Why I (or someone) May Not Follow You Back on Instagram or Like Your Pictures

Technically this post is for bloggers who use an Instagram account to go along with their blog. Or it could be for a blogger who is considering adding an Instagram account to their blog for their social media following.

It's been a while since I have done a blogger help topic. So today I'm going to tackle the occasionally controversial subject of Instagram and why you may not be getting the image likes or follows that you think you should.
I'm also going to put the below subject matter blame ALL on me, and I'll write it all as if I am telling it to you straight up or as I would face to face.


* Your photos are constantly blurry or terrible quality. No one likes a headache!
Along with that, becareful using the filters. While some may look great with your camera, others can make your image take on a negative appeal. If in doubt, just go with the original image sometimes those are best anyway!

* At first glance of your IG account, all I see in each picture is you trying to sell me something, or product push.

* Your account is private. If it's private I rarely will ever follow you because I have no idea what type of account I am asking to follow. I like to see what I am getting, I mean that is what IG is all about anyway, seeing and pictures.

* You're a blogger, but your using you're IG account for both your personal and blog business.
You should WANT to have these separate if only for safety reasons. But if you do combine them, make sure since you are using it for your blog overall and make the personal use relate to your blog.
If I want to follow because I like your blog and you get too off topic on your IG feed, I may look and have no interest to follow you.

* Nudity or constant partial nudity, this includes swimsuit shots or mirror bra selfies etc...
While some may want to follow you for a peek. I myself could careless what you look like in a bikini.
I often look through my IG account at work or in public places, I don't want people glancing and wondering what I am looking at.
Additionally, I often allow my younger nieces and nephews to play with my phone and they love IG, it's embarrassing if they see something they shouldn't. So for all those reasons, including the one that I don't want to see it, I definitely won't follow or will un-follow you for this reason.

(On that same subject, remember that if you are a blogger looking to work with advertisers. If you have nudity or close to it selfies, your probably not going to land campaigns with companies because most don't like to be affiliated with that type of promotion.)

* Gross pictures. I doubt I am alone, but I don't care if you just ran 1000 miles. I don't want to see pictures of your blistered bloody feet or other chaffed body parts, especially if your feet are still dirty in the shot, just ewe!

* You only post selfies of your shoes or meals.
Okay, I am NOT talking about food bloggers who take beautiful shots of food and it's their business.
I am talking about those who take pictures of each meal or half eaten meal and well I will just say it the food looks disgusting or I can't even tell what it is.
Also, I totally get the, take a selfie shot of your running shoes and post your times, I mean we all do it from time to time. But lately I've seen a lot of accounts that daily take nearly the exact same photo of their feet and post nothing else in their feed. Kinda boring, so while I may not un-follow you for it, eventually I may get bored and not bother sharing a like on the same exact picture each day.

* You only post pictures of your kids.
Granted I understand for a lot of mommy bloggers this is the thing. For me personally I don't follow mom accounts because well, I'm not a mom.
When I see a fitness blogger who is posting random pictures of every odd thing their kid does, I have a very hard time giving them a like on their photos.
Not because I want to un-follow them, because I will still follow you even if you "kid me out". But unless I know you personally, or have gotten to know you really well through your blog. I feel quite awkward liking your kids photos, because well for various reasons, but mostly because I don't want to feel like a creepy stranger liking your kids photos.

* You're posting at the wrong time of night. If you only have time to post at Midnight, that's fine you may pick up some likes from a night owl or someone in another country. While you can post anytime you want, don't be disappointed in your numbers if your posting at odd hours.

WHY I (or someone) MAY UN-FOLLOW YOU

* You followed me just to get a follow and then un-followed me a day or two after I followed you.
When I notice this, you can guarantee I am NOT going to keep following you. I find this to be one of the poorest practice to gaining followers and I have even blocked a few IG accounts who do this repeatedly. For that matter, why do bloggers do this? I don't get it, truthfully these types of IG accounts annoy the heck out of me, I have no time for them!

