5 Reasons to Join Our Blog Hop

Today I am linking up again with the DC Trifecta Friday Five.  Thanks to EatPrayRunDC, YouSignedUpForWhat? & MarontheRun for hosting this link-up.

Although I love their topic idea for Halloween, because after all it is Halloween.  I am going to step onto my own today and shamelessly promote and share with you 5 reason's you should join us for the Thankful For My Followers Giveaway Hop.

1.  Because where would a blogger be without it's followers?  It's a great way to offer something, even if it's a small something and say thank you for following your blog.

2.  You'll get far more entrants if you join a giveaway hop, than if you host one solo.  For instance I held a giveaway on my own last week, I did promote it, but only had just over 100 people enter.  The last giveaway hop in September that we held, I had over 900 different people enter the giveaway.  The results from previous hops have been similar and I get told from many who participate they seem a vast difference when joining a blog hop, vs hosting on their own.

3.  It's not only a great way to thank your current followers.  It's a great way to obtain new followers.  In a hop, people click on one link, enter the giveaway and then click to the next link.  When you think about all the followers each different blogger has, you can see the potential in new followers.
Additionally, its a great way for you yourself to discover new bloggers and fun new blogs you might want to follow.

4.  It's fun and easy!  This particular hop I have removed almost all the rules.  The only requirements are including the image, and of course the blog hop linky at the end of the post.  Other than that, you know your followers best, host the kind of giveaway you know your followers will like!

5.  Last reason,  today is the last day to join us.  The Linky closes at Midnight for the Thanksgiving hop.  If you are checking out this post after Friday, then I'll recommend signing up for our December hop HERE.

MCM Mama Runs and I would love to have you join us and the awesome list below of great blogs participating!
Hop starts Monday November 3rd and runs through the 17th.
(Note: If you sign up today, you will receive your instructional email, no later than tomorrow morning!)

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