Weekly Update

Last week I mentioned a marathon lottery I entered. I GOT IN! YAY!  Now I just need to get serious about getting my butt back in shape. No biggie right, LOL oh boy do I have my work cut out for me, but I can’t think of any better work to do!

As many of you know, I am an after the fact blogger, so I will share where and when after the race. But I will say it's a fall marathon.

On a side note: A friend email me last week curious why I was an after the fact blogger. I don’t think I have mentioned my reason why, for over 4 years. So I’ll share it in case anyone else is curious.

Truth is, when I first started blogging back in 2011 I read a gal’s blog about risks and safety precautions for bloggers. One of her tips was to become an after the fact blogger. So I adopted the behavior for myself and haven’t second guessed it since. While at times I would love to share upcoming things. When you’re a single gal like me, it’s just safer to not let the world know where you’re gonna be until after.

Back to the running front, depending on how training goes during the summer, I’ve also got 4 other marathons on my radar for this fall and early winter. But I am not going to enter any others until last minute if things are going good and I decide I can train my body well enough to do them.


Due to a new job, I’ve begun my switch over to evening runs. Ughhhh I hate it!!!

I’ve been a morning runner for gosh let’s just say many years and I’ve loved it! I dislike having any food at all in my stomach when I run and running in the evenings now poses a little problem with that.

So, I have two options; I can get up at 5am and run before I go into work. Or I can skip lunch, or eat a very small lunch at 10am and hope it gets out of my system before my 6pm run, then eat a late dinner. I don’t really like either option. But right now it’s too dark at 5am to even think about it, so for now guess it’s going to mean early lunches.

In case you’re wondering, I prefer distance running and all training on an empty stomach. It teaches my body to burn stored fuels and give me an edge come marathon time! For those of you who train same as me, you know exactly what I mean and the increased benefits from it and why I am not interested after so many years to switching back.


Granted long periods of standing for me through the past three years, have been the absolute worst on my body and caused me so many problems. I’ve learned I need a little of both, and not one thing for too long.

My new job has a bit more sitting than I thought it would. It’s been seriously hard on my back and murder on my tailbone. So I attempt to take frequent breaks. My tailbone feels permanently bruised this week.

My sister who also broke hers a while back swears that 100 squats a day strengthens the buttocks and helps her to be able to sit for more than an hour at a time. So I am going to give this a try, at this point I am willing to try anything, LOL (In case you didn’t read my blog a few years back, I broke my tailbone in a skydiving landing accident, and it’s never been the same since. That said I would not take back that awesome plane jump for anything!)

On the plus side, 100 squats a day, could do wonders for my dairy aire, so it’s one of those maybe a double bonus things. Ha ha.


I’ve decided even though I am going to be doing fewer weddings each month now. I am going to continue with my very little to none on the Friday-Sunday blogging. I adopted that behavior about a year ago. I think having a balance of how much online time I have in my life is important. So it’s a practice I am going to keep continuing with.


A few mention they were wondering where I was with the work injury and my back issues. So in case you were wondering, here is an update. 

My tendon injuries I got 3 years ago from a work injury and then prolonged by originally visiting a Dr. who put me into the wrong brace and gave incorrect medical advice. Well I still have them. The swelling is a bit better these days.

I can tell there is a lot of bursitis in it, and as long as I don’t rest too much I can keep that at bay. Also long as I don’t stand for long periods I can keep the tendon issue at bay. Occasionally I will be found sleeping at night with my med boot on to correct a little damage. However, I have a good system for it and I haven’t had a major flare up in a couple of months and I consider this a good sign.

On the plus side, running has never bothered either of these things much, so I see absolutely no reason right now to prolong my comeback to marathons!


  1. Welcome to the world of evening running. I need more people on my side :) Hope it grows on you.
    YIPPEEE for making it in the race!!! Stay safe in training.
    I should do more 'after the fact' blogging myself. I do try to do it in certain areas - especially when I'm going to be away from home.

  2. Congrats on getting in to a fall marathon. I can't wait to read all about it afterwards. I can really understand being an "after" blogger due to safety concerns. I always travel with a family member or friends to races, so it never dawned on me to not talk about an upcoming race. I think evening running is much more tough and due to my group's schedule, I usually run at night once a week. Hopefully you figure out your grove and it won't be too bad once you are in a rhythm.

  3. I totally get the after the fact thing. We never post our vacation plans on the blog, we usually talk about them after the fact. Unless it's of course a Disney race cus those are hard to keep quiet!

    I think i'm gonna try the squats! I could use some help in that area too!

