A Little Late, But That's Okay

I'm a little late with my Me Monday post today, life has just been crazy.  That and last night when it came time to think about writing the post, I realized I was not quite in the mood to go online yet. Let's just say Sunday was a day of PJ's and movies and I have no guilt over not even bothering to get dressed yesterday.

So what's new?  I wish I could say I had a whole lot to report on, but not so much! On a good note, my (near 3 year work injury) set of tendon injuries in my one ankle seems to be feeling better and better each week. Since the setback I had 2 1/2 months ago with it, I think things finally might be turning on that end for the better.

The bad part about it, I may have mentioned my knee before. Years ago I tore the cartilage in it, while sitting at work, because I was stupid and used to fold my knees up under me to sit.  Well it's been an injury that comes and goes.  Goes the better I keep the muscles built up in my knee, comes when they get weaker or smaller.

Well very little activity the past few months, knee muscles must be very small.  I got the cartilage caught under my knee cap and the past 3 days have been seriously painful. To the point I would almost fall over at times walking.  It seemed like all my normal tricks to get it out weren't working. But luckily this morning I did my absolute best and pulled on my knee cap and moved my knee around and snap it came back almost all the way out.  Can't tell you how happy I am about that! The pain is near bearable now and I think should be gone by tomorrow if I can get the last part of it out tonight.

I did a little target shooting this past week, 100+ yards with someones new weapon, (not my own). If you have followed my blog you probably already know I am a not so humble fairly good shot, with various weapon types. LOL

It's ironic I am typing this right now, because I am sitting listening to quite a bit of gunfire down the street.  The house the city forced my neighbors out so they could expand the road.  Until the city decides to do the work, they are using the house to train S.W.A.T teams and sometimes it's a little loud with the shots. (We are all upset the city moved these awesome neighbors out of their homes that they had been in for 60+ years.)

This is the only pic I too, this was at 100 yards out.

Anyhow, I side tracked there for a second.  But ya shooting a new weapon there is always a little training and learning curve to get used to it to be completely accurate.  But lets just say from shot 1 til the end, I hit the target every single time and was never more than 2-3 inches off my mark.
Yes, a little work is needed, but at the distances I was shooting at, I am still pretty impressed. Just wait until I have a little more practice with it, they'll all be in the orange!.  Oh, and the other men around at the range, never expected a girl to shoot that good!  But they never do, LOL

So I won't go into much more details.  I have a lot to do this week, one thing of which includes making a real swimable mermaid fin for my nieces birthday this weekend.  I bought a mono-fin and saw something on pinterest so instead of paying $150 for one, I am going to pull this off under $35. It's going to be awesome, she's going to love it.  The little girl that is always inside of my still coming out, wants one too, LOL

Looks like winter is here, we've had a little snow the past week and it looks like another big storm is rolling in over the mountain as I type now.  Which reminds me, I have got to go figure out where I put my window scraper from my old vehicle and put it in my new car, that and my windshield cover! I really hope I stuck it in my shed! Off to go look now!

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So tell me something that you had a great time doing this past week.

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  1. no no no no no o no no ... that's how I feel when I'm seeing people talk about snow already.

    Bless your heart - I get it - once you have knee pain, you always have knee pain. Its just when its going to flare back up. Hang in there. You're good at listening to your body & doing what you need to do.

    Go shoot something else to get your frustration out ;) haha

  2. Look at you and your marks-womanship. I'm very impressed. Your knee sounds painful... especially the part about pulling it out yourself. Argh1 You have got to post a picture of the mermaid fin. I can't imagine making that. I hope you continue to improve with your tendons and have no more knee pain. I appreciate you linking with us!

  3. That is tough about your knee. My knees used to act up a lot more and you are right as I got them stronger I had less episodes. It stinks you have been dealing with injury for a long time. I bet the snow looks beautiful!! That is awesome you enjoy shooting. I shoot with my hubby, i am not quite as good, but no doubt I will hit what I aim at :)

  4. Keep on healing! I think if the SWAT team was down the street shooting I would stay home in my jammies too! My kind of weekend!

  5. ooh hope you knee feels better soon! That must be odd to hear the swat team training but hey at least you know they are ready for anything!

  6. I'm so glad that one of your ankles is feeling better! I hope your knee feels better soon too!

    "not so humble fairly good shot, with various weapon types" - hehehe, I love that phrase--remind me never to piss you off! ;P

    So sorry to hear about your neighbors. :[ That's horrible!

