, its a great one stop shop for information, fitness workouts and tips, webinars, support groups and a tribe of over 570 individuals who are from all over the country.


Want a full 30-60 minute workout?
Want a quick get right to it 3-10 minute video workout targeted to a specific area?
Want a specific class or workout, or want to try something new?

Yogo - Cardio - Strength - Core - Workouts - Classes - HIIT and More...

They have video's categorized so within a few seconds you have access to many different workouts, from various instructors that you can do with the time you have.  No matter if that is a couple of minutes to an hour.

Starting on a new fitness routine and don't want to go to the gym, but still want to have access to class workouts with motivational instructors?  Train Dirty Fitness has it all right there, just a few clicks away for you to use in the comfort of your own home.

Imagine that, your own personal trainer in your own home!

Train Dirty Fitness site is interactive, you want to chat with Crystal, you've got it.


We all know that adding fitness to your routine isn't all you need to do to become healthy or lose weight. You need to incorporate healthy eating into your life.

Train Dirty Fitness has an entire Nutrition section with meal idea's, cooking tutorials as well as meal planning.

You don't have to go at it alone, you can make a life change to become the YOU, you have always wanted to be, go at it at your own pace, in your own home with the help and motivation from certified coaches and instructors who will motivate you and help you along your way.


If you have read my blog, you know the past almost 3 years have not been the easiest for me. Coming back from a work injury that has kept me from being able to fully enjoy the sport I love, running.

It's been hard for me, especially on the days/weeks/months that I haven't been able to get out and go for a run, when I have had to stay off my feet.  Making it nearly impossible at times to get any cardio in.  I really wish I had come to TDF during that time!
Right now, I am still getting through a flare up, and I am unable to workout on my feet as I would have liked.

But, I've actually found a few video's on Train Dirty Fitness that even I can do, and I've already done some of them!
I know I am not the only one out there with limited abilities so I wanted to share that part so you could understand you can be anyone from someone just getting off the couch to a hardcore athlete. They don't discriminate and there are workouts and help for any and all levels.

Want to learn more, come visit the site:  

It's also a great time to consider joining.  they are celebrating their 3rd birthday and with cool discounts this week.

There is also an awesome Holiday Bootcamp that is coming up soon that you definitely will want to check out HERE. (I was not asked to promote this bootcamp, I just think it is an incredible opportunity for those looking to make some changes!)

Even if you're not quite ready yet, but want to get to know the incredible woman behind TDF, check out Crystal's BLOG.  Get to know her through it, and I think you will find what I have that she really is a positive person just looking to help make anyone she comes in contact with feel better about themselves!


One of the things I loved learning about Crystal, was she hasn't always been what she has become. She has her own incredible story and a 100 pound weight loss journey.  She woke up one day and realized she wanted more, and she wanted to be more for her child.  Her journey began and what an incredible one at that.  Which is why she totally and completely understand where everyone is coming from, she knows what it is like to go from totally inactive to totally active and she gets the hard work, and mental help one needs.

I love that, because even though I used to be a great kick butt runner, this injury has put me on the sidelines too much.  I've made some bad choices, mostly bad food choices.  When I couldn't workout, I didn't always revert to healthy eating.  I've put on more weight the past few months that I care to admit, but I am actually going to be taking full advantage of TDF kick my butt in gear!  I look forward to updating you on my progress over the coming months, and sharing with you what I have learned as I go!  Yup, watch out, because you my fabulous blog followers are about to jump into my own journey of not only recovery, but re-taking my healthy lifestyle back!

Have you heard of Train Dirty Fitness before?  
Have you participated in their programs?
Would you love to have someone push you and train you to become your best?

If you join or are already a member, make sure to add me as one of your friends on the site!  You can find me HERE.


  1. I feel like I've heard of it before but don't really know anything about it. You make it sound like I should so I am headed over to check it out!!

  2. I've never heard of it before. You make it sound great! Maybe I should check it out.. Have a great weekend!

  3. I for one appreciate you so much for sharing from your point of view!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I'm glad that others are passing on the love that Crystal has for her Train Dirty Fitness crowd and women in general!! I'll be sharing and following!! May God continue to Bless you!!

  4. thank you so very much!!!!

  5. yes please visit us!!

  6. please do!

  7. I've seen the name floating around Twitter but didn't really know what it was until this Blog Hop! However, I somehow missed the Nutrition section - I'm definitely going to have to check it out :)

  8. thank you <3

  9. I really perked up when you mentioned limited abilities. Foot injury aside, I also need surgery on an elbow tendon (I'm giving it one year to heal first per doc's advice). So a lot of these workout routines, I simply can't do! Thanks for the information!

  10. This is the first time I have head of this group- sounds like a great "plan B" when life prevents your normal "plan A"- I like how you all address the whole person and not just exercise, I will check her out!

  11. I think I've heard of Train Dirty Fitness in passing, but never really looked into it--it sounds awesome though, and definitely a great resource for anyone looking to make healthy changes to their lifestyle! :]

  12. I have been quite impressed with it, if you check it out let me know your thoughts!

  13. Thanks for stopping by, I am glad you enjoyed it:) She really does have a great love for the business she has created, I started noticing that right off:)

  14. The nutrition section is great, if I cooked more myself I would follow along with some of the fun cooking tutorials:)

  15. There were a few things I had to cut out in one, but it was easy to just do what I could when I followed them. I didn't know about your elbow, that is no fun at all! Still hoping your foot heals quick!

  16. She's got a pretty cool program going on, I am enjoying participating and exploring it!

  17. I think you'd like it, it's something you could take on the go with you during all your traveling:) Do airport workouts with it, kidding:) But seriously, I am enjoying it she's got a lot of things put together in it, like a one stop resource!

  18. I love reading Crystal's blog - she's so fantastic!! Great review for a fantastic program!

  19. I have not heard of Train Dirty Fitness. Sounds like a great program! Will check it out. Thanks!

  20. Thanks Rachel! I have to agree with what I have been learning about her through her blog as well, she is an incredible person!

  21. I am enjoying playing around with it. If I lived near one of the studio's I would have so much fun taking a live class:)

  22. That is awesome you found a program and person that really helps inspire you. You have been through a lot, that is a really long time to be unable to do some intense cardio. I was a mess with a handful of months. I agree, not being able to work out I would make bad food choices too. I need that motivation.
    Crystal made quite a transformation.

  23. I have heard of it but didn't know much about it! Thanks for the post, I will definitely be checking it out!!


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