For the Devices I Use While Out on a Run

My old arm band that I kept either my phone or my ipod was getting to look a little worse from wear, and lets just say its better days were behind it.  So when I was presented with the opportunity to review and try MUV a Professional Quality Armband Made for the iphone5, I took it!
I don't actually own an iphone, but when I looked at the size dimensions I realized it would fit not only the cell phone I do own but also my ipod, which one or the other is really all I take with me on a run.

When it came in the mail, I was really happy with the quality.  Its actually is made with pretty good materials and workmanship, so I could tell it was made to last a while.

One of the things I didn't know about when I ordered it was the Key Pocket, so discovering this was actually pretty cool.  At first when I slipped my key in it I thought that maybe it would work its way out.  But I have used it many times, from 3-6 miles and it hasn't shown any signs of the key being able to work it's way out so I am pretty confident in it's placement in it and I don't even think or worry about it anymore.

The only thing that I would suggest needs a little improvement is that it's not 100% sweat resistant. Each time I have used it, when I go to take my device out of it after, I do notice a little sweat condensation on it.  Not a crazy amount, the soft neoprene absorbs most of it.  I don't think I would trust it in a heavy rain, but I think it would be okay if you were out and in a light rain.  But then they do not claim it is water proof, just sweat proof so at least they aren't misleading.
But yes, if you do purchase this and you sweat like me your likely to notice a little condensation on your device after your workout, but not so much that you really have to worry about it.

It is light weight, the neoprene is pretty soft and doesn't seem to slip any, so I haven't noticed any chaffing, which is a definite plus in my book!  Nothing worse than wearing something that leaves you with sensitive red marks on your skin after, so I have been very happy with this part so far!
Because it is made to hold the size of the iphone5, it is a bit larger so I ended up having to put it a tad higher on my arm than I am used to.  But after 5 minutes of wearing it higher, I didn't even notice it.

The armband also has a High Visibility Reflector.  I don't run at night so this isn't something that would really be anything I would get use out of.  But for someone who considers those things important, I wanted to mention that it does have this on it.

One of the other features I like were the adjustable width strap for different sizes.  I don't have an overly small arm, or overly large.  I think my bicep is pretty average and it fit me perfectly.  But as I was adjusting it for my perfect fit I noticed it would work pretty well for even a tiny arm, and even an arm much larger than my own.

The armband had a sensitive touch screen protector, which for any device (which is pretty much all these days) that has a touch screen you'll love this feature.  I had no problem making a few quick adjustments to the music or books I was listening to while on my run.

Overall, the armband works great I don't really have any complaints on it, other than the little bit of condensation that does go through to the device at times during heavy workout.  But even my old armband let some in.
If your looking for a new armband, and especially if you have an iphone5 or similar size device this is likely a product you will like.  Like I mentioned I don't have an iphone5, but I put my Blackberry in it with no problems and it also fit my tunes (not at the same time) easily.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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