  7. Utah and Colorado are getting snow and Texas is getting thunderstorms. We need the rain, but people are too jumpy and towns sound the tornado sirens. Like at 3:56am today. I'm groggy and cranky thanks to those.

  8. Tricia @ MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 5:59 PM

    Ha Kristy I'm so glad to read you too struggle sometimes with writing, there are great linkup I want to participate in and sometimes I am just not as organized as I should be. Ya know though I took your advice about having posts ready for this hop! It's been great too. I have also took the extra time I had and wrote and scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving! Glad to read progress on your foot but I had to cringe just a little when you talked about moving the cartilage around your knee, eeek, sorry :( But hey I'm glad it's feeling better and you knew what to do. That's amazing shots right there! I think it would be so cool shooting a sniper riffle! I'm getting in on the tail end of the Giveaway hop, just waiting to confirm my giveaway item. I always use Rafflecopter but I going to look into Gleam, I saw it on another blog and it was so easy and fast! Ever used it?

  9. Oh no - injuries are the worst and it sounds like you can't seem to catch a break - between your neck and now your knee!! I have always wanted to learn to shoot - And you're fantastic!! I think I'd feel super-safe with the SWAT team just down the road, but I hate that it's because you're neighbors were relocated!! That's just kind of weird! Hope you're feeling better today!! :)

  10. LOL, I didn't want winter, but now that fall is about gone I figure bring it on. But we actually didn't get the snow in the valley, as it went over the mountains it split so guess we will see if more comes later in the week:)
    Ya, knee pain sucks you know that. This isn't a chronic problem, I can normally keep it pretty much non-existant it only comes up when the muscles around my knee cap weaken, and right now they aren't all that strong.
    LOL, I wish I could go shoot it out, but darn work sometimes gets in the way of all the fun!

  11. I've been having to do that to my knee a few times for gosh I think it's almost been 6 years. Normally it's not too bad, but the inactivity has made the muscles weaken and made room for the cartlidge to slip, I could have surgery to just have it removed, but I'm worried they will take more than they should so I will just build the muscle back and deal with it that way.
    I am happy about the tendons, if it wasn't for a bit of bursitis in around the tendon area, I think I might actually be near pain free. time I keep telling myself is all it needs:)

  12. I agree and I did find the window scraper, just in time for the storm to split and I not need it, LOL well at least not yesterday, tomorrow may be different.
    Oh dancing, how fun! I haven't done that in ages unless you count at concerts, and oh ya I love to dance my heart out at those, LOL But I agree with ya, not sure if I would want to do it regularly.. Well actually if it was with my sisters maybe I would we have a blast doing stuff like that together, LOL But with most my friends it would get old quick, I think:)

  13. Thanks, ya I think it happened about 6 years ago, it's normally not that bad at all and not even noticeable but the muscles have weakened and thus the cartlidge slip:( You know, we only got a few little flurry flakes, the storm hit the mountains and parted and built back up over the next mountains. So on one hand guess it's good because the mountains needed it more!
    That is awesome! I've enjoyed target shooting for many years, but it's always fun to try something new!

  14. LOL, you know I honestly don't mind it. I mean I feel bad for all the neighbors they forced to sell their homes, they were all good people and some of the original settler families in this valley so that is sad. But oddly listening to the shots all day somedays don't really bother me:)

  15. Thanks! It was odd the first time I heard all the repeated shots and didn't know they were using the homes for swat training. LOL But it doesn't bother me anymore, and I imagine the homes will be knocked down soon anyway so it probably won't last too much longer.

  16. Thanks I am glad too, I honestly think if the bursitis wasn't acting up I could be near pain free from the achillies and other pains, but it's hard to tell. Either way, I am happy that signs are again pointing toward healing, if things keep going like this for a couple more months then I am really going to be a happy camper!
    Ya, we were pretty upset at the city for doing that do them and forcing them to leave, I know they can do it, but it doesn't make it right!

