Dualed & Divided by Elsie Chapman

Just as I sat down to write the review for the 2nd book I realized I hadn't even written a review for the first book.  Dualed and Divided by Elsie Chapman.  Normally books like these are trilogies but when I finished Divided and realized it actually ended I was pleasantly surprised that I found a series I loved and don't have to keep waiting any more to find out what happens.

NOTE: This book review is NOT a spoiler for either Dualed or Divided.

West Grayer grew up a seemingly normal life, with a normal family.  However, everything about her life isn't what most of us would call normal.  In the city of Kersh when an individual is born, they also have a twin born to another family (an Alt) somewhere else.  Life is pretty normal except when it comes time, and when you are activated.  Each twin is forced to set out and eliminate their Alt.
They say the best Alt wins, and in their society they only want the best and the strongest to survive, which is why it is hunt or be killed

West is fifteen when she is activated.  Which means she has one month to hunt the towns, find her Alt and kill her before her Alt does it to her first.  If she doesn't succeed, The Board will eliminate both her and her Alt from the world.
But a little problem arises and things take on an entirely new direction for West.  She is battling lost friendships, new friendships and even quite possibly love.

The only problem is, she doesn't love herself enough to realize what she has and sets out on an entirely new plan of possible self distruction, which at the same time may be the exact thing that saves her, only time will tell.

When Dualed ends, Divided picks up right where it left off.  With the same fast paced, action and adventure story line we are used to.
But Divided throws in some excellent twists, that even I didn't see coming.  Not to mention all the answers to the questions we had.  If your like me, you'll be flipping the pages as quickly as possible to see how it all turns out.

Dualed and Divided are similar to the harshness of the Hunger Games, but in an entirely different way.  It's not just a few select individuals who are forced to become killers.  Anyone who wants to live, to survive to have a chance at a future must become a killer and prove their worth first.
The Dueled series had a very strong female lead character West Grayer who never let me down.  You really get right into the story from the beginning.  I found both books to be extremily hard to put down.  They are intense and original, and I really enjoyed them.

For readers who enjoyed other series like The Hunger Games, Divergent and Delirum series you will want to check out Dualed and Divided by Elsie Chapman.  Although a little graphic in nature, this is an excellent series, that I really loved and highly recommend!

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