Guilty Pleasures and a Pain in the Neck

I am really having a great time with the Grow Your Blog, hop!
Monday was the start date, and although it was a little "rocky" in the morning.  Which those things are expected with large groups like this.  By day 2, it has pretty much been smooth sailing and all I have been hearing are really great things from many participating in it.

It's always hard to tell on my end who is, and isn't participating, until it comes to my own spotlight date.  But I am thinking this time around we have an excellent group, because I haven't been contacted even once by others telling me the are seeing a lack of participation by certain bloggers.

Which has me all smiles and feeling really great about putting my time into this again!
So if any of you in the hop are stopping by and reading this today, you have my sincerest THANK YOU, for helping make this great for everyone!

Monday, wasn't just the kick off of the hop.  It was also the day I started job interviews.  I know, I haven't said much about that, and you probably won't hear much more on the subject for a few weeks. But I will say this.  I am NOT giving up my wedding company.

However, next year based on my current awesome staff and their lives when I looked at the availability options I realized I just couldn't do as many as I have been doing.
Sure I can hire new staff, but great detail oriented staff are hard to come by and the time it takes to train and everything I just realized it may be time for me to find a 2nd dream and put weddings back to a part time job, like it was when I first began the business.
What that will bring?  Who knows, but that is half the fun about making changes isn't it!
But I am picky, I will not take just any job I need to love what I am doing.  So when I find that, I will share with you all the details!

So in the past 7 days I went to Lagoon (our local amusement park.) three different times.  A week ago I rode a ride with my niece for the first time in lets say 20 years, LOL and it did a number on my neck.  I then wen't back another day with a different niece and nephew and a roller coaster that I hadn't done in a while kind of took my neck for another number.  Last Wednesday was the last day I visited with 5 of my cute nieces and nephews, close of season.
If I didn't love all my nieces and nephews so much, I would be hating this pain more, but they were all more than worth it to take.
However, I haven't been able to move/turn my head to the left in 5 days, and lets just say lots of heating pads, pills and rest are not helping as much as I hoped they would.
As a girl who battled coming back many years ago after a series of car accidents, I am not exactly thrilled about the fact that this is lingering.  Oh well, guess we will see how this week goes!

So I have been trying to kick the habit of drinking Pepsi so much.  The calories of sugar are doing nothing for me, especially right now while I am dealing with this never ending work injury and cannot run/walk as I would like to be.
So my sister introduced me to Apple Beer,
it has 5 calories and you get your energy from the Ginseng.  It's also sugar, caffeine and gluten free.
But it quenches my thirst when I need that fizzy pop flavor:)  It tastes very similarly like those Martinelli's drinks, but with a little more apple to them.

Our string of above warmer than average temperatures took a dip over the weekend.  Our mountain peak tops are covered in snow, and I am thinking some of that might just say through the winter now. We even had a very light slush snow in the valley.
Walking out to my car one morning to 35 degree's, besides making me thankful for seat warmers made me realize I am not ready for winter just yet!
So ya, I am hoping things warm back up a little and we have a very mild November:)  Because I won't lie, I still need to get some camping in even if that means heading to the southern part of our state:)

Feel free to laugh at this.  So I had an older lady come into the library and of course my darker summer tan is fading from my arms, so I quit using the fake tanner on my face. (If you don't know, I don't like the sun to see my face, but I still like a good tan.)
Anyhow, she tells me that I don't look as good without my dark tan (She is one of those people that has no filter and says anything that pops into her mind, personally I like this about her (sometimes) even though she is beyond rude.)
Of course I don't really care what she thinks but then every time I looked in the mirror after that I just saw myself getting paler and paler.
So I and bought more of the fake tanner I use in the summer time.  However instead of going with the one I had been using, I decided to just go with a few shades darker???
Don't ask my reasoning on this, because well sometimes I have my questionable moments.
Well after 3 days, I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and my face and neck are like well lets just say if I went to Tonga, aside from not being a great hula dancer, I would fit right in!  It's the first time in forever, my face is several shades darker than my arms, LOL LOL

We had girls night and used hair chalk to give her some
Purple, pink streaks:)  Yup her parents love my influence, LOL
So if you have read my blog for a while, you may know I have very little time to watch T.V. So I when I do have time, I stick to the quality stuff like The Walking Dead, and Survivor, LOL. Oh, and my westerns When Calls the Heart and Heartland:) - Ya literally, that is as much T.V. this girl normally gets.

