Northwestern Fjord Alaska

Today for Travel Tuesday I am going to take you on a great adventure up in Alaska.

Northwestern Fjords, which are really only accessible by boat.

If you are going to be in the area of Seward, Alaska there are a few tour companies you can sign up for a 1 day tour that takes 10-12 hours.  It's highly worth it and to be honest I thought the price was very reasonable!

Lone Orca swimming with the background of Bear Glacier

Normally, I only show pictures.  But as it just so happens I actually took some video while I was on this adventure.  Now, one thing about glaciers calving, they usually happen when your not looking. However, I happened to have the camera ready and got a few shots of a few of them.
But I am going to show you one of the bigger ones that I got on video.  I missed the beginning of it, but even though it's only 17 seconds long it's worth the view.


When you are out visiting the area, although the glaciers are amazing to see.  I will tell you it is full of wildlife.  On the day I was out, we were surrounded by 60 wild Orca's.  It was amazing, and apparently rare, and I knew that not only because the captain told us this.  But when the captain stops the boat, gets out his camera (as well as the crew) and they are snapping shots in amazement.  Well then you know you are seeing something rare.

A lot of them were literally just a few feet away from us, up playing and spouting water, we were actually stuck there for almost 30 minutes waiting for them to swim away from the boat.  I quit taking pictures and just listened to them sing to each other, as the captain dropped the microphone into the water.

We also counted about 42 Humpback Whales while we were out.  they weren't all grouped together.  But they did come quite close to us.

That day I also saw porpoise's swimming and chasing out boat.  Lot's of seals and sea lions.  Puffins and more birds than I could even tell you about.

Here is another video, this one is not in a glacier area.  But we entered into an inlet and this beautiful lush mountain with lots of waterfalls.  Although you can't see them in the video well, there were also several mountain goats just sitting up and around the fall area's watching us.  This video is only about 35 seconds.  Although it is't a glacier here itself.  Behind this are plenty of glaciers and snow fields, which is where the waterfalls are coming from.


* You'll want a winter coat, gloves and hat!
* I recommend staying outside on the boat the entire time.  Yes it's cold, freezing at times with the wind.  But if your already outside you are right there where all the action is when it starts.  You won't have to fight your way out to see things and end up missing them.
* Definitely bring a camera, and a lens cleaner cloth!
* The tour company I signed up for provided meals and snacks!

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