MIA No More and Lots and Lots of Life Changes

A lot has happened to me during the past few weeks, I won't bore you with all the details, but I do want to share a few highlights and explain why I haven't been around as much the past three weeks,and why that will change!


Three weeks ago, bored of job interviews. Since no one interviewing was showing any sort of originality as they questioned me.

(Creativity is a must for a potential employer to show me.) 

I was about to call it all off and begin a job I was hired at a month ago. (But knew I would hate.)

On my way to a final job interview that I literally almost turned around on my way to it. But at the last second decided to go through with it anyway.

Turned out to be an interview that literally lasted 12 minutes. (Yes I know, far too short to even be considered a candidate in normal circumstances.)
They threw their cards face up on the table right when I walked in, telling me they were already in love with me based on my fun resume and just wanted to meet me in person???

(I do get professionally creative with my resumes, have I ever told you that before? I even get paid at times to help others fix their resumes up. LOL)

Even as odd as a 12 minute interview sounds, I gave them points for it because of how they approached it right off, and well that was a first for me, ha ha.

I walked out of the door to the shortest interview of my life thinking I'll never hear from them again. Only to hear from them later that day to begin the background testing process, and well in short I accepted. It felt far more right than the other job I already accepted or any of the others I have been offered over the past month.


I took a week off before starting the new job, I was going to go on vacation. But the weather in Utah has been pretty crappy (its spring in Utah so rainy, occasional snow is normal this time of year).
So I gave myself a first ever Staycation and one of the rules was, no online stuff, no blogging, no business stuff, no Facebook and minimal Instagram and not keeping my cell on my all day etc...

It was only supposed to last 1 week, but...
Then I caught a bad cold, and well BLAHHHHHH

The Staycation became me trying to get over a terrible cold, before I started a new job.... Didn't happen, I still felt super crappy on my first day, but I pretended to fake it so others wouldn't cringe looking at me being sick.  Ughhh it was a terrible orientation day, I almost fell asleep like a dozen times!!!
On the plus side, the offline portion was extremely nice once I got used to staying off my phone, ha ha.


Officially started my new job last week, not even sure exactly where I was going to be working and no clue on what hours and schedule I would have.  I even had to text them the evening before to find out if they cared what time I showed up, ha ha.  I know funny. But let me explain.
I have decided to go back into the Healthcare industry and well when you work with Doctors and Surgeons you never know what your going to get.

I lucked out, I wasn't there 5 minutes and my new boss sat me down, gave me the "scare." You know, the don't do this, do that, but do your job, but don't get into this, but do this, and stay away from this..... LOL He was in a hurry.

I was loving the job already and my new boss. My biggest fear of going back to work was having a boss that micro manages. I mean I've been my own boss forever, I like to just go in, do a good job, and get out and not have to report to on a constant basis. But try to have fun while I'm doing it all.


In that lowdown of his expectations, he also gave me my schedule.
I get Friday, Saturday and Sunday's OFF.
Just 9 hour days Mon-Thurs.
I know, crazy!  People work in hospitals and clinics for years and never score that coveted schedule.

Not only that, but although I thought I wanted to be placed in Family Medicine, I was pleasantly surprised and was placed in a specialty clinic for Dermatology.
After 3 hours there, I literally realized I got the best end of the deal.

It became clear I was one of their new hire favorites. Well because one of the gals in the group interview came right up to me and told me, LOL She also told me, she was bummed she had to switch her schedules and give up her Fridays off to me.
She also has a great sarcastic sense of humor. I think her and I will be getting along great!!!


In fact 3 hours into the job one of the Nurses comes out and asked if anyone wants free Lazer Hair Removal because she needs bodies to pass off some of her tech requirements.
I'm like, heck yes!
It's so expensive, I've wanted to start it forever.
The gal who was taking me around showing me the ropes said it's quite often they give free lazer or botox to anyone who wants it who works there, LOL
I literally signed a waver and walked into a room and began it right then, ha ha... I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass me by!

I have no need for Botox, but the Lazer Hair Removal ummmm SCORE!!!!


My wedding business has also been busy. I've got a few hilarious stories to tell, I'll have to share another time because this post is already way too long.
I have another wedding this week, that I love the colors for so I am really looking forward to seeing it all come together. Even if I will be up past midnight most nights to get things ready, now that my days are spent at another job.