Well since I have been pretty sore with my neck this weekend, I have been lying around quite a bit and actually used my Netflix the other day:)  Oh my gosh I am in love with the T.V. show Hart of Dixie, how I never knew it existed until the other day?? I just do not know!!!
Just my luck it ended earlier this year, but no worries thanks to Netflix I can't help but hope I get time to watch more of it this week! LOL

Ya, so that is probably enough babbling from me!  I had a great first half of the week, having loads of fun riding roller coaster after roller coaster with my adorably cute nieces and nephews, but now I am paying for it:)
On the plus side, a significant part of the swelling around my tendon has gone down, and stayed down for a week now so I am going to try gradually getting out walking on it again in the mornings, fingers crossed on that!

I will be mentioning more about it in the coming weeks, but if you want to enter the Holiday Giveaway Hop that starts November 23rd, hosted by myself and co-hosted by Tutus and Tennies.  I opened the blogger sign up this morning.  You can read more about it HERE.
No rush to join if your not sure now, I am leaving the sign up open until Nov. 18th, so you have until midnight then to decide if you want to participate!

So tell me, what went on in your week?
Have you ever hurt yourself riding too many roller coasters?
Have you ever tried Apple Beer?

I am linking up with HoHo Runs and Mississippididdlin today for their Weekly Wrap!


  1. I used to be able to ride rollercoasters like crazy-- but not so much anymore! Sucks getting old! I'm so fair skinned even sunless tanner looks weird on me! Oh well!

  2. Are they old coasters? The last time I rode a wooden coaster, I hurt. I much prefer the smooth, steel coasters and I'm not tensing up like I do with old coasters.

  3. Catherine @ foodiecologyMarch 8, 2017 at 5:54 PM

    Oh no, sorry about your neck pain! Like you say, at least you had fun with your nieces/nephews! I can't wait till my little guy is older because I will ride ALL the roller coasters with him while my motion sick hubby watches, lol.
    Good luck with the job interviews. I definitely agree you do NOT want to settle.
    I've never had apple beer (just cider) but I'm intrigued now...

  4. I am having so much fun with the blog hop and have loved making so many new friends!! So sorry to hear about your neck pain... injuries are the worst! And I'm 100% with you on the not tanning my face - it doesn't see the sun but I do love a good bronzer and self-tanner!! :)

  5. That's exciting that you may have some new job opportunities on your horizon. I am enjoying the blog hop and making some new connections so that's always fun. I just joined for the Holiday give away hop. thanks again!

  6. Sounds like a fun week but sorry to hear about your neck. Hope it feels better soon! That Apple Beer sounds interesting!

  7. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 5:54 PM

    I am so excited about the hop, although I'm still trying to get a heads up on my posts so I can take the time to connect instead of doing both writing and connecting. So glad it's working out without problems. I understand your job situation wanting to do a great service and needing good people to help with that. I feel like you will find just what you are looking for. I had a part time job at my gym and while it wasn't my choice to leave, the gym is not doing as well as it once was and it was only reasonable to combine the bookkeeping and manager positions into one. I'm sad because well honestly it was my "play" money, but that did not come without headaches, changes to my schedule and doing without some things to keep their schedule. All in all, it is going to work out just fine. I fully believe when one door closes another will open. You'll find exactly what you are looking for. Hope your neck gets better I know that can be aggravating. Thanks so much Kristy for linking up with us this week, we sure appreciate you.

  8. Most the roller coasters are okay, but some of the older ones that jerk around I think those are the ones that did me in, of course my niece is as good as new, LOL no fun to get older:)

  9. Yes, one of them is well over 100 years old, and I know that was one of the ones that hurt me, but the one that hurt me the worst was a steel coaster but it was this mouse trap thing so you are just being jerked in one direction to the next constantly. The 3rd that contributed was about 30 years old, it just jerked me around a little too much, my fault I should have known better. I visit this place weekly, and this was the first week I did those rides all year, now I am glad I didn't try them earlier in th summer:) Next year I will just stick to the smoother roller coasters, and skip the jerky ones, sadly:(

  10. Yes, at least I had fun:)
    LOL, one of my sisters gets motion sickness which is why I take her kids for her, and I love it! I don't get motion sickness and I love roller coasters. I just should have known better than to ride 3 of the ones that I now recollect even hurt me 20 years ago when I was younger:)
    Apple Beer is awesome, I can't believe how great it tastes and call me crazy, but I am thinking with only 5 calories it's actually healthy for me, well more than pepsi, LOL