  4. Congrats on getting in for that Fall marathon! I agree that sitting too long and standing too long both result in pain for me too. It's nice to switch it up and find a balance between the 2.

  5. Whohoo Fall lottery win!! So exciting.

    Wow what a great thought..after the fact blogger.I can see how in this day an aget that could/should apply to al of us.....hmmmm something to think about for sure.

    I too like the enoty stomach workout although I am doing more weight training now and find I get a bit deflated half way through and wondering if I am asking my body to do too much in empty....hmmmmm.

    Good luck on your run transition....that is challenging.

    Glad tou are havibg some success with your back ....Sending continued positive and healing thoughts.

  6. I do afternoon running when I get home, then I can cook dinner and eat after my run. It helps my recovery too since the protein helps with muscle repair.
    Good luck with the squats. I have different variations for my PT exercises, but form is key. It's hard for me to keep the proper form without the TRX ropes.

  7. I am so excited for you that you got into the marathon. It's always fun to have something to train for isn't it? After the fact blogger? I never thought about that before but I guess it's good to be cautious

  8. Yeah, I was glad I came across that gals blog post that talked about it. It was perfect timing as I was literally just getting into blogging and at the time I was only blogging once every week or two after each marathon. Since I am single, it helped me form good habits, I think:)
    I was going to start on those squats tonight, but I have caught a terrible flu, they are just going to have to wait a day. But I definitely need them, I literally feel like my butt is broken from sitting so long today, LOL LOL

  9. Thanks Pam!
    I read that blogging tip literally right when I first started blogging, which at the time was when I was traveling to run a marathon every week or two. Since I traveled alone (mostly) it really made me air on the side of caution. I know for some it works fine, but at the time I didn't want to take any chances and well it's sort of stuck, but I guess it's good!
    I'm really having a tough time with the evening runs. Besides the fact that I hate having any food in my stomach. I am also noticing after a long day it really becomes more of a challenge. It was nicer to start the day off with it, but like you said once I find my grove I think I will get into liking it again and it will all work out!

  10. Thanks Chaitali!
    You're lucky you have that easy standing desk think.
    I don't want to pay for one for myself, just yet. But for now, I just awkwardly stand and probably make the lady who sits next to me wonder what the heck I am doing so often, LOL

  11. Thanks!
    Yeah, I think it was some of the best blogging advice I could have gotten when I first started. Because at the time I was a single gal traveling once ever week, or every two weeks to a different marathon and I caught on to good safety habits then. Not that anything would have probably happened, but you just never know these days, sadly!
    I train specifically, and was even coached in my early marathon running years to train on empty to teach the body to burn stored fuels instead of current sugars, it really is helpful for distance running. Especially when you don't run out of energy like others who's bodies need maintained sugars.
    Now with weight training, that's a totally different story. I could see how it would wear the body out a little more on empty.

  12. Good point! I used to always eat a high protein breakfast right after my morning runs. My biggest issue is making sure I have a empty stomach and several hours worth, but I am going to mix it up this week and see what happens.
    I think you are totally right on form! My PT (one of the many through the years, LOL) that is the #1 thing they stress. Even when I start out right, its an easy thing to mess up on half way to 100 for sure. I'm going to have to be aware the entire time so it actually benefits me instead of hurts me!

  13. Thanks, I am looking forward to it. Even if I have a long long way to go. But it will be good for me. I think I needed a little something in the future to look forward to to get me out the door and building the mileage with. I've struggled this spring a little more than I care to admit, with the motivation to move past the shorter miles. So hopefully this will help:)
    Yeah, it was a tip I got from another blogger literally a few weeks after I started a blog and at the time I was a single girl traveling each week or two to a different race, it was just a smart habit for me to get into. But it may not be for everyone, it was just a habit I've continued with even though I don't travel weekly currently.

  14. Congrats on the lottery win! That is exciting. I totally get the after the fact approach. Smart. I've had some issues showing pics of my kids on the blog that creeped me out. You won't see them there anymore. Changing running time of day is tough. I hope you find something that works!

  15. Yay! I'm glad you got in, and I hope you have fun! :]

    After-the-fact bloggers unite! I don't like letting random people know where the hecks I'm at until I've pretty much already left them, and if I mention where I'm going to be at, I'm never specific (e.g. "I'm going to California next month!" heh. Better safe than sorry. ._.)

    I hope your pain goes away or at least gets a little better! I feel ya on the back pain at the moment--I have no idea what happened (I think it's more of a chronic hyperextension type of deal), but it hurts to bend forward or really just move in general. :[ ...At least now I can super-relate to my patients with back pain? ._.