* You use a APP that automatically likes and comments on your followers photos.  While I may not care if you have an App that auto likes my posts. If you have an App that posts random comments on my pictures that don't apply to what it is. Don't think your fooling me or anyone else.
Sometimes if I see a IG account has gone completely computer animated I un-follow. No point in dealing with an automated account, I like real people who actually like to interact even if only on occasion!

* You've changed your theme.  Maybe originally I followed you because you were all about fitness, travel or motivation. Then later you've switched to pictures of only your kids or just random shared thoughts and images that don't relate to your blog or the reason I followed you originally. In some cases, if you've gone so far away from the reason I followed you in the first place, I may un-follow you for lack of interest.

* You go inactive. Yes we all get busy, it is part of life. But if you haven't used your IG account in a few months then I'm assuming your no longer active. I use a App that un-followers closed or fake accounts it occasionally also picks up non-active accounts. While I do get the final say with this App, if it does appear your no longer an active user I may un-follow.

Okay, so those are just a few of my reasons. I know I am occasionally odd, but I don't think I am so odd that I am alone in my thoughts above.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram account, or start one for your blog. The above may give you a few things to consider as you decide what type of theme you want to go with.

Additionally, it may give you ideas if you are struggling growing your current account. Or maybe it's time to go through your Instagram account and clean it up a bit and re-create it as you want it to be.

Instagram is one of the most fun interactive tools and you can use along with your blog. In fact some bloggers have dropped the blog and have gone completely Instagram. It's an amazing, when used correctly. But the correct way is different for everyone, and different for each audience. Play around with it, find your niche and put your best "photos" forward and watch your account take on a growth of it's own. 

So tell me or help me add to the list:

What are some reasons you UN-FOLLOW someone on Instagram?
Or what are reasons you may not LIKE someones photo?
Do you get annoyed with the Apps that Comment for users too?
Do you agree, or disagree with my thoughts above? (It's okay if you disagree.)


  1. There are advantages to having a private account. I had a lot of spam accounts following me, which I started blocking, then switched to private so I could deny those requests. It made me feel dirty that an account with a "body parts" profile pic was liking one of my photos.

  2. Great list and tips here, as usual, Kristy.
    I've been on IG for a long time but I only recently started taking it seriously. I downloaded an App which shows me my recent unfollowers so I can decide whether I want to keep following them - most often, I unfollow too - although it kinda bums me out when someone i thought i'd started a real relationship with suddenly doesn't want to be friends anymore. Sigh.
    I used to post a lot of mishmash pics too but now my page is mostly about the things I like most - running/fitness and books - my own and the others I read.
    I would love to grow my IG to 7K followers. That's my goal and it's really slow going so far but thanks for these guidelines.
    If anyone would like to check me out: my IG is karen_runwright
    I don't like when someone floods my feed with 10 versions of the same pic or like you said, post the same running selfie everyday. It's not like I'm keeping track of your daily times. Just show me some good content, I think.
    BTW, what do you think about the new IG app logo?

  3. Yes to all of this! What really gets me is when people play the follow/unfollow game in hopes of upping their own numbers. That just irks me to no end.

  4. I dont get the apps that comment. You can tell when they are so random & always the basic "Nice!" from someone you have no idea who it is. So dumb.

  5. Those nude people? I block them. All of them. When I have a new follower, I check out their account. I'm not in it for the numbers. And I don't want creepers.

    Shoes, meals, and your running watch. I don't want to see it.

    I had no idea there were apps that automatically liked posts or entered comments. Shows how dumb I am. i've been going through one by one...

  6. hahaha, agreeeeed to all of the above! My biggest one is the people who follow just to unfollow, and I get annoyed with the comment apps too. (Those get especially awkward when they write something like, "Cool!" or "Nice!" after someone posts about losing a loved one...)

