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I want to welcome all my new visitors from the Grow Your Blog Hop.  One thing you should know about me, besides being a runner.  I love adventure, exploration, hiking, camping and enjoy taking my camera along for the ride. Each Tuesday is Travel Tuesday on my blog, where I showcase a different place I have visited, hikes taken or adventurous location.

I have over 60+ travel destinations already posted which you can view HERE.
Today, instead of picking a new place to show, and since many of you may be new visitors.
I thought I would take today, to not only introduce you a little to my adventurous side.  But show you some of my favorites over the past few years and you can pick which you'd like to read about!

If they look interesting, your more than welcome to click on the links and view all the details as well as all the pictures that come with them!


Shark Diving has been one of those things that will probably be on my top 10 favorite things done forever. One thing about me, I can be fearless.  I crave adventure and all that comes with it!
Being down in the water surrounded by sharks, is magical, to watch and see their beauty.  I've been into sharks my entire life, but when I visited the North Shore of Oahu and headed out early one morning to swim with these magnificent creatures, I can't help but love them more.  This is one of those things, I hope to get to do again in the future.  Want to learn more, see more pictures or the details of my diving trip?  Visit this page HERE.


This is one of those things, that gives an entire new meaning to wanting to get up before the crack of dawn.  Depending on the time of year, when visiting Maui, you may have to get up at 3am to make the drive up to the top.  Yes, it's Hawaii, but it will be freezing, in fact sometimes it even snows up here. Yes, it DOES snow in Hawaii, did you know that?
But it's worth the early hour and the freezing temps, because when the sun starts lighting up the clouds and they appear as if they are being lit on fire one after one.  Its a vision of beauty I seriously will never forget!  More pictures and details can be found HERE.


This one, is probably my favorite adventure EVER!!!  There is no way I can tell you or show you pictures to do it justice.  Taking a plane and flying low in and around the magnificent peaks of this part of Alaska, will literally take your breath away, it is amazing! The glaciers, the sights and then landing the plane up above 12,000 feet on a glacier that is itself moving and changing each day.
The term, it is so quiet it is loud, is really only experienced in a place like this where it's just you and nothing else living for miles and miles around.  You can view more pictures and the details of the trip HERE.


Love to hike like me?  This is one hike that I recommend for the morning hours, as the sun and mountain setting when you arrive is just picturesque.  Montana has some beautiful country and Glacier National Park is really a hikers paradise.  One tip, the earlier your out hiking in a National Park, the greater your chances of getting to see wildlife!  Want to see more pictures and info on this hike, you can find them HERE.


This beautiful gem, is such a short drive from San Francisco not to far from the famous Golden Gate Bridge itself, yet a lot of visitors don't even realize it is there.  I can't help but just be in awe of the size of these giant Sequoia beauties!  See more details and pictures HERE.


You could probably guess, but yes this is also going to go down as one of my all time favorites! This is one of those things, that if you are an adventure seeker and thrill lover like myself you just have to do this at least once in your life.
Free falling for over a minute playing around flying through the sky, so beautiful and such a thrill.  If you want to read more and see more pictures visit HERE.


Most of this National Park can only be seen or possible to get by by boat.  I was amazed at how green and lush a lot of the islands in this area were.  At one point we had to cut the engine on the boat, as over 60 wild Orca wales were swimming and jumping and playing all around us.
With a microphone dropped into the water, we just sat in silence watched them play and listened to their songs.  A few hours later, we were surrounded by nearly 40 humpback whales, lost count of how many sea lions and other wildlife we saw.  Eventually we made our way up into the coastal glacial areas.  We were the first boat that spring to break into the ice in the turquoise icy waters. Eventually right up to a glacier where I was able to witness glacial calving chunks the size of houses cracked and roared through us like thunder as they broke off.  And those were just a few things witnessed on this nearly 11 hour day of touring the seas and park.  More pictures and info HERE.


Utah is another one of those states that is a hikers paradise.  There are so many places to go and see that not only can one like myself never get bored.  We have some gorgeous mountains, especially for those who like to climb.  This is one of the local favorites, hiking up to Blanche Lake.  More pictures and info HERE.


Although I am a mountain girl, I do love the ocean and the wildlife in it.  This is one of those adventures I took, and at the time had no idea that it was not exactly safe to try and catch a stingray and let it take me for a ride. (Not even kidding:)  I had a great time though, and it's probably better I didn't know that they have barbs that can shoot through you.  Yes, I was naive enough to think that it just stung you if the tail touches you:)  Wiser now, but I would do it again, you can read more HERE.


