Fallen by Lauren Kate - A book review

Lauren Kate

Yes it's true I am one of the last to finally read this book and series.  But on the plus side, all the books in the Fallen Series are out and I won't have to wait years to read how it ends.  Especially since this book grabbed me right from the start and left me looking forward to picking up the next book in the series.

Luce Price has lead a troubled life, things have happened in her past that have both her and others believing she is a bit crazy.  Institutions and doctors have been her recent life.  When a last chance arrives and the opportunity to attend the Sword & Cross boarding school comes.  Luce and her parents jump on it.  She is sent away to the school filled with camera's as spy's and only 15 minutes a week of outside contact via a phone call allowed.

Luce arrives at the new school, and knows that everyone there is a different kind of crazy, just like she is.  But that doesn't matter to her, and she is pleasantly surprised to immediately find a couple of new friends.  However, she is not loving that one of the guys Daniel, that she is so drawn to, wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

Unfortunately for Luce, she can't help it she is drawn to Daniel, and sets herself up for awkward moments, and heartbreak at every chance meeting she has with him.  She's not sure why Daniel has no interest in her, and even more unsure why at one moment he can be almost pleasant and then turn on her the next.

With fate constantly pushing them together, Luce becomes bound and determined to find out what is Daniel's secret and why he treats her the way he does.  The only problem is, she doesn't realize that discovering this secret could bring on her own death.

The romance of Fallen is a lot of push and take.  An outcast girl falling for mysterious and great looking guy, in a bit of dark but yet gripping love story.  I was sucked into this story after the first few chapters, and found that even after I read the last page I couldn't wait for more.  If you enjoy stories of forbidden love, thrilling mystery and story lines that are impossibly hard to put down.  The Fallen Series by Lauren Kate is one I recommend!  I am really looking forward to the next book in this series!

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