  11. Oh that makes me so happy to hear! I am really enjoying it too, when others tell me they are as well it just makes it all worth it:)
    Oh ya a great bronzer and self tanner are pretty much an always thing for me. Why I decided to get one several shades darker I will never understand my madness, but after a few days it's toned down a little. I am hoping if I only use it once a day every couple days it will be the perfect shade:) Or I can just pretend I have been to the islands every day, LOL

  12. Thanks! Yes, I am looking forward to see what the future brings. Earlier this year I thought about it and did start applying but never got serious, and then the wedding business got crazy busy (which is awesome) and decided to hold off.
    That is awesome, I am glad your enjoying the new connections! Thanks for all your support in my hops:)

  13. Thanks! Oh Apple Beer is delicious! Unfortunatly I have decided its healthy since its sugar free and only 5 calories, LOL But it's helping kick the Pepsi habit and that alone makes it worth it, its just a bonus it actually tastes great!!!

  14. If the 2nd hop goes anything like the first, you are going to love it! I actually feel like it will probably go great:) YAY.
    Thank you, I hope and think you will be right. I am optimistic and looking forward to getting serious and making some career changes. My heart will always be in weddings, but for now and probably for a few years weddings will be more of a part time, maybe put into a retirement fund:) And something else, hopefully something interesting and fun will take it's full time place:)

  15. Th neck thing was the same reason I stopped riding roller coasters (that and the stomach drop thing)!
    I remember thinking that I wanted to watch the Heart of dixie when it first came out but never ever watched one episode. I never even knew when it was on. I may start watching it now if you say it is good!

  16. Oh if you have Netflix, I totally recommend Hart of Dixie, seriously, it's super cute! If you watch it let me know what you think:) Based on what I know about you I am going to say you will love it too:)

  17. When I was really young, probably 10-12, I bruised my tailbone area riding the Scream Machine at Six Flags -- old style wooden roller coaster. It stayed that way a long, long time! I get those horrible neck pains where I can't turn my head by just sleeping wrong. I hope yours goes away soon. It's been fun participating in the hop. If I missed anyone, it was purely accidental. I can see where that might happen since it is such a large group. I appreciate you linking up with us!

  18. Your neck sounds painful :(
    I love roller coasters and hubby and I did get several ride them all day, but we do gravitate to the newer that tend to be smoother. We rode an old wooden one once, and decided we do the multiple rides on newer ones.
    That heat wave was in MT while I was there, however the day I ran 11 miles it was 2 degrees when I started. I think it got up to 70 that day lol so different than here. I flew in and out Salt Lake on my way home and got to see some beautiful Utah scenery :)
    Your apple beer sounds good. If it works for you, that is great. I am trying to do less diet soda, so I just started drinking coffee lol
    Hope you find a job you will enjoy!

  19. I love roller coasters but not so much for the beer! Job interviews, huh? Well that is scary! I have one Thursday, shhhhh! :) A smart girl has to keep her options open!

  20. I've never heard of apple beer before but that looks great. I'll have to look and see if they have that at the grocery store here.

  21. Oh hurting your tailbone does hurt forever, I feel your pain there. I broke mine in a small skydiving accident a few years back and it's never been the same since:)
    But thank you, I hope it heals sooner than later, but at least I was doing something fun during the injury, LOL
    I am really glad you are having a great time. Most are participating pretty fully, I always hope everyone will, but I am glad at least 80% of the bloggers in it are like you and giving it their best and enjoying it!

  22. Yes, the newer ones are a bit smoother, that is one nice thing about them.
    Oh that is awesome, I am glad you enjoyed the scenery in Utah, it really is a beautiful state.
    Ya, I am loving the apple beer, its not really a diet drink it doesn't have any of those weird sugar supplements in it, so it still tastes like a regular soda:)

  23. Oh, it's not real beer, I don't drink beer actually:) Apple beer is like rootbeer but apples, but it tastes much more like a martinelli's in my opinion:)
    I am one of those weird people who enjoy job interviews, I actually used to do them as a side hobby for fun, LOL Not even kidding, even as dorky as that sounds. But you are right, smart girls keep their options open!

  24. It actually is pretty good! I can't drink diet drinks I hate the after taste, and I agree I don't like things with aspartame in it either. This one uses Quilliaja Extract instead, and for once I hardly notice its a drink that only has 5 calories, which is good because too much Pepsi has not been good for me!

