Verdict's and Vacations gone...

A few weeks ago I mentioned I decided to go to the Specialist to talk to him about a few lingering problems, and the issues with the other foot to find out what is really wrong. I wasn't sure if it would be a waste of money or actually beneficial.
I am happy to say, it was beneficial.

The verdict(s)

My right foot, the one that somedays causes me so much pain I can barely step on it, and others not a hint of pain.
The first Dr. I went to months ago told me it wasn't a stress fracture...
Turns out it is a stress fracture, a very bad one.  Specialist said if I had come in 5 months ago he'd of put me into a boot for a couple months to let it heal.  However, since I have been doing everything right on it, it is healing and there is no point to alter much of anything I am doing.  I few more months and I shouldn't notice it anymore.

My left foot, that has been about 90% healed for a while on the tendon problems.  I asked the burning question, is it ever going to really heal?
He was honest, at this point after 20 months, he said there is a good chance I may have to deal with this forever.  It could heal, but there is a chance it may not because it's gone on so long.
What does this mean?  I can keep on training, and doing what I am doing.  Take days off when I need them, and increase the miles since running isn't bothering it.
He said I am still having Achillies Tendinitis swelling issues.
(Word of warning to my friends with tendon issues, stay off your injury let it heal, don't let things get as bad as I did, so you can heal eventually for good!)
What was his advice:
Told me to stay off concrete as much as possible, stick to treadmills, tracks and tar surfaces for a while to let the stress fracture have some relief.
Told me to add 1-2 days of hiking into my routine instead of running.  (Yay, just wish I had time to do it twice a week!!!:)
Eat more protein, add lots more cottage cheese to my diet (helps heal stress fractures)
Keep running, keep increasing my mileage, get back into marathon shape.
Take rest days on days that the swelling is worse than normal.
Keep up the PT as well with the running.
Quit standing for long periods at work, put my tendinitis foot up as much as possible.

Rose Bowl Stadium
This is why I brought ear plugs
all those screaming teenagers!

I rarely breakdown, and even more rarely shed a tear.  But this past week almost pushed me over the edge.  I mentioned a while ago I was taking my cousin's to California to see One Direction at the Rose Bowl Stadium.  Well let me just tell you, things did not go as planned.  Let me share a few of the highlights or lowlights depending on how you look at them.

* When picking up my cousins find out there is a surprise additional 14 year old friend coming.
* Because of the recent floods, our detour in Nevada added almost an extra hour and a half driving the first night, we arrived around 1AM just outside of Vegas.
* Friday morning my GPS decides to get a short in it and quit working, which there is no way I am going into L.A. without a GPS!!!!
* Magically found a Best Buy outside San Bernadina and had to purchase a new GPS, it was $150, but I talked the guy down to $100.  The only good thing about people who work on commission!  But I still wasn't happy with the added expense.
* We arrive at the hotel in Beverly Hills, only to find out the one they had booked us had required Valet, and a $40 a night parking fee.  (anyone who knows me knows, I do NOT let others drive my car, so this was not fun for me.)
* I took the kids to Santa Monica/Beach Pier for an evening of fun concerts on the beach and amusement parks and other activities.  After dinner before dark they wanted to go back to the hotel to rest?? I know I couldn't believe it.
* Went running Saturday morning (alone) for an hour and a half around Beverly Hills and let me tell you it was hilarious to see these people all dressed up, perfect hair and make up, walking these little dogs, and then carrying bags of poop in their hand:)  Loved my run though!
* Spent 4 hours at the beach, skipped the sunscreen for a few hours and got a great tan!
* Spent 3 hours in the worst traffic of my life, to drive only 31 miles to the Rose Bowl Stadium.  Took me 1 hour just to drive the last mile.  I let the girls get out and walk so they could get to the concert in time.
* Found out they were charging $40 cash only for parking.  Which they then lead me 1.5 miles away from the Rose Bowl into a Golf course, of which I had to drive down dirt roads, then rolling golf course hills to park in one of the furthest lots they had.  Yes we paid $40 for parking on a golf course???  Then of course no shuttle, a walk to the concert.  Which was fine for me, but let me tell you how much teenage girls love to walk 1.5 miles late at night....
* Concert was great even though I wasn't very familiar with One Direction.  But they did put on an amazing concert, they really know how to give a show!
* Again traffic to get out of concert, finally hit the pillow a little after 2am.  Only to wake up a few hours later to make the drive back to Utah.
* A few hours into our drive my air conditioner goes out in my car, and smelled a burning smell.  Pulled over into a rest area shortly after.  After looking things over called Dad for advice and decided to keep the air off, and roll the windows down.
* Drove in the heat of the day from outside Barstow CA, though Vegas and Mesquite over 102 degree's out, no air conditioner with the windows down......  Let me tell you it is a nightmare to get already dehydrated 14 year olds to drink water, I had to force them to drink and show me their bottles... arghhhh...
*  1 mile from dropping my cousins off, something broke worse on my car.  I wanted to cry, but just got pissed instead.
*  Found out the next morning, the Compressor went out likely outside of Barstow, and busted some bearings, clutch and other things.  Was told it would be $700 - $800 fix.
*  Told it was a miracle I made it back, the mechanic said it sounded impossible that the car made it without burning out.  If it had burned out, it would have cost me $3000+ to fix, so I was very lucky.  That and I wasn't stranded in the desert with 3 young girls!  Was also told I was smart to turn the air off, if it had gone back on, the car wouldn't of made it even a few more miles from where we were.
* Mechanic fixed my car and discovered they were able to salvage a few things, and it only ended up costing me $550, much less than even their quote.  I love my mechanic Thomas Tire in WVC, they are the most honest around!

Okay, so those aren't all the things that happened, but that is my short version.  After over 35 hours of sitting behind the wheel in 3 1/2 days, I am going to say I have no desire to take a road trip for a very long, long time!  Which is weird for me to say, because I love road trips and traveling.  Absolutely nothing went the way it was supposed to go, sometimes life just can suck!  But at the same time, we were being watched out for, because things could have been much, much worse!


One of my sisters raced in her first ever Triathlon the weekend I was away at Cali.  She doesn't appreciate mention of name or race, but lets just say this was a big race, lots of big names in it with some very fast times.
She finished 1st place in her age group, and 4th place Women's overall.

I have to say that this is pretty awesome, especially since 2 months ago she couldn't even move, in fact she had neck surgery 2 months ago to repair a bulging disc.  Then had to take a month off after the surgery to heal.  So she pulled this off, even after all of that time off and lack of training, which also meant she didn't get a chance to train to swim in lakes in advance.  (Although she was in peak shape before the neck injury happened.)
Pretty awesome, I had to give her a shout out of congratulations!!!!
She's hooked and plans to train for and do more, I see some possible 1st place over all finishes in her future, especially since she'll be able to better train for the others.

As for me, I haven't hit my 6 miler yet, maybe this week.  I fully plan on letting go a bit more and not holding back, especially since the Specialist says it's okay to be a little less cautious.
I'm going to start pushing the mileage up again, I'm going to continue with my adding 1 mile a week more to each week's longest run.  I'm hoping that by the end of October I'll be hitting weekly 13-14 milers.
I also need to get back on track with my weightloss goals.  I haven't really gained anything, but with all the extra Pepsi I drank over the Cali weekend lets just say I have struggled a little to quit drinking it now that I am back:)

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