Utah is a beautiful state, and I am not just saying that because I live here.  We really do have one of the more diversely scenic states there is.  Dead Horse Point is probably one of the most photographed vista's, but if you get a chance to stop by and visit yourself, you will not be disappointed!  More pictures and details HERE.


Love a thrill? Love adventure? Love scenery and fun?  If you haven't guessed, I sure as heck do! White water river rafting down the Colorado River has all of it and then some. If you've been river rafting before, I hate to say it but rafting out west is an experience that you really can't get in other parts of the country. Take a group, hire an experienced guide and go for the ride of your life.  More pictures and details HERE.


Arches National Park is seriously one of the more incredible parks to see in America.  Delicate Arch is one of my favorite hikes to take when I visit, I have probably done this one a few dozen times.  If your a runner, you can even take a run up to the Arch, and get a killer hill trail workout in!  See more pictures and hike details HERE.

And these are just a very small few of the fabulous places you can see on this blog!

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  1. Glaciers are amazing. We saw the glaciers while in Argentina a few years ago. Just breathe taking.
    One day, I will get to visit all the awesome National Parks in the US. One day.

  2. Can you sneak me in your bag? i want to come with you!!!

  3. Sounds like you've had so many great adventures! I really need to get out west and see some of our national parks.

    Thank you so much for hosting the blog hop, I'm having so much fun and it's great to get back into the writing and visiting habit.


  4. Wow! You have been to some GORGEOUS destinations, Kristy! I for one am terrified of sharks and I'm fairly certain I would faint from fear if I did a shark dive ;) BUT I can do mountains so I will be checking back - I love to get new travel ideas.

    Glad to have found you in the blog hop!

  5. Brandy @ Pounds2MilesMarch 8, 2017 at 5:55 PM

    I love Hawaii and just about any sunrise is amazing there. I made it to San Fransico but not to the woods (darn). Love your travels. Lucky you!! Thanks for hosting the blog hop! You really do an amazing job at it. Thank you!!

  6. Omgosh...your pictures are breath taking! I especially love the pictures of Arches National Park as well as Muir Woods...both on my list of places I want to visit! My favorite place to hike has been Sedona, many great trails!

  7. Haleakala is one of the most beautiful places I've been as well. The pics don't do it justice. Shark diving? Not in a million years! Fun to see more of your adventurous side. Have a great day!

  8. so many beautiful places! I've never been in a shark cage like that BUT at Typhoon Lagoon in Disney you can swim with some sharks and stingrays and THAT is pretty cool.

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I am so envious of all your travels. We always say we can't go anywhere because it would be too difficult with the kids. But we should just go. My favorite vacation was our last hurrah before kids to Brazil and Argentina. We went to Iguassu Falls as well and it was just breathtaking. But our trip to Hawaii was definitely my favorite because we didn't do anything other than enjoy our surroundings. It's my mind's "happy place" when I need to relax and destress.

    Thanks so much for hosting this blog hop again. It's been great connecting with you and all the other bloggers!

  10. Marissa_WhereINeedtoBeMarch 8, 2017 at 5:55 PM

    What beautiful photos! I love travel and adventure myself and peering into other's travels. I'm always stunned by how much there is to see out there (and a little overwhelmed too)! I feel like there isn't enough time in this lifetime to explore all the places but you've certainly made a dent :)

  11. What amazing adventures you have had! I have been to Muir Woods and it's absolutely breathtaking. You got my travel bug itching never really stops, but when more ideas and places are brought to my attention it sparks into full swing!

    Nice to meet you and thank you for hosting this awesome blog hop!

  12. I think we talked about those before, I was totally jealous then and still am that you saw them in Argentina. But aren't they though, just so breathtaking!!!!

  13. LOL, sure! But your welcome to stop by any Tuesday for a virtual Travel Tuesday:)

  14. LOL, I wish we didn't need work! I live by the philosophy Work hard, so I can play harder. That must be why sometimes I do 3 different jobs just to go on more adventures:)
    Oh, you must try sky diving, it's just like water skiing, except instead of being pulled you are free falling, and the rope pulls above you instead of in front of you, LOL Okay so maybe not really, but seriously though its awesome, you would love it!