  25. They are a local company, but I do know they supply out of state so maybe they do. If they have it, let me know if you try it. So far everyone I know around here really loves it.

  26. Sarah M (A Modern Shore Life)March 8, 2017 at 5:56 PM

    Haha, I know how you feel about making weddings part time, except I slowly.... sloowwlllyy just stopped taking on new business until one day I just really wanted to stop completely. I still help out a friend who owns her own business when I can, but for the most part I just needed to give weddings a break and honestly in the mean time I have found conference coordination (my current full time job) much more fulfilling than I thought it would. I really like the meetings industry :)

  27. You know, I really do love doing weddings, they are still my favorite, I own a decoration company and I have built and created so much with it I can't see myself ever letting it go completely. But its just so hard to keep great staff on hand and this year I have worked them terribly hard and I can't do that to them next year or I will lose most of them. You've done them, you know how long those days can get and it's a lot of hard work:) I've considered taking a job as an event planner for a company but right now I am just pretty open as odd as that sounds. I never would have thought about conference coordination, sounds like you really like it. I'm kind of excited about the prospect of whatever I decide to do, I love change:)

  28. I worked weddings for a while back when I lived in Dallas, I loved it but it was exhausting! You definitely have to pace yourself.

    So I'm sure you have probably done everything for your neck but have you seen a GOOD RELIABLE chiropractor? Mine is a miracle worker and she has helped me so much.

    I adore Hart Of Dixie, it's a guilty pleasure. My husband teases me about loving "trashy television." I love the mindlessness of it after a long day.

  29. I'm chicken when it comes to riding rides. I usually offer to hold everyone's things while they ride and I people watch. It sounds chilly your way. It's still in the 70's and 80's here during the day and I'm wondering when the fall temps are coming. I'm so excited to participate in the Blog Hop Part 2. I'm glad things are going well with the first round.

  30. Ah, I hope I can participate in another one of these in the future! I would've loved to do this one, but since I'm being swamped with being as awesome as humanly possible (or trying to) on my rotations + interviews + traveling, I didn't think I'd be able to do it justice. Looking forward to hearing about your job later on, and I hope your neck feels better soon! <3

  31. LOL, you sound like one of my sisters, but we won't like to let her get off that easy we just force her to go and though she tells you she hates it, we believe deep down she loves the rides, LOL
    It's starting to get chilly here, I think it's trying to drop some snowflakes this very minute actually. But it was 70 on Monday, it's that time of year for us where it's warm/cold as it is trying to decide when winter is going to officially come:)

  32. You are more than welcome too! I am thinking about hosting another one in February, but I will decide officially when it gets a bit closer, when I know my schedule for that month:)
    Oh, I don't even know how you find time to do the blogging you do, your like Supergirl:)

  33. Roller coasters and I do not get along! I'm the girl who will gladly hold bags, cameras, phones, etc., while everyone else goes on! So sorry about your neck! I hope it is all better soon!
    I am loving the blog hop! Meeting awesome people and love the interaction! Reminds me why I started to blog in the first place! Thanks again for all your hard work!

  34. LOL, you sound like my sister she is the same way on rides, but I force her to go anyway, I just tell her it's good for her health:)

    I am glad you had a good time in the hop, I do like to use tactics that are the basics so that new bloggers can learn what to do, and like you said other bloggers can remember how to make it fun again:) So you are very welcome!

  35. With weddings you are so right, you do definitely have to pace yourself! But even so I do love doing them.
    I haven't seen a Chiro, years ago I was in a series of car accidents (not my fault, just wrong place at the wrong time) and my neck is a little damaged but I am excellent with Physical Therapy and I just started doing it again, hopefully that will eventually help get rid of the problem!
    YAY another Hart of Dixie fan! I seriously had my first Netflix binge, I used to laugh at people who did that, but ya I watched like 2 episodes a day all weekend, I simply adore that show and I am sad it's no longer on the air! But I agree sometimes you just need a mindless escape!

  36. Aww, thank you so much! <3 I would so love to work that into an interview answer. I got asked how a friend would describe me the other day, but I couldn't figure out a way to say that without it sounding conceited. Sighhhh! :P

  37. I think you should just say it and own it:) Of course that is much easier to tell you, than I am sure it is in person during the interview LOL

  38. I didn't quite say superwoman/supergirl, but I did say "they're surprised that I do so much/do everything!" Close enough!? :D?


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