I have begun the changes I want to make on my blog this year. One of which is going over to being self hosted.
I finally got my domain switched to the .com, you may or may not have noticed.
I would have done this years ago, as I bought my domain years ago. But I totally completely could not remember the account and login to get to my domain. Yeah, I've been trying to remember what email and everything I set it up under for years and years.
I bought my domain the first day I started blogging as a just in case.
The only problem is, that was too many years ago to remember how the heck I set it all up and well when you buy through Google, lets just say its impossible to get a response.
Finally I remembered it, and once I did, I had it transferred in less than 2 minutes, LOL
I plan on finishing the entire switch over later this fall, but will be working on it little by little through the summer to get things ready.


On another exciting note, in April I was working on cleaning up my Instagram account. Its been the hardest for me find steady growth for some reason.
I have a high turnover rate from bloggers who follow and then unfollow. (cringe at them.)
So I decided to begin going after a different audience on my blog Instagram, and not going after bloggers as much as just regular people who share like minded interests.

It's been working, I haven't done much but clean things up and change hash tags around, I saw a Instagram growth of +345 during April.
I'm excited about that, because it was with very little to no effort. Best part is, the retention is almost 90% higher than when I used to try to only attract other bloggers or those in Ambassador groups I participate with.

Why are some bloggers so follow just to unfollow I don't know.... I have a fun round of ideas on this, that I'll be sharing later this week with some tips, just FYI if your interested.

I have a few other exciting life changes to share. But I will save them for another time, when I haven't already written a novel, ha ha ha.


While I am having a little difficulty right now trying to fit blogging into my new schedule. I am sure I will come up with some good options.
I enjoy blogging, so its definitely not something I want to let go.

So those are a few tidbits of why I have been MIA the past 3 weeks. I think, things will be changing.
I actually have posts written a month in advance. But I cancelled all scheduled posts the past 3 weeks because I knew I didn't have time to respond or return visits. So as I feel I have figured out how to fit blogging into my new life changes, I will get back to posting regularly.

If your a blogger, tell me something I may have missed on news on your blog.
Or tell me something exciting you have coming up in your life.
Do you find some Instagram followers to be finicky too?

Today, I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap! If you have a post to link up, and time to participate and visit a few others in the link up, you should totally come link up with them too!



  1. Congrats on the new job! I'm glad that it seems like a good fit for everybody. And I must say, I'm quite envious of that new schedule of yours.

    And don't get me started on the follow/unfollow thing. I spent a lot of time last summer trying to focus on growing my Instagram, and hope to do the same thing this summer when I don't have school to focus on.

  2. First of all, YES YES YES on your new job - that's all sounding so perfect! So excited for you! I love when things just work out for people.
    I have that app "instafollow" just to watch the people that follow & then unfollow only to get you to follow them - I LOATHE that!

  3. Wow busy few weeks for you! congrats of the new job. I don't have time for the whole IG unfollow/follow thing it's so annoying.

  4. Wow, it's been busy for you! Congrats on the new job, it sounds like a great fit :) That's impressive growth on instagram. I look forward to reading your tips. I don't understand the follow/unfollow thing either.

  5. busy busy busy you are! Welcome to the crazy healthcare world! Congrats on the job- the benefits already sound great! I am looking forward to the instagram pointers- are people unfollowing me? who does that??????

  6. Holy crapppp that's an awesome schedule you have! I'm so glad to hear that they like you a lot and that the people seem really cool! :] I'm all for Family Medicine, but I think Dermatology should be pretty interesting too! Free laser hair removal would be effing awesome. <3

    I feel like I should maybe be doing something different with my IG. I definitely get a lot of people who follow just to unfollow (...), but mehh! Ignoring them usually does the trick, hehe.

    My big news is that...I'm going to Hawai'i in June!!! :D!!! I'm traveling alone, but it should be pretty fun! I need to find some strangers to befriend to go hiking with me though, since I probably shouldn't be hiking alone!

  7. Wow, I feel like I have missed so much with you. We need to talk soon.

    Congrats on finding such a good fit for your job and you are so lucky to have Fridays off. I don't always follow people back on IG or twitter (because it's difficult for me to always see who they are on my phone) so I'm sure I have a ton of people who "unfollow" me if I don't follow back with in a few days. It doesn't bother me though.

  8. Yeah! Welcome back!! I missed you ;)

    Congrats on your job! So awesome and the perks...yes please!!! i wold take free Botox for my migraines. They have come back with vengeance...ugh!

    Yeah wedding season.....I loved planning my wedding..I can only imagine how fun that job is ;)

    Can't wait to hear all of your other happenings!

