A Little Bit of Everything

Do you ever have those times where you have a jumble of thoughts and as you go to write your blog posts, instead of one or two things you end up jumbling a little bit of everything together?
I apologize ahead of time because today is one of those days.  However, in case only a few things interest you, I put headings so you can skim and read only what you'd like:)

Monday - 6 Miles
Tuesday - Rest Day
Wednesday - 5 Miles
Thursday - 6.2 Miles
(I worked too much on my feet this week, so Friday, Saturday and of course Sunday were all rest days.  My tendon started swelling up later in the day Thursday and has been a bit painful and bothersome.  Sunday it was feeling a little better so we will see what this week brings.  I have already picked a lighter work schedule for this week (less time on my feet) so my tendon inflammation can go down and the pain can subside...hopefully...  I know there is a chance this maybe how I have to deal with it going forward.  But I can't help but have hopes and prayers that it will eventually heal and I won't have to schedule my life around it's pain and swelling levels!)

Okay, so some of you know I am one of those rare people who love the Blackberry phone.  I've been loyal to the Blackberry and At&t for many years.
However, when my family got together we decided to see if we could all save some money by signing up for one of those "Family Plans". Once we looked into it, I realized for myself alone it would save me about $40 a month which is $480 a year savings and that is significant.  That pretty much was enough to push me into doing it.
Sprint does have Blackberry, but the price lets just say was several hundred more than I wanted to spend.  So I bit my bottom lip and hoped I wasn't making the biggest mistake ever and went with the Samsung Galaxy.

It wasn't 24 hours later that I was hating it and tearing up at the thought of my loss.  The things and the ease that I had before with what I used my Blackberry for, were not as easy with new phone.
Mostly I missed my keypad, and the ease it was to write up things and emails, posts...
Everyone keeps telling me I just have to get used to it.....  It's debatable at this point.  I am tempted to go and exchange my phone for a Blackberry and I have now 12 days left to do so.  The problem is, if I do, because of the price of the phone, I really wouldn't be saving much and I might as well stayed on my old plan???
Decisions, decisions.  Right now I am not sure if it is worth the savings.
Sure I will admit there are 2 pro's that I have found with my new phone.  But frankly, I am not sure they out weigh my other loss.   So I guess this decision will be, to be determined....

In January I set a few "Blogging Goals" for myself.  Some of them were with my blog itself, others were in the form of social media.
One of them was to hit 5,000 Twitter followers.  That one snuck up on me and happened earlier this month.  That is pretty awesome, and I thrilled that so many fabulous people enjoy following me, and visa versa!

Another goal I had was to be several weeks out in posts, except for my Monday posts.
Truthfully, I was doing fabulously all the way up until September.  I used to have 15-20 posts finished and written and scheduled to go live on their appropriate dates.
Doing this gave me the needed time I wanted so that I could spend more time following other bloggers and reading their posts and so on.
But the past month I have pretty much been doing them "day before" and I really need to take a day and spend it post writing and scheduling because I really liked when I was ahead and could spend more time chatting with my blogger friends.
Also, you've probably noticed less posts on my blog lately.  I just figured not to run posts on days I didn't have enough time to put a good effort into it.
So it is my new goal to get back on track like I was before the end of the year, starting with this week!

I haven't ever talked about this one on my blog before, but yes I do enjoy blogging for fun.  But I also enjoy doing it for side money and free products I actually can and will use.
I don't earn an income that you could say is substantial by any means.  However, some months it is a great part -time job:)  if you call it that.
I had monthly goals, and lets just say they are pretty high so I haven't exactly met them yet.
However, September was a great month and at around $800 (Yes I did just put that out there.)  I am closer than I have ever been to hitting a monthly goal.  So we will see what the last 3 months of the year bring.  Also, I have done this on a Blogspot blog, which so many say you can't do, so that in itself proves that you can actually make a little money even on a free blog:)

Earlier this year I shared with you that I was planning on making some major changes and I think I even mentioned I would let everyone know my plans shortly thereafter.
However, after a lot of thought I decided not to share those plans for a while.
First, I did go out and I was offered some amazing (desk) jobs.  Some that a few people think I am a complete idiot to have turned down.  Even turned down a job with a major TV network that would have been a seriously promising future in more than one way.

Why did I turn them down, especially after working so hard to get them?  Well when it came down to it, I looked at each of those jobs and I asked myself.  Money aside, will these jobs make me happy? Will I enjoy waking up and going to work each day?
When I searched my heart & soul, the answer was No.  Which is why I turned them all down.
Which put me out to thinking about what WOULD make me happy.

Now I love weddings, and I love what I do and I have zero plans on letting go of the wedding decoration company I own and love.
However, the economy has taken some hits and despite what the government says, the reality is things are not picking up and people are cutting back.  Which has given a decline in revenue, especially this year.
So yes I am looking for a new full time job, but do plan to keep being a wedding planner part time.
But not for just any job, the job has to be the right one for me.

I am not going to tell you exactly what that perfect job will be, because I haven't exactly interviewed for it yet:).  However, if you follow my blog you know that I love Running and I love Traveling and I love People and I love to be Happy!  So I have recently been setting my sights onto new things, and pursuing things in an entirely new direction, in the direction of what I listed above.
I don't need to rush, I can take my time and when I find that amazing job, and that thing that will make me happy.  I'll grab it and at that time I will share it all with you!

Okay, so this will sound odd but in the past I have tried not to share too much of my opinion and be a little more neutral (although it comes out a lot I am sure my blog followers can tell:).
The truth is, I have a strong opinion on lots of things.  I have wanted to start writing on a few running topics that not a lot of people say much about, and even when my opinion goes against "trendy current running trends."

I kept hesitating doing it, in fact if you look at my "Posts in Progress Folder" I have over 30 of them just sitting there waiting to be finished and shared.
Then the other day I was talking to a patron at the library where I work and after sharing my opinion with them I realized why not share on my blog???  After all, previous to my work injury I was able to lead a healthy running life mostly injury free for over 15 years.  I was trained by a father who ran over 30 years without injury.  So it's actually possible that even going against trends, I may have a little useful information for someone to consider:)

So my first controversial topic  is coming up Thursday.  I re-wrote it to be slightly less opinion and tie in some education with it.  So we will see how it goes, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.  Because I have a few others I have also been editing to put out in coming weeks.

This month I experimented and paid to have our blog hop listed on some National Giveaway Directories.  I haven't talked to any of those participating, but for myself I have had a significant and when I say significant, I say over 900 of more entries than in previous months.
I'll be curious to see if other bloggers noticed a spike in page views for this hop (I hope they did), and if they are having a more successful hop as well.
I fully plan on paying out of my own blog pocket:) to have the November & December hop listed in these directories too.  So if your a blogger and your interested Join up Today for our November Hop HERE.  Its open to ANY blogger, this is a hop to thank our followers, so it's one of the only "almost no rules" hops I host.

Additionally, today is the LAST day to enter the current, Get your Run On Giveaway Hop.  You have until Midnight tonight to visit and enter the 13 blogs participating.  You can start entering for your chances to win HERE.

Which leads me to my questions for you for the week.  
Have you ever been hesitant to write on certain topics, because you were afraid you might offend someone?  Did you hold back or do it (tastefully) anyway?
Do you make blogging goals, even if you blog for fun?  

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