The Haunting Season

Book Review
Around this time of year, I love to pick up creepy books and read them.  I found The Haunting Season on the newer arrival section at the library earlier this year and kept the book in mind for this month.  So glad I did, I really enjoyed this haunted tale.

I haven't read any of Michelle Muto's books before, so I was opened a new experience!  The Haunting Season was perfect for one of my "seasonal creepy reads" for Halloween.

The Siler House has been one of Savannah Georgia's most haunted houses for decades.  The summer before college Jess Perry gets enlisted along with three others to spend a month in the house and be monitored as part of a paranormal study.

Jess had seen ghosts for a long time in her life.  It wasn't until after her father died when she started to force it, and she hasn't seen a ghost since.  Despite her deceased grandmothers warning to leave the dead alone, and to be careful what you let in.  She is bound and determined to be a part of this study and start seeing ghosts again.

Allison, see's malevolent spirits, and has had a very dangerous past with them.  Brian has the ability to make things disappear.  Gage has been known to bring back things from the dead.  Together they all posses some unique skills that a government organization thinks are so unique they are paying them quite well to participate in their study.

The problem with haunted houses, you never know what you are getting into.  Some can be harmless or a hoax, others can be deadly.  Jess doesn't care, she dives into this believing all ghosts are harmless.  Even despite her roommate Allison's repeated attempts to persuade her otherwise.

It isn't until things start changing, and taking a turn for the worse that the four realize they are not only in over their heads.  But may possibly be getting themselves sucked into something they may not be capable of handling or getting out of alive.  As darkness reigns in, and their designated official who is supposed to be documenting and watching over them starts changing before their eyes.  The group have to make some tough decisions that they may not know the results until it's too late.

With known and unknown dangers lurking.  The inability to know who to trust.  With a little love in the wind. Jess and her peers gather together to confront evil and see if there is a chance to get out alive.
This novel is Young Adult, but I have to be honest I really think the content was written for adults. The main character is eighteen, which is likely the only reason this was classified as YA.  I am not sure I would want my young teen reading one of the love scene's in the book, but that is just my opinion.  However, the language is fairly clean and overall this book was well written.
The great news about this book is, it is a stand alone so you don't have to wait for sequels to find out how it ends.

If your in the mood for a haunted read this Halloween season, The Haunting Season by Michelle Muto is on my highly recommend list!

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