Making a Mess, a Writers Challenge and a Possible Marathon Registration

This past week was super busy and I have another busy week ahead of me. I literally can't wait until next Saturday, so I can finally sleep in.

Going into my second week at the new job, it's been more difficult than I'd like to admit getting used to working on a schedule.

Having been my own boss for so many years, I was able to for the most part make my own schedule and adjust however I want or needed each day.

But now I can't do that and lets just say the alarm clock gets hit to the maximum amount of snoozes I can possibly fit in.

I also had a huge wedding over the weekend.
Between working the 9 hours a day at the new job. The spare weekly hours after were filled with getting ready for the wedding.
I'd love to share some pictures, it turned out beautifully and the family and bride were so happy. But they are on my camera and I am less than ambitious to get them downloaded, ha ha.


Thursday night, I had a ton to do. But wasn't in the mood to do any of it. (Story of my life...)

So I attended my local monthly writers meeting instead. I really enjoy attending those I always learn so much and the gals in my group are super talented! The biggest thing I took from this meeting was a challenge. To people watch more, to help make my writing better.
There was a bit more to it than that, but let's just say. All this week at the Dr. Offices I am going to be doing some people watching!

Friday with so much to do, I couldn't help finally getting out for a morning run. I really only had 30 minutes to spare. But it felt so good to get out there and run. I couldn't help it, and finally walked back in my door 2 hours later.

Also noticed they finally let the water into the canals around here. Which means, spring is definitely happening and the snow up higher in the mountains has finally started the melting process. Which is great news, because when the snow melts, the campgrounds can open and camping season can start for me, YAY.  Usually it melts down by early July, and I can't wait!!!


When I returned from my Friday run. I made a stupid decision to go on Facebook and saw a fellow runner had scored an awesome metal United States map to convert to her race state countdown. She mentioned she got it at Michaels. So I immediately without even showering headed to the store to grab what was the last one on the rack. I pretended to multi-task and I picked up thing or two for the wedding too.

I want to show you the project, but I will wait until I get my craft on and convert it over to what I want it to be first. Once I have time to do that, I will definitely be showing it off to you!


Speaking of running. I registered for a fall marathon on the last day of their registration.
It's a lottery and I will find later this week if I get in.
I won't say which, but it is one that falls within the top 10 best in the country, so it's definitely a great choice!!
The only problem now is I need to get in shape for it, ha ha... Just a minor technicality, right :)
I'd like to register for one more, but I may hold off on that for a while it might be more of a last minute thing.


Despite being a busy wedding day Saturday, I only clocked 7 miles on the Fitbit. I attribute this to having awesome help that day that kept me from having to do as much walking around.

It was a sisters wedding set up day, I brought two of mine. We arrived at the location. Cranked up the music, drank a lot of Pepsi and literally danced, sang off tune and laughed our way through the set up.

It was a blast, and it's a good thing we were alone because we get a little fun crazy at times.
Let's just say if anyone showed up and saw, they probably laughed their heads off. Good thing we don't care what others think of us:)

During my short downtime on the wedding day. I hung out at one of my sisters who lived close by. While she sat and pulled weeds out of her garden.
I played with the kids, we were doing sidewalk chalk drawings. I dabbed a few dots on the boys noses of chalk, and before I knew it one thing led to another and they turned out like this.

My sister said it was not an easy chore to scrub off them. I consider I did my job well as an aunt, I mean they had fun, I had fun. My sister, well that is just what she gets for turning her back to do yard work and leaving me alone with the kids. Ha ha ha...

This week is shaping up to be nearly as busy as last but in different ways. I am still trying to figure out the best ways to fit blogging into my new schedule. I didn't get as much in last week as I had hoped. But when first you don't succeed, try try again... right!

So tell me something fun you did this past week.

Today, I am linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin today for their Weekly Wrap! If you have a post to link up, and time to participate and visit a few others in the link up, you should totally come link up with them too!



  1. lol... those chalk photos are adorable! And yay for the signs of Spring being on the way :) The US map project sounds really cool. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  2. Sounds like a busy fun week! Fun for me was playing with my new pup!

  3. haha... that's the fun side of being an aunt. Loving them with fun memories. Mom's can be the 'bad guys' aka scrubbers :) haha
    A fall marathon? WOW! Good for you. Hope you get in the race.
    hang in there girl-rest is coming :)

  4. Wow, so excited to see that you signed up for a marathon!

  5. Good luck with getting in to the marathon. Does that mean running things are looking up for you?

  6. Oh I hope you get in through the lottery! Thinking good thoughts for you!

  7. I feel ya on working on an actual schedule! That was my hardest transition after [just 2, but still] switching from pre-clinical years in med school (aka hole self up in basement and study til dark) to clinical years, where I operated on the schedule of whichever preceptor I was working with. :O

    Looking forward to seeing your map project, and I hope you get in to that marathon!