  15. Wow, you have really been on some amazing adventures! I always like reading your Travel Tuesday posts but didn't realize you had been on adventures like Shark Diving! I bet it was such an adrenaline rush to be surrounded by sharks :)

    All of the sights are absolutely beautiful!

  16. I am already so jealous. Great Barrier Reef is on my bucket list one day! Did you go diving there? Was it as amazing as they say?
    I have heard Japan has some beautiful places as well, yet another place I still must visit:)
    Looking forward to getting to know you better too! You had such a creative idea for your post today, loved it!

  17. LOL, I know isn't Hawaii just such a relaxing place? I wish I could visit once a year and Alaska well it would be my dream to spend every June there:)
    I do love adventure, if you enjoy it love it if you stop by on Tuesdays for more:)

  18. Thank you Brandy, that is sweet of you to say, makes my day when others say kind words about enjoying the hop!
    Oh aren't they! Hawaii dos have great sunrises, but watching the clouds beneath me light on fire was still my most memorable:)
    Oh no, next time you visit San Fran definitely hit up Muir woods, it is just breathtaking beautiful in there and so close to the city!

  19. Arches is one of my favorites, I used to go there every spring and fall:) I was hiking back there in June this year, and although hot, so fun!
    I really do hope you get a chance to visit both Arches and Muir Woods!!! I've always wanted to visit Sedona, I have been all over Arizona, but haven't hit up that part, and I so want to, I hear there is some great hiking around Sedona!

  20. I know huh, it's so hard to show beauty like that in a picture. Definitely one of those places you have to visit! You actually got to go there not to long ago, I wish Hawaii could have been in my budget this year:) Maybe next:)
    LOL, I would have guessed shark diving wouldn't be on your list:)

  21. I have heard you can do that at Disney?
    Was it pretty amazing? In their lagoon, you would get quite a few huge array of sea life to swim with!
    If I could I would love to visit the Atlanta aquarium again, and swim with the whale sharks, I heard you can do it for a pretty penny:) Of course if someone wants to take me out into the deep blue to do it in the wild, I am totally game:) LOL

  22. Oh you should just go! My family we were into camping and my parents took us each and every time and sometimes we went almost every other week in the summers. I have so many fond memories of family trips, in fact they are the things I look back and remember the most. So definitely take your kids on vacations and let them build those memories:)
    I would have loved to see Iguassu Falls oh my gosh so jealous!!!!
    Hawaii is one of my happy places too, I wish I could go there every winter!

    You are very welcome, I am glad to hear you are enjoying it and having good times connecting with others!!!

  23. You are so right, Muir Woods is definitely breathtaking! Don't you agree, a must see for anyone in the area!
    Oh my travel bug never stops either, I have a philosophy, I work as hard as possible to be able to play even much harder:)
    Oh, you are very welcome! It's been great to meet you and get to know you and your blog a bit more in this hop too!

  24. Absolutely beautiful pictures and amazing adventures! I'm truly in awe! I just started traveling this year for work and never expected to see so many beautiful places. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  25. Thank you Sun! Oh ya, shark diving was absolutely amazing and you nailed it, a total rush being surrounded by all the sharks. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I look forward to the day I can free dive with them, no cage:)

  26. Thank you! Oh how fun, I always have thought a job that allows travel would be so fun, especially if it allowed a little free time to go out and explore:)

  27. Thank for sharing!

    Travel awesome!!

    I mean look at those pictures! BEAUTIFUL!!

    Shark diving....wowsers!
    Wow-I never knew it could be freezing in Hawaii! Learn something new everyday!
    I so want to do sky diving..but so scared!

  28. WOW these are BEAUTIFUL pictures! That's amazing that you've gone to so many scenic places, and that a lot of them involve some type of physical activity, too! I would LOVE to climb a mountain or go white water rafting some day. You've inspired me to think about those adventures again!

    So happy to connect with you trough the hop, and THANK YOU SO much for your time and efforts in making it really beneficial for all of us. The hard work shows, and it's so nice to connect with such great bloggers that I wouldn't have otherwise!

  29. My dad and I went white water rafting with some of his friends when I was a kid and I hated it; didn't like the constant motion. No skydiving or shark diving for me but I'd like to do all the others you've shown above. Beautiful pictures BTW!

  30. Wow!!! These were amazing pictures and stories to go with all of them. I can't wait to read more of what you write.

    Thank yo so much for putting together the blog hop, I've learned so much and met amazing bloggers.