  16. I'm also an after-the-fact-blogger! It's smart for anyone but especially us single women. Good luck on your marathon, I'm sure you're going to kill it!

  17. New schedules are tough! I would hate it if I had to become a night runner instead of a morning runner, we are all so routine! Good luck! Exciting news about the marathon- can't wait to see where your adventure takes you!

  18. Congrats on getting into the race! Its always fun to have a major race to help with being motivated to get out there and run.

  19. I was definitely lucky with the desk and a company that pays for it! Before I had the desk, I would get up once an hour and do a circuit around the building lobby (400-500 steps).

  20. Congrats on getting into the race! And I'm so excited for you to hear you are back looking at marathons for the fall season and getting in more training again. I'm the opposite of you and have always been more of an afternoon or evening runner. I've joked with my coach that my legs just don't move before 8am. I hope you'll find a way to work your running into your new schedule in a way that feels right for you!

  21. Thanks! Oh no, ya kids pictures and blogging are probably a tough situation to deal with, it's too bad huh!

  22. Yes, we must unite:)
    Yeah, I am glad I adopted this after the fact behavior it's just safer all the way around. I mean I doubt I have any stalkers out there. But when I consider the bad blind dates and creepy stalker situations I've had at different jobs through the years. Those alone are bad enough, I don't need any online wacko's knowing where I am going to be before I get there for sure!

    Back pain sucks, I am sorry your dealing with issues too! Mine will never get better (I'm bone on bone in my facet joints along my spine) but the more good days the better. But seriously, before this happened I used to think people with back pain were just weak, but now having experienced it I have a new found sympathy that is for sure!

  23. Definitely!!! We don't need any online wacko's out there knowing where we are going to be before we get there for sure!!! Thanks for stopping by Mary!

  24. Yeah, this switch to evening running is as much as I hate to say it, messing with my mojo. I really loved starting my day out after a run, it's not the same effect in the evening. Oh well, gotta roll with lifes punches for a while, right:)

  25. Thanks, I agree! it really is a great motivator I think!

  26. LOL Well truth be told during the past winter months I still considered 9 or 10 am a morning run, LOL LOL I have a lot of late nights, so waking up before 8 in the winter was rare, LOL
    But thanks, I am sure after a few more weeks I'll feel adjusted to it, I might as well just make the best of it for now until I can go back to mornings:)

  27. Agreed! I doubt I have any either, but...best to be safe, haha. I've had some pretty weird people/stalker situations as well, and I'd rather not have any more of em'. :o!

    For sure! It affects pretty much every aspect of life, and I never really stopped to think about it/realized it before. :[ I will send you my best wishes for wayyy more good days than bad! <3

  28. Congrats on getting into the marathon! I'm excited for you. Hope evening runs will get easier for you!

  29. After-the-fact blogging definitely sounds like the safe choice. You just never know who's reading your page and what they want to do with the info they get.
    That said, congrats on the new job and I know you'll figure out the running schedule. I prefer morning runs myself because evening workouts take much more planning - like you said, you have to plan your entire day around a late run - but I know you'll get it done.
    I hope you're having a great week, Kristy and congrats on getting into the marathon.

  30. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 6:37 PM

    Oh wow Kristy, this is great you got in the marathon lottery!

    I have these thoughts about the safe side of blogging too. I wish we lived in a perfect world where it was not something to worry about but we do not. I respect your decision to not reveal things until afterwards.

    You do have some pondering things to consider to make your training work but we as runners and do'ers get it done some how! I have no doubt you'll get it figured out and make it work for you!
    I also get your comment to me, I'm trying to find balance in reading all the ww blogs and participating in other linkups and keeping up with my fav blogs. I need to adopt the speed reader skill and fast!

  31. Well how cool you will be marathon training again!
    I totally get you about saying where after the fact. A while ago I found out work people were reading my blog, which I didn't like. I use to share much more personal things and some things about interactions at work in my blog...it was my way to work some things out lol except I realized it may be used against me, so i have been kind of stuck about what and how much to share now.
    Sitting is tough, I sit a lot ( it is expected) but it makes me ache more than when I an active.
    I have a tough time running in the evening too. I take a flashlight and go early morning, but I am hoping to train in a few months and there is no way to run 8 or 9 miles before work on a week day so I guess I will have to adjust to evenings with you.

  32. Rachel @ RachelMcMichael.comMarch 8, 2017 at 6:37 PM

    I love the idea of unplugging on the weekends. We all need time to refresh!!!


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