Hitting the 8 Miler Marker

This past week has been pretty good.  Here is a quick peek at my running mileage.

Monday - 4.5 Miles
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - 8 Miles (Even ran the last mile at a 9:25 pace.)
Thursday - Rest
Friday - 4.5 Miles
Saturday - Rest

I actually have to thank Hailey, from StridingStrong.  She left a comment sharing her own experience recovering from an injury last week on a post that made me really think and come up with a better solution to adding more mileage still babying the injury, but not babying it too much.  So when I went out for my 8 mile run I would stop and walk for a few seconds if the tendon felt too stretched on the uphill climbs and start back up as soon as I felt it go away.  I stopped twice for about 20 seconds just to let moderate twinges of pain pass.  Where as before I used to cut my run short if those things happened.  Good news, it worked and I was able to get to 8 miles and after 3 miles the pains almost completely left, I was even able to let loose at the end a little and feel a great run.  So thank you Hailey!

I am feeling stronger and stronger each day.  I notice difference just walking around doing my daily activities.  My legs are starting to wake up again, and even if they have a long way to go, they are feeling stronger all the time.  This just puts happy thoughts in my head each day!!!
I plan on keeping up what I am doing, but you'll see less rest days going forward, unless I need them. I am going to work back to running 5 days a week.


Fall is a difficult time for me, for yet a 2nd year in a row.  As much as I love to hear about my friends out running marathons and races.  It's also hard to sit on the sidelines when I want nothing more but to be out there joining them.  
But at least this fall I have something I didn't last fall.  I am back to running again, and the end of sitting on the sidelines is in sight for me.

I haven't mentioned this before, but as crazy as this will sound up until about 3 weeks ago I was going to push the training and get ready to run a marathon in December.  However, the state that I needed on my list that I was planning on, apparently moved their race unto November.  That would be pushing it too much so I am passing on the idea.

So for now, I am going to continue to build the mileage as planned, letting the injury heal as best it can and building the muscles back to support the injured area more and more.
I could probably enter a half marathon or 10k this winter, but unless a local race gives me a free entry I think I will save my money for now and shoot for marathons next spring.

The main goal is to finish a marathon in each of the 50 states and with 19 to go if I play my cards right, I might be able to knock a good portion of them off that list next year.  So to do that, I also need to not only finish recovering from the work injuries.
But I need to re-train my body to accept back to back beatings (marathons).  That is something that takes time, and isn't easily done.  A lot will depend on how this winter goes and how many runable outdoor days we have here in Utah.  It took me 1-2 years last time to build into that, so we'll see what happens.  I won't push it more than is sensible or possible to remain injury free, that is for sure!
I won't even be into that portion of training until January, but it's on my mind and back in the future outlook.


So Thursday I decided late at night to go camping.  The parents were already up somewhere so it was an easy decision to pack a bag at around 9:30pm and drive the hour to get there.
It's been a nice relaxing weekend, I think I am going to stay until tonight and then head back, since I have to work Tuesday:)

I'm at about 7,500 feet elevation so nights are dropping into the low 30's, but days are in the mid to upper 60's.  It's perfect.  (No I am not in a tent, I prefer a trailer this time of year:)
Oddly, I get roaming wifi in this area, so that is why I am actually writing a post:)

I've been enjoying running and walking around, haven't been fishing yet.  The leaves are changing here, so its really a beautiful time of year.  I'd of loved to get out and do a little hiking, but with Saturday being the open of the Elk hunt that wouldn't have been the smartest on my part.  But maybe later today we'll give it a try.  My picture's this week I am sharing are from what I took while up here.

Looks warm, but it was a nice refreshing 30 degree's

So my "controversial" post went pretty good, it even got picked up by some running groups and sent out to their followers.  I actually didn't get any negative remarks, not even on twitter:).  So I think I have sort of figured out how to handle touchy subjects on my blog.  So yes, you will see more "my opinion", I am not sure all will be as widely accepted, but I am no longer tempted to hold back, you never know who might take help from it:)

Also last week I had mentioned earning revenue blogging.  Another blogger Courtney at EatPrayRun pretty much convinced me to share more about this.
Earning money blogging, isn't exactly a secret.  It's different for every blogger and not every blogger even cares to try it which is totally fine.
However, several of you asked the question, HOW.
So I have decided I am going to create a post on how to learn to make money blogging.  I am not promising this one in a short turnaround.  But it will be this year.
I want to spend some time on it, and make it not so much as a "here is what I did", but as a learning tool for others that actually could be used to help someone.  Things like that take time, so for those who are interested I WILL create this post, and it will be this year, but yes I need a little time to do it right.

Had a fun time playing with my nephew's cute puppy last week
isn't he cute:)

So I am going to ask you, if you'd like to share, what running topics, not normally discussed or controversial or even embarrassing subjects would you like me to write my opinion on?

As I am compiling my post on earning income while blogging, what specific area's would be most beneficial for me to answer or cover for your questions on the subject?

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