Running, Weight loss and the Possibility of going Deaf

On Labor Day my sister and I took her baby and 3 year old and went hiking up in the Higher Uinta Mountains here in Utah.  We spent the day up around 10,000 feet enjoying the cooler temps and sunny day!
My cute 3 year old little niece turned to me as we were hiking and said "Kristy I like hiking, I think we should go more."  I smiled because I work on training all my young nieces and nephews from the time they start walking to love to hike, so I can help them grow up into loving it so I can have hiking partners:)  So I said to her, "You can call me on the phone anytime you want to hike and I will take you."  She grabbed my hand, and said "Okay, I will."  Ah yes, another hiker in the family has been born:)  Her little legs did great and went most of the 2.5 miles.  Only asked me to carry her a few times.
The pictures I am showing today, are a few from our hiking trip on Monday!

I had a few little issues this week in my tendon area (I've been working the job that cause it more, probably too much which has been the cause.)
However, I will say I did get my non-stop 5 miler in on Wednesday, and it went pretty good.  I didn't have any pain during or after so each new mile I add is proving that the injury itself likely isn't going to get any worse from running.  I just need to lay off working the job that caused it a little more, which would be so much easier if I didn't still have medical bills to pay off:)

So a few months ago I mentioned that I had made an appointment with the specialist "just in case". Today is the day for that appointment.  Part of me thought to cancel it, but then because my original injury still hasn't lost all the swelling and is only at 90% healed and doesn't seem to be improving much from that and the other foots occasional problems I figured I better suck it up and go.  Better to keep the Dr. Appt, than get myself into worse problems like before because I didn't go soon enough!

So my questions for the Specialist today, despite the fact that I don't think there is anything he can do or say that will help, and it's just going to be another $350 down the drain.
Regardless, I am going to ask about if the Peroneal and Achilles Tendons will in fact ever heal completely or if it's just going to be something I have to deal with and work around for life.
When I talk to other runners who have gone through what I have, I get mixed answers.  Some gave up because they said it never heals.  Others have said eventually it does but it take many years...  Not that I don't trust other runners, but not everyone takes a proactive or correct approach to healing, so I think I am going to go with the Specialist on this one and get his final take on it all.

Love my little hiking friend:)
Second, I'm going to ask him about the other foot (my nerve entrapment guess), and see if I am right or if it's something else...
I'll mention the running I have been doing, and will likely mention my upcoming plans on building the mileage slow but at a steady pace.  I mean I know myself, I would like to be doing 18 milers by December and it's quite a possibility even on a slow safe training plan.
My Specialist works with Olympic athletes and he is a runner, he's very highly recommended and he and his team of Dr's have been spot on with helping me so far, so if he gives me the go ahead I will continue, but if he tells me to back off a little and try a new recovery method I will.
So we shall see...

Good news is, as of this morning I have officially lost 24 pounds!
I have a bit more I'd like to drop, but I am pretty proud of myself.  Losing the extra weight seriously has been one of the harder things I have attempted.  But I feel I am doing pretty good with it.  I am being healthy about it, and although it's been a slow progress, it is in fact progress!

Because I am an awesome cousin, ha ha.  When my aunt called me and asked me if I would do her a favor.  She bought her teenage daughters tickets to One Direction in California and because of some health problems she can't take the drive and concert and her girls were looking so forward to it.
Since, she is paying for the entire trip and already booked us a condo.  I decided a free trip to Cali... Okay I decided to take them.

I've heard of them, I know maybe one or two songs but other than that I don't really know much about One Direction, but my aunt assures me I will know more than I ever cared to from her daughters while we take the 12 hour drive:) LOL
The Rose Bowl Stadium I hear is huge, and my thoughts were... over 90,000 screaming teenage girls... I am going to go deaf!
So I have actually already packed some ear plugs, ha ha.. and yes I will use them!  (But I will make sure my long hair hides them, I remember being a teenager I don't want to embarrass them:)

Since we will be leaving on a late afternoon, I think I am going to break up the drive there and stop about 6 hours down the road in Vegas for a night.  Then continue on to Cali the next morning.
I want them to have a fun trip, but I hope they want to go to the beach because I do and well since I am driving, and that's what I want to do for a day, yeah we are going to the beach.  ha ha.
It's going to be a shorter trip because I need to get back by Sunday night.  But anyone who knows me, knows I am always up for a trip, even if I might loose some hearing on this one:)

Anyone have any good recommendations on clean beaches close to L.A. Pasadena area?
I was thinking either Santa Monica or Long Beach.  It's been a few years since I have been in the area and I have only been to Long Beach and Redondo beach in the L.A. area but I hear Santa Monica is a fun one!  I'd like to try paddle boarding, life's been too crazy to get around to it here in Utah this year, and because of our unusual cooler August and the rain and snow in the higher elevations, the lakes are just too cold to get in now to try it here this year.

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