  9. Welcome back! Glad to hear so many wonderful things have happened since you last posted. How exciting about the new job - that sounds absolutely ideal. I would love a workweek that includes three day weekends plus free laser hair removal! Total score :)

  10. Thanks Kathryn!
    Oh I was beyond thrilled when they told me the schedule, I still can't believe it, but I'll take it!
    Oh ya, I bet summer will be a great time for you to work on Instagram.

  11. Thanks Rebecca!
    I hope I will enjoy it, I couldn't be happier with how it's worked out so far so I'm taking that as a good sign!
    I use Instafollow too and use it in the same way, I am like you I loathe those who play the follow then unfollow game!

  12. Thank you!
    I agree with ya, I have decided I don't have time for the follow and unfollow game too, that's why I use the instafollow app to just be done with those kinds!

  13. Thank you! I think it will be a good fit for now!
    The follow to just unfollow IG thing is so beyond annoying I don't get why people do it.

  14. Thanks MB!! That's right, I am heading into your world now, and so far I am enjoying being back into the healthcare industry!
    I have about 50-60 who follow just to unfollow me each month, I don't get them, nor do I play their games anymore either, LOL

  15. OMG that is awesome! You totally deserve a Hawaiian trip!!!
    I did Hawaii alone (Maui) and spent a few weeks. It was awesome! It's a travelers paradise so none of the trails are without many people. I went hiking about every other day and never once felt any troubles. I would just hang behind groups or families a little or keep them in my sights.
    I hope you do find some strangers to hike with, but even if you have to go at it on your own, hit up the popular trails and you'll have no worries about being alone. So excited for you, yay!!!!

    Thanks Farrah!
    Yeah, when I got told my schedule, I couldn't believe it. I even asked the guy, are you sure? LOL
    While I will be mostly in Dermatology, I found out today I will be a back up for Family Medicine when they are shorthanded. So I get to be in both worlds it looks like.
    Oh the lazer hair removal free, was seriously the greatest thing yet!

    LOL I get about 50-60 each month who just follow to unfollow, I do the same thing now, I just ignore them or block them, who has time for that =!

  16. We do need to talk soon!
    Ya, so many changes, but they are all good I think. I am heading in a direction now that I am optimistic and excited about at the same time.
    And for now, the schedule is seriously awesome, I am in shock but loving it!

  17. Thanks, I missed blogging and even more missed getting around to other blogs. I am looking forward to getting around at least once or twice this week to blogs like yours and seeing what everyone is up to!

    I did not know Botox works for migraines. I've been having these terrible headaches for months, we are not ruling out migraines yet. I'm supposed to keep track of them, we, well I am hoping they are just sinus infections gone painful. But that is good to know about the Botox if it is the case. The only thing is!

    Oh weddings are a blast. If I could keep them up like I have been full time I totally would. But my crew can't be available as much as before, and well I don't want to hire a new one, so hence the new jobs and a few less weddings. But I will sure enjoy the few I do now, maybe even more!

  18. Thank you Sun!
    The free laser hair removal was like an AMAZING Score, I was beyond excited about that!

  19. Congrats on being self hosted and new gig! Sounds like a perfect one for you.

  20. Ooo, that's good to know! I guess I just won't try to hike the super crazy ones that involve a bunch of rock climbing alone, and I should be okay! :] I'll see if I find anyone who's up for being my hiking buddy, but if not, it should be fine. :D Thanks! <3

    hahaha, for real! That's so awesome, but I'm really happy for you, and hooray for getting the best of both worlds! Free laser hair removal is definitely an awesome perk. :P

    Seriously, haha. I ignore the crap out of them (and my IG spam box) now. Yay for weird internet people!

  21. WOW, that IS impressive. What is your job? I've worked in healthcare for 25 years and somehow get all the weekend and holiday duty. GRR. LOL

  22. Well congrats on the new job! That is exciting :)
    I hear ya on the micro managers - I have dealt with that the past several years...ugh!
    I would be excited to try laser hair removal as well! Very cool.
    I have a nice little circle on IG now, I like to have friends to chat with. I actually closed my account recently...well, made it private, I am still not sure about too much growth...it is so hard to keep up with. You now I am still struggling balancing posting and reading.
    Glad you are back and doing well!

  23. Congrats on your new job! It sounds very exciting and the yay for perks! IG and the whole follow/unfollow game drive me nuts. But the community I have there I enjoy a ton. I will be sad when the app that shows me who unfollowed goes away.

