Storm Siren by Mary Weber

This is one of those books that I was drawn to by the cover (such a beautiful cover) and then the back of the book blurb signaled that this would be something I would enjoy.  Which is why I choose to review Storm Siren by Mary Weber.

Nym is a slave, and has been for years ever since her parents deaths that she feels and believes she was responsible for.  Sold from slave owner to slave owner she makes her way to the market for her fifteenth sale.
Nym hold a secret, this same secret is why she keeps getting put back up for action.  Especially since those around her seem to get killed or injured.  She is an Elemental.  Normally Elemental's are killed at birth, and rarely if ever are they girls.  Which is why Nym was overlooked and was allowed to live.

Standing in the marketplace waiting for a buyer, Nym assumed things would go like they always had. However, when she accidentally releases her powers, and they catch the eye of a woman in the market place.  She is immediately bought.
But things are different this time, different from the moment her new owner brings her home.  Not only is she given a room, and clothing that should be far above her status.  She is given a choice, a choice to use her powers and train to harness them and become a powerful Elemental to help save the kingdom she lives in.  Or a choice to not, and she would be returned to the existence she knew previously.

Nym decides to take the choice to stay and train.  But she was not prepared for the crazy political events and parties.  The twists and turns and double sided personalities she has to live with and encounter.  Nothing is as it seems, and everything is as it seems.  But the fate of her country is looking to be up to her.

Nym's never thought of herself as a weapon, she's always thought of herself as a destructive power that cannot be controlled.  She is learning quickly that she was wrong about a lot of things.  The only problem is, as she begins to learn to control her power and the earthy storm elements.  She isn't sure if she wants to use them anymore as a weapon.  Especially as secrets come out, and her heart begins to fall for her trainer.  The very man her owner warned her and specifically forbid her to never fall for.

Mary Weber writes a fascinating storyline, that really hooks you right from the beginning and never lets up.  This book is filled with so many twists and turns and yes I hate to say it cliffhangers.  It absolutely grabs your attention and for myself I found it hard to put down.
I love new authors that know how to write an intense and great story.
Those who enjoy Young Adult novels that are written with adults in mind, will really enjoy Storm Siren.  This is one fantasy on my recommend list, and I cannot wait for the sequel that comes out June 2015.

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