Sometimes Life Makes You Feel Like Your're Hanging

I actually skipped my "About Me" post last Monday because I had been hit by a string of bad luck.  I was going to skip it this week too, because for some reason good luck seems to be not following me. However, I decided to post and share a little, because that string of bad luck is WILL change!


In short, I mentioned a few weeks ago I paid $550 for some unexpected car repairs.  Just when I thought things couldn't get more expensive something else went wrong on my car a week or so ago and it cost me another $700.
Surely nothing else could go wrong with my car that has been pretty much fabulous until recent... Well that was until the other day when now it has a problem wanting to start.  Which means, yes I am off to the repair shop again this morning.  My only hope is, maybe this is something related to the other and it won't cost me anything.  (Yes even with all the bad luck I am into wishful thinking!)

But I did get to hang with these 2 cute kiddo's and that
was a definite bright spot!


In other news, my tendon has been giving me more pain.  I think I mentioned 3 weeks ago I had a little flare up.  Well it's my own fault, I worked a little too much standing on my feet in job #2.  At the same time I have been getting things ready for a huge event I had last weekend, which actually was one of my largest events ever.  Which meant lots of time on my feet, which of course has left me with an extremely sore tendon.

It doesn't bother me to run on it, so I have been.  However, I have even cut the mileage down on that to 3-4 miles, just to be safe.
I am hoping now that the event is over, and I haven't signed up to work job #2 this week, that I can get back to normal and flare up will go away as quick as it came!  Fingers crossed!

My niece and I enjoying some spooks!


I think I mentioned before that in over 6 years, this has been my slowest event year ever.  Which hasn't helped the bank account all that much.

This past weekend I pulled off one of my largest events ever.  You may laugh but it was a Hindu Baby Shower.  They seriously go all out for these things, decorate and spend more than most people do on their weddings.  I also pulled it off being very short staffed.

Despite a few things, we actually had a lot of things go right at the event, that really could have gone wrong very quickly, I really do consider myself lucky in that sense.
However, since I was running short staffed and a bit behind, I never broke out the camera to grab a few shots, before I left the family to do their thing.
Which I am kinda bummed about because I pulled off several room decor things that I have never done before, and it looked amazing and now I don't even have a single picture to show for it:(  Oh well....
However, the good news is on this.  I was able to make my client happy, who was an extremely picky 7+ month overly hormonal pregnant mother.  Which I have to say was a worry, because having had a couple of hormonal pregnant sisters, I wondered if it was even possible to really please her.

I have a lot of fun times with this cute niece!


Although the past few weeks have been filled with a few not so good moments, (a few more than I even shared and I won't go into the 6 pound weight gain that makes me cringe...)
I have had some good things happen too and I have to keep remembering that.
Sometimes it's really easy to let the bad and negative cast a shadow across the good things.

It really got me to thinking the other day.  Sometimes bad things just happen, and they may keep on happening.  But really attitude is what gets you through it and sometimes the worst thing we can do is focus only on the bad, as it in my experience has a tendency to just make things feel worse.

I remember when my tendon injuries were at their worst, the only thing that got me through it was attitude, thinking to the positive knowing that eventually that trial would be over.
I need to keep that focus and positivity in my daily life.

Which is why this week and each week going forward I am going to give myself a little challenge. A challenge to better myself and lead way for good things to happen.  If not to me, maybe I can be the person that brings good to someone else.

So this week, my challenge for myself is: 
Compliment At Least 2 Different People, Each Day on Something I Notice About Them
You are welcome to join me in this challenge.  

Hopefully getting my priorities straight and putting more focus on others, will help me bring my own luck back into my life.  Even if it doesn't, at least it will give me something positive to focus on each day instead of what is going on with my own life!

*** All pictures this week are of me having a little fun with my sis, niece & nephew at Lagoons "Fright Mares", a local theme park decked out for Halloween.***

Do you ever have times where you have to regroup and remind yourself to focus on the good?
Do you set weekly challenges for yourself that are meant to focus more on others?  Are you going to join me in this challenge this week?

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