  24. Hey if I hadn't of just started a new job, I'd be like Farrah I will totally meet ya in Hawaii and hike wherever you want, LOL
    A tropical trip sounds FABULOUS:)
    But seriously, I promise you'll be fine and most likely not the only one alone on the trails (if your alone:)

  25. Thanks, I hope I will continue to enjoy it!!!

  26. When I used to work in hospitals years back, I never had great shifts then either, LOL
    This time I am just working at a PSR, but who knows I am always up for floating around into other positions that pop up later on!

  27. Thank you!
    Ya, I give a big thumbs down for micro managers, I don't think I'd last a month if I had to deal with one again. Did that years ago in the past it wasn't fun!

  28. Thanks Marcia!
    I don't think any of us like the IG follow unfollow thing. I hope my app that I use doesn't go away. While it only takes me a few minutes. Since I dislike those who unfollow just because they followed to unfollow. I like to drop them and never follow back, the app is perfect for that!!

  29. hahaha, that would've been so cool!!! :D But I'm glad you got that new job--it sounds awesome for you! :]!!

  30. Congrats on the new job. I don't talk a lot about what I do for work on the blog because that's a part of my life that i want to keep private right now but it sounds like you'll enjoy this new job. The perks sounds great. The hours sound even better.
    Welcome back.
    +345 IG in a month. Those are the kinds of gains I'd like to see. I might have to do what you do :-)
    I am thinking of going self-hosted shortly too. My wordpress.com is so limiting. Now that I realize all the things i can't do that I want to do, I have to make the switch. Not sure how to start so I'm in the research phase. Wish me luck.

  31. I'm so excited for you for your new job. And your hours sounds perfect! I can't wait to hear the crazy wedding stories. LOL!
    I know I already told you, but I am so excited about my trip to Honduras in two weeks!

  32. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:35 PM

    It really sounds like you landed a sweet deal on your job! I'm so glad to hear you like your boss too that makes a huge difference!
    What employer would not like your bubbly personality!
    With a lot of my racing behind me, I hope to find my system again with blogging. I'm afraid I'm just treading water for the moment. Our WW linkup has grown so til it's taking most of the week to read it all. It does not help that I'm a slow reader either. I'll figure it out!
    Glad your back in the game Kristy! I was thrilled to see you link up too!

  33. Congratulations on your new job. It sounds like a perfect fit. I'm so jealous of the three day weekend! AND free dermatological services? You really lucked out! The success of the WW is keeping Tricia and I pretty busy. I hate I didn't participate in the Giveaway Hop, but I knew I didn't have the time. As you can see, I'm still reading this week's links. LOL. I can't wait to hear the wedding stories. I bet you have some great ones. I hope your return to running is going well! Thanks for linking with us Kristy.

  34. Sorry to hear you got sick on your staycation. Howver, congrats on your new job! Sounds like you get a lot of perks and what an awesome schedule you have!

  35. Wow, you have been crazy busy ! Congrats on the new job and that is better than you expected.

  36. It may have a few fun perks, I am enjoying it so far. Thank you Sharon!

  37. Thank you! Well only a few things may be free periodically, but when they are huge bonus!
    Your link up has been very successful for you both! You have as many sign up weekly as I allow in the Grow Your Blog hops, and I struggle just during those 2-3 weeks I host those, I can only imagine how much time it takes on a weekly basis for you guys! But success is great right!!!

  38. Thanks Tricia! Yes, so far it seems like a nice new deal and I feel very lucky on the new job front!
    Yes, you guys are so busy from your very successful weekly link up. I think it's awesome you guys have such a great one!
    I can only imagine the time it takes you guys! I get so burned out during the grow your blog hops that I host twice a year and I let in similar numbers that you see in your link up on a weekly basis. I imagine you guys are swamped, espcially since you are both so kind and go around and visit every single blogger in your link ups, wow!

  39. Thank you Katie! I can't wait to hear about your Honduras trip, I think your going to have such an amazing time!

  40. I totally know what you mean.
    I mention a little on what I do workwise, but for the most part I keep the details private just for security reasons. I'm also an after the fact blogger just to help with that security and never mention specific names.
    I think it's smart to keep a certain amount private!

    You definitely will get to your IG goals! You'll probably have an easier time growing yours since you'll be developing a book following, that I would imagine will definitely make it easier for you!

    Wordpress is awesome, but yeah you guys are so limited on specific things. That's why I went with blogger to begin with. But I knew how to manipulate the HTML codes and so I knew I could conform blogger over to what I wanted before I go fully self hosted. I've heard, wordpress doesn't even allow you to manipulate or run specific codes. But then again Wordpress has some amazing features and a much better comment system. So it's a hit and miss thing on both platforms.


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