Travel Tuesday, Making Packing Easier

I saw this great new mini bag, that looked quite intriguing to try for packing.  So I asked to review the product.  I want to let you know although this review is entirely my opinion.  I was given the product complimentary to test out.

Usually if I am just going away for a night of two, I may not worry about packing shirts and I would probably worry less about wrinkles.  But if I am going somewhere for a bit longer, or somewhere that I may want to look better than just a t-shirt and jeans.  Then packing in a way that allows me to not have to worry about ironing or wrinkled mess is a definite plus!

Which is why this 15 inch packing organizer looked like it would come in handy.  It also came with a folding board, so you can fold your clothes into it perfectly.

This organizer states that it will: 

* Hold up to 7 shirts or pants.
* Reduce wrinkles and maximize your packing space.
* Keep everything organized and easy to see.
* Help keep your privacy during security inspections.

I knew I could fold shirts well, but I have to be honest having the folding board really did help fold them even better and more compact.  As well as allowed me to fold them to the perfect size for this bag.

If your wondering if it fit all 7 shirts, or pants?
Yes it did, in fact I actually found if I used it just for shirts it even held more.  I guess it just depends on the type of shirts/pants.  But yes, it definitely does hold exactly what it says it will, and possibly like it did for me, it may even fit more.

Did it reduce wrinkles?
Well to be honest I left them in there a few days just to see.  Other than the folding creases yes it does reduce wrinkles.  I wasn't traveling on a plane of anything, but I believe based on how compact and secure they are in the organizer, even in your suitcase you'd experience the same.

Did it compare vs. just a suitcase alone?
Normally when I pack a suitcase, I roll things up.  Which lets be honest, does create a lot of wrinkles. So having things folded like this, in this organizer did actually allow me to use the space better.

I couldn't tell you if it helps keep privacy during security inspections, because I did not take it on a plane.  But assuming you don't put anything shaped like a knife in it:) and just pack your clothing.  If your suitcase was opened for further inspection, yes I believe the items in it would be more private and not get moved around and wrinkled while they searched the bag.  But then, if they opened it for some reason, then there would be no guarantees.

Will I continue to use it?
Yes, I like it.  I don't mind having the folding creases, I would actually much prefer to have folding creases than wrinkles.
I am planning a trip soon, and I am excited to use it!

Did I find any con's?
The first time I put it in the suitcase, I didn't press down on the velcro straps enough and when I went to pull it out, all my shirts/pants started to fall out.  But I think that was user error.  The 2nd time I secured the velcro straps better and I didn't have the problem then.

Do I recommend it?
Yes, if you are not the best at packing or in need of a little organization when you do pack.  I believe this would be a product that would benefit you!  I also think anyone who would prefer to keep their clothing with just fold creases, instead of wrinkles will also enjoy this.

I received the red one, which was perfect for me because I own a red suitcase.
However, they do come in lots of different colors!
The pricing is also pretty reasonable since they only run $17.95, (per the day I ran this post.)

You can check them out HERE
As well as purchase them on AMAZON.

So tell me, what do you do to help keep organized when packing?  What do you do to avoid wrinkled clothes on trips?  Is this packing organizer something you'd be interested in?

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