Why Employers Definitely Want to Hire a Runner

I will tell you one thing about runners especially runners who have been at it for a while or many years.  If you are one you already know this.  Running teaches you self-discipline, self motivation, goal setting even stress management better than you can get by doing other things.

Of course this is purely my opinion, but as a small business owner who even if not on purpose, has apparently hired a team that almost consists of entirely runners I feel it's okay to share some insight on the matter. Because frankly I happen to think that employers should want to take notice of runners because they are in fact runners and some of what comes with the sport are key attributes most want in employees.

If you are a runner and you find yourself gearing up for a job interview. Maybe this will give you a few different ways to answer interview questions and wow them!

So here we go, Life vs. Running and how it can benefit runners on the job.

Early Morning Punctuality

I can't think of many things besides running that teach you how to wake up early, and be responsible, shoot for a goal even when you are dead tired, the weather is crappy or your just starting to come down with a cold.

Why? Some runners will get up at the butt crack of dawn, or even before that to get their runs in. Doesn't matter if they are heading to work or have a million things to do later that day, they'll get up for that run and get it in because they know the day will go much better if they do.

Stress Management

Life is crazy, life can be a mess, things come up that we can't control. Sometimes life gets super busy and it's hard to fit it all in.
Most people get stressed, freak out let things slip.  But runners have a edge on this that others may not.

Why? We get out daily to get our runs in, no matter how busy life is. We already know how to prioritize the important things. So when it comes to work and family life, you can bet our minds are working a step ahead of the game than others and we can figure out better ways to manage our duties and prioritize them in a way to fit them all in.


Maybe you've seen people at work, or have some who work for you. No matter what you do, you cannot seem to get them to self motivate on their own.
While, it's not a guarantee, if you have a runner working for you chances are you'll notice they are some of your best self-motivators

Why? Running is not easy, running takes time, running requires a lot of dedication. But yet, runners put their shoes on and head out the door even on the worst days, or even if they aren't feeling their best.  They do it because they are self motivated. No one can force them to finish a race, they do it because they want to, because they aspire to something more in life.
Runners are like this with many things in life. No need to have a boss micro-manage them, they'll likely be on top of it and have it done before you start to wonder if they see the importance of it.

Goal Setting - Competitive

Boss or new employer asks a runner what their goals are, you can rest assure they will get more than an earful. Oddly not everyone in life has goals or wants to make them, some people get bored in life or just loose track of how to motivate themselves, but not runners.

Why? Most runners are constantly working on new goals and new achievements it's part of the fun of the sport. We are a competitive bunch, even if we don't ever come in first place in a race. Not only are we competitive with others, but we are even more so competitive with ourselves.

So when it comes to work and other things in life, you can rest assure that most runners are nearly as competitive in the sport they love as they will be in the office. In fact, you'll be hard to find many other types that will compete against themselves just to achieve higher standings.

Those are just a few reasons.

While it's not really okay to stereotype applicants and of course there are no guarantees. There will always be "the one" that decides to flip on my above logic. (So I take no responsibility for those.)

If you do come across an individual that mentions they are a runner and has been for quite a while in their resume, or it comes up in an interview. You may just want to perk up a little more and take notice, because there is a chance you might be onto one of your next best employees.

Feel free to add to my list.
If your a runner what types of things do you think give you an edge over the competition at work?


  1. Its funny because my boss, his wife is a marathon a week runner & Ironman - she's so athletic - so I think that my boss actually gets tired of runners in the office because his life surrounds running so much already :) haha

  2. I'd say we also don't quit. If we're injured, we work and work to get back to running.

  3. You are so right! And we don't quit! I need to start looking at potential hires that way!

  4. This never crossed my mind, but you hit the nail on the head about runners and their commitment and dedication. Who else gets up early to torture themselves in all kinds of weather all with the hope of a PR or a great race. Sounds like you have a great team of employees if they are runners.

  5. Totally!! Runners rock!!

  6. ... alas, I have tried several times and just can NOT learn to like running (I mean come on, you have to wear shoes. You also have to wear shoes to work ... so I'm sticking to being a SAHM *Ü*)

  7. Interesting perspective! Of course I agree. I would add -we aren't afraid to get a little dirty or sweaty to achieve our task :)

  8. I think those are all excellent points! I especially agree on the time management one - runners are the best at figuring out how to fit it all in. Also, running keeps us calm so we are better able to think things through and organize our thoughts and work :)

  9. LOL, well there will always be those cases:)

  10. We certainly don't, and we don't let obstacles get in our way!

  11. I know huh, we do get up and out into anything to get the job done. Most people wake up see crappy weather and even call into work, but we actually go run in it, then to work, LOL
    They are a great group of individuals, it's just funny that most are all runners or past runners!

  12. Hey running isn't for everyone!
    But if I remember your a Zumba girl, and that is a tough workout, one I've never felt coordinated enough to try...yet:)
    Oh ya shoes to work, LOL

  13. I like that, and agree. It really does keep us calm and more stress free in our lives, great one to add!!!

  14. This is a great list. It should be in the management 101 book for hiring managers!...lol

  15. This is great and I agree 100%. I would also tell employers that it keeps their health / insurance premiums down because we are usually pretty healthy people.


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