  8. Wow how amazing that you are already feeling ready to take on another marathon! Sounds like you must be feeling much better.

  9. How fun to have a local writers group - I bet getting together with the group sparks all sorts of ideas :) And how exciting you are already planning your next marathon - I'm excited to hear which one it is - fingers crossed you get in through the lottery!

  10. My husband and I went and looked at a ton of new beautiful homes over the weekend. Just for fun!

  11. I'm so happy to hear you entered the lottery!! I'm hoping you get in! Sounds like things have been a little crazy for you lately, I hope you get some rest soon. Can't wait to see your states project!

  12. Thanks, I had fun making those kids into a blue and purple mess, LOL

  13. LOL Exactly, I mean as long as I don't have to be the one to clean up the mess, why not LOL
    Thanks, I think I find out tomorrow about the race.

  14. Yeah, I figured why not. I think I find out tomorrow if I get in or not.
    It would be nice to do it, I am so beyond out of marathon shape I have such a long way to go, so if I do get in I really need to get my butt in gear!

  15. Thanks! I really hope so.
    I still struggle a little with this foot injury and my back is always going to hurt now because of it's issues. But I think I can push through it, runnings never made either of the problems worse so I figure why not, right!

  16. Thanks! It would be nice, if I don't I may pick a different one. I think I find out tomorrow, so we shall see:)

  17. Yeah, this schedule bit is hard in so many ways. I am remembering each day why I went self employed so many years back. LOL LOL
    But it's also cool, I directly for 2 awesome doctors and there are some really nice nurses in the department too so it makes it fun.

  18. I don't know about feeling ready to take one on, LOL but I figured why the heck not.
    My years long work injury may never heal entirely and my back well incurable, but since they both have never been hurt worse by running I figured why not. Now of course if I get in, I'll have to get my way not anywhere near in shape butt, back into shape, but maybe this will give me the push to do it, LOL

  19. They are an awesome group. Most of them are published authors, and several have many ongoing book deals, I am one of a few who still haven't decided to get a book I've written published. Either way, I love hanging out with them once a month and learning from them!
    And thanks, I think I find out tomorrow about the marathon lottery.

  20. Oh how fun!
    My sister just bought a big beautiful new home and it all came about when she decided to put her house up forsale at random one day on a classified site and sold it 10 hour later and was forced to find something new, LOL So ya never know what fun can turn into:)

  21. Thanks! I had been contemplating it for a month while it was open, waited until the last minute, so we will see what happens. I think I find out tomorrow though.
    On another note, I have SOOOO much work to do to get into shape if I am going to do it though, LOL

  22. Yay! An awesome team always makes everything so much better! :]

  23. Sounds like a good week! Lol looks like a fun time you had with your sister's kids! So great to hear that you entered the lottery for the marathon. I hope you get in! Also hope getting up will get easier as you adjust to your new schedule.

  24. Wow, you had a crazy busy week. As far as a new job goes, it usually takes a good 4 to 6 months to get into a real groove, so give it time ! How exciting that you entered a marathon lottery. Can't wait to hear if you get in. Fingers crossed ! Hope this week is a bit calmer for you.

  25. Elaine @myRUNexperimentMarch 8, 2017 at 6:36 PM

    I'm interested in the 50 states project and might check it out at Michaels. I want to put a marker on every state my kids have visited and may put my races on there as well.

  26. Thanks! I've never been a morning person, so as much as I'd like it to be I don't see it ever getting easier, LOL Of course it would help if I could get to bed during a decent hour:)

  27. You have a point!
    Thanks Karen! FYI yes I did make the lottery and got in!

  28. Yeah the sheet metal US map was cool, I am excited to get started on my project for it this weekend.
    Its actually a huge map (missing Alaska and Hawaii or course) it's almost 3 feet wide and a foot and a half tall.

  29. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:36 PM

    OMG that is so cute with the chalk, I know they had a ball! I can't wait to hear if you got into the race!! How exciting!

  30. A marathon registration? How exciting! I hope it works out for you. My work is crazy right now as I lost an employee. I've had little time for blogging this week too. I also had a kid graduate high school and those events kept us busy as well. I know you are itching to get to a campground for some summer fun, fishing and hiking. It won't be long now. I hope your job is going well. Thanks for linking with us Kristy.

  31. Can't wait to hear if you got into the marathon! Hope it works out for you!


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