  17. Well I am glad you are finally getting more rain, hopefully that cools you off I know you've been wanting cooler temps!
    That would be annoying with the tornado sirens going off though. Not that it is the same, but my carbon monoxide detector went off at 2:45 am letting me know the battery needs changed and of course I couldn't fall back asleep after getting up to rip the battery out. Seriously, why do things like that always have to happen in the middle of the night when all we want to do is sleep:)

  18. That is awesome! I took my own advice for 3 weeks but stupidly should have worked ahead 4 weeks! I wanted to run a series of Grow Your Blog topics this week, but I think only a couple are actually going to happen. In fact it wasn't until yesterday I realized I hadn't even finished my spotlight post, so ya I have a few things to do on that. Just a little busy, LOL
    That's awesome you are even ahead for thanksgiving! I was originally going to do a few, but decided to bag them and just let the Giveaway post run for the week, and come back the following Monday:)
    It was cool to shoot, you're definitely going to have to try one out sometime! My dad had already gotten this one sighted perfectly, so it was spot on, I did well, but I wasn't holding it into me as tights as I should have early on for all the shots to be closer to an inch to the center. Next time though!
    I have seen Gleam and used it on a few others, you'll have to let me know how you like it, I have not used it myself.

  19. I am just sometimes an idiot, the neck was me letting my niece talk me into one particular roller coaster that tosses you around and I am still paying for that. The knee is my own fault for not keeping it strengthened while I haven't been able to walk/run as much as I want, and I know better... LOL I just can't catch a break, because I keep forgetting to be smart:) no one but myself to blame on those, LOL
    Ya, we were all upset the city forced them all to sell, and its sad watching them get knocked down. It was funnier when I didn't know that the shots were the swat team, one day I hear lots and lots of rounds of shots and I probably should have been more worried. I guess I just assumed a neighbor was dumb and shooting on his property. But about a week later I found out it was swat training, LOL

  20. I can totes imagine the knee pain/discomfort - is it a meniscus tear? I had one in high school and it was terrible. I eventually had to have surgery to repair it but to this day my knee aches at times. I'm glad you were able to get it to release this time!

    Your Sunday sounds about perfect to me - nothing better than a lazy day spent in PJs! :)

  21. Hi kristy ,
    thanks for the bloghop :)
    Thats why you had a lazy Sunday ,from all the work.
    About your knee,you need to excercises for you so the muscles and things will be stronger.
    Give it a try before surgery .

  22. Kristy, it sounds like you needed a restful day. Dealing with pain is NOT fun, especially when it hinders your ability to get around. Prayers for a speedy recovery (and FULL recovery!)

  23. No, its actually a cartilage tear. I don't need surgery on it, the specialist I saw years ago said they could always go in and cut it out if it gets too annoying. Truthfully for years I have been great at keeping it completely zero pain, its just been bothering me lately because of my lack of running the muscles that normally keep it from going under my knee cap and getting stuck aren't big enough right now, but I am working on it, its much better today than it was a few days ago!

  24. I think you are right, that is a little why I had a lazy Sunday:)
    Oh, I don't need surgery on it, I just haven't been able to run for a couple of months while I am getting over a work injury thing and the muscles that normally protect it aren't there because I havne't been able to exercise like I normally like to, but on the plus side they are easy to build back up, I just need to be more diligent:) I am not worried about it, it just caught me by surprise the other day when it got caught again!

  25. Wow, you are a great shot! I haven't fired a gun since training in the Air Force. I'm kind of scared of them to be honest, I just need to be around them more I guess. Hope that knee is feeling better soon! Hey and there is nothing wrong with sitting around in your PJ's all day, lol. I need to do that more often!

  26. Denise @ Healthy Family MediaMarch 8, 2017 at 6:01 PM

    Oh my gosh, your knee pain sounds awful! Glad you're having some relief. You've had a busy week, not to mention the extra fun of hosting the Grow Your Blog Hop :) Thanks again for all you're doing!

  27. Thanks! This was my first time with this weapon, and I will get a lot better I just need to take it out a few more times for a little more practice, I don't think I was holding it tight enough that time:)
    That's right, I totally forgot you were in the Air Force. But ya I guess if you aren't around them much I can see how a little fear could come into play.

  28. Thanks, it's actually been doing a lot better I got the rest of it out from under the knee cap the other day and it's been like 100% better and I am going to get the muscles back up, that was my fault...
    And you are so welcome, I am glad your enjoying the hop!

  29. Sorry about your knee. That sounds painful! I've never fired a gun. It's really unheard of for a Southern girl, but I just never had much interest in guns or hunting. My husband wants me to get my pistol license and learn how to shoot a pistol for self protection. I guess you never know these days when you might need it. I couldn't live where it snows often. I prefer our light dusting that shuts down schools and local businesses every other year or so.


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