    I used to have a private account until around...2014, because that's about the time I started using it for both personal + blogging purposes! :P

  7. YES to all of these! You said it perfectly Kristy! I think I only unfollowed one person and I just couldn't stand how she was "flashing" her "perfect" life in front of other moms telling them They too could have what she has if they only did A, B, and C. I'm not a mom, but I just couldn't stand her arrogance anymore on my feed...lol I also follow some people who use so many filters on their selfies..WHY??? It looks terrible. I do not play the follow unfollow game and to be honest, there are a lot of people who follow me and I don't follow them back right away because my IG account on my phone is so slow sometimes. I'm sure they are probably unfollowing me with in the next few days anyway, IDK. I also like to scan the accounts I follow, I don't want to see bikini pics or selfies everyday. You gotta have a life outside of just yourself...haha. I also understand how following someone who posts only kid picks can get a little uncomfortable (unless you know them well like you said). With that being said, I hope I don't annoy you (or anyone else) with pics of my Labrador! I know i think she is beautiful but not everyone is a dog person...haha. (okay, you can tell I am on my pc and not my phone now because I about wrote a book)! Oh, and I had no idea there was an app that would comment for you. How would that even work? I would be afraid of what it would say. Are they all generic comments or something?

  8. Completely agree with you on these! Biggest pet peeve is the follow then unfollow. A couple other reasons I will not follow or will unfollow an account 1.) The same exact selfie pose every single time 2.) Constantly posting more than 2 images in a row or in a day. It takes up space on my feed and usually they are not great photos or are redundant. 3.) This is a rookie marketing mistake, but if someone follows me, then when I give them a genuine compliment, BAM, they are messaging me to join their business or start selling me a product. I don't always unfollow, but if they don't take 'no thanks' the first time, unfollow.

  9. These are really great points! I've been working very hard on my IG account. I just don't get the follow/unfollow thing and I don't have time to go see who does it. I hate the hard sell people who DM you to try their weight loss products.

  10. I've been looking forward to this post ever since you teased it in your last post :) I agree with pretty much all of your points - I don't want to follow accounts that include scandalous pics or gross pics! And like you, I also immediately unfollow anyone that does the follow and unfollow. Very rude! This is the first I've heard of an auto like/comment app though - I didn't even know that existed.

  11. I love IG! You make great points! I hate it when people follow and then unfollow. The spam bots that make comments are annoying!

  12. Thanks for always helping us keep on track! I really do love reading and posting on Instagram. I feel like I "know" the people so much better on there because I get to see so many selfies of everyone in action. Everyone's pictures motivate me to get outside and do something. Those are my favorite shots. Have a great day and a wonderful weekend Kristy!!

  13. I never thought of it like that before, but your right.
    There are a few accounts that follow me and I go eeek when I see their profile pictures.

  14. Thanks!!!
    I use a similar app, and I spend about 2 minutes a week going through it and it's probably the best free investment to clean out bad accounts and help remove old or closed IG accounts.

    I had that happen the past few months, a few blogger gals I follow both on blog and IG and attempt to regularly visit. Unfollowed me on IG and while I could see they were uncleaning their follow list. I just decided one unfollow deserves another, LOL

    I hope you hit your goal! I'd love to get to 7K myself. I remember when I hit that on twitter it was an amazing feeling.

    I like the new IG logo. The only bad part is now everyone who uses follow buttons for IG if they want to, now has to change their images over. Myself included.
    But if all they are changing are logo's that is good. If they start doing what Facebook does, I'll be upset.

  15. Oh I hate the follow/unfollow game!
    I don't mind if people want to follow to get a follow. Because I get it their trying to build their following (even I do it at times).
    But once they get that follow and then immediately unfollow nothing ticks me off more. I refuse to keep following them or play the game, no time for that, not a practice I would ever particpate in!

  16. It took me a while to figure out people were using apps for it. I had one pic that had a totally unrelateable comment and I mentioned it to a friend and she told me about the app. I was like what the heck, what is the point of it? I agree so dumb!!!

  17. Hate the comment apps, I just don't get the point. I know a lot now have removed the words and now just do a thumbs up emojo, it's still just weird, why bother...
    If mine wasn't for blogging, I'd totally go private and keep it that way. But I am careful what I post and since it's blog related I try to keep it about 95% blog type stuff or same categories as I talk about on the blog.
    The follow just to get a follow to then unfollow thing. Well I could rant on that for ages, I hate that practice!

  18. Thank you Meranda!
    I follow a few IG accounts and I see a little of the "I have a perfect life" and I totally get what your saying.
    No one is perfect, I kinda like the imperfect myself.
    Yeah, in that circumstance I totally would have done the same as you and unfollow, who needs that in their lives!!!

    I had to laugh, because my friend and I were just talking about filter selfies the other night. I told her I wrote this post and we got into the whole, "why do people do that" and that was one of the subjects.
    I like the originals for selfies or black and white (those always look good it seems.) but some of the adding cartoon or things, really gets weird.

    I think you have a great IG feed, and no I don't think you post too mch about your dog. Besides your blog and your IG feeds are pretty similar, so I think it's perfect.
    You mention Baylee on the blog, of course your going to show some IG pics of her!
    (By the way, hope she's continuing to do well.)

    OH yea, there is an app that will comment for you, and it's dumb. I wouldn't use it even if I made a million dollars a year on my IG channel, LOL Yeah, they are generic comments, or a thumbs up. Something like "Nice", "Love it" "Love this stuff"....

  19. Yes, I like a little variety too. Same selfie every day. While I think it's awesome they love themselves so much, its not very diverse or interesting.
    I have a few people that post 10-30 images at a time and while I haven't unfollowed, I do find if they are too similar I just skip through them, I think 1-2 a day, but not in a row is a pretty safe amount.
    I hate to say it, but I know exactly what you mean, the product pushers. I just ignore them, but some of the It Works crowd are a little overboard on this. I have to unfollow a lot on those.

  20. I'm not big into the product pushers for the weight loss or hair suppliment stuff, it's a bit overload and I don't like the DM either.
    The follow to unfollow thing, I will never get. For many reasons, but one they just have way too much time on their hands to practice a rude practice!

  21. Oh thank you, I"m glad you liked it!
    Yeah, I learned about the like/comment app from a friend when I mentioned I was getting odd replies at times on images. I mean what is the point???
    The follow unfollow thing, those individuals just need a life!

  22. I will never understand why someone wants to have a system make comments for them, so weird:)
    You have an awesome IG account, you are definitely doing something right! I've thought of mentioning that to you many times:)

  23. I love IG too, it may just be my most favorite social media tool ever.
    I just love that it's images, and I don't have to really read comments or things about people, you can just let their pictures speak.
    I agree with you, I find ton's of motivation on them! I love the ones who post mini workouts, or workout tips to get in extra stuff during the day. They motivate me, love those!

  24. How can you tell it's an app liking or commenting? Crowdfire tells me who's unfollowed me so those are the only ones I've unfollowed. I too have been bombarded with the products folks and have pretty much stopped following them back.

  25. Oh gosh...total agreement on all of this!! Yes...why post the same selfie after each workout? My artsy-fartsy brain cannot handle repitition LOL

  26. Usually its easy to tell because it will be a generic or random comment. I notice a lot use the thumbs up emojo or something that says, nice, or nice pic... Generally if it looks like it doesn't make sense, then it was probably an app commenting for the person.
    I use an app like Crowdfire, that I use for the same purpos to unfollow those who unfollowed me as soon as I followd them, mostly because I just hate that practice they do.

  27. LOL, yeah I don't get it. I'd get just as bored taking the same exact selfie every day, LOL

  28. It's a personal decision. But generally yes if you are having your IG account linked from your blog, meaning your trying to build a blog following base on your IG account, then yes you'd generally want to either have a seperate or forego a person one and just make it blog oriented.
    Mostly it's for safety reasons, you wouldn't want strangers to know where you or your family are at or what school your kids go to, if you take school photos.
    But that's my take on it, it really is a personal thing. For me, I think they should be separate.
    I don't take the unfollow thing personally either. However, I really dislike the follow to get a follow and then unfollow some play. Those, I don't take it personally, but I don't follow them anymore if they practice that:)

    Yeah, I knew about the auto comment apps for a while, my friend a few weeks ago told me about the ones that like images for you too. so weird, kinda just takes the fun all out of it.


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