  31. I can't believe all the adventures you've been on! Wow! I love adventure and doing crazy things, but I just don't think I'd ever go sky diving. I just don't think I could do that!

  32. Holy cow! You certainly have been on some amazing adventures. I am super impressed and awed by your photos. The shark diving! Really! The only thing I can say I have done on this list is the Muir Woods. It was incredible. Maybe I will have to use your list as a bucket list. Thank you for sharing!!!

  33. Wow, I am in awe and so jealous of all the amazing adventures you've had! I would love to go to Alaska and the Miur forest, among others places, love the photos. Thanks so much for hosting the blog hop, it has been a lot of fun!

  34. I thought I was adventurous until I saw this post! You have been to some really awesome places! I just returned from Hawaii and it was by far the most amazing place I have ever been! I ran up to Diamondhead, hiked it, and then ran back one of best experiences I have every had. Thank you so much for hosting this blog hop! It has been great discovering other bloggers.

  35. Sarah M (A Modern Shore Life)March 8, 2017 at 5:55 PM

    First of all, I love your blog name. I'm a event coordinator too- sometimes weddings if I still have time, but mostly conferences now :) Second, I am sad to say the only place I have been on this list is Muir Woods. How do you find the time?!! I want to visit Utah, it looked amazing :) but I would NEVER be able to get myself to swim with sharks!

  36. Your blog name is so perfect for what you do - travel and plan!

    I have done a few from your list! Since I live in the Bay Area, I have been amazed by the Muir woods a few times! I went skydiving about 15 years ago with my mom on her birthday, and my boyfriend and I swam with the stingrays on a cruise I earned as a beachbody coach a few years ago!

    Thanks again for hosting the blog hop! It has been so fun visiting all the blogs and interacting!

  37. Catherine @ foodiecologyMarch 8, 2017 at 5:55 PM

    Wow. I, too, love to travel, but I have a lot of catching up to do. You've been on some amazing adventures! I'd love to visit Denali and Muir Woods one day. Shark diving seems a little scary, but why not?! Live a little, right?! :)
    Thanks so much for hosting this blog hope. I'm having so much fun discovering new(to-me) blogs!

  38. That is a crazy gorgeous picture--I love your photography! <3

    Hooray for Hawai'i! I've officially decided that going there is going to be my graduation present to self! :] (Yay for Muir Woods too!) I need to check out Glacier National Park someday too!

  39. Those are AMAZING pictures! Wow! I love to travel and see new places! I am inspired to venture out even more now!
    I told my husband that I want to swim with sharks and he was shocked! I guess I have some fearless bones in me yet!
    My last great adventure was to Ethiopia this past summer! Was a fabulous trip! Next up I am taking the hubs to Costa Rica! He has never been and this will be my 10th trip :)

    Thanks again for this awesome blog hop! I am loving every minute! :)

  40. Hi Kristy! How are you?

    OMG! My adventures were nothing compared to yours! Yours is AMAZING!! I'll definitely place these on my bucketlist. I love traveling too and nothing beats activities that scares you - I am terrified of sharks but would like to try shark diving. Lovin' the whole post - I should get out more. <3 <3

    Polly @

  41. WOW!! I love these photos. I love to travel but mostly it's for work and I dont get alot of down time. Please add east TN to your list of places you plan to visit ;)

  42. I hope you do get to come out west and visit some of our National Parks sometime, they are truly gorgeous and worth the visit!
    I am glad you are having a great time with it, thanks so much for participating!

  43. Shark diving may not be for everyone, but it is a fabulous experience for those up for it:) Mountains are where my heart is, I could spend every day in them if I could:) Thanks for participating in the hop!

  44. Thank you! I totally agree there is never going to be enough time to do it all. I like to appreciate what I can when I can, just like the next person:)
    If only we could all do more of it, right? I have decided as soon as I with the lottery (which I never enter) that is when I can take the time to see everything else I am missing, LOL

  45. Thanks, I do enjoy taking my camera along when I am out:)
    Ya, it actually does snow occasionally in the higher elevations in Hawaii on top of he mountains, and very cold up there in the mornings almost any time of year, but oh so beautiful!
    You must go sky diving, it is amazing you will love it. If you ever get the chance and let your fear slip, I say do it:)

  46. Thank you! While I do enjoy laying on a beach, I enjoy being active more, I'd say about half of these trips are places I traveled to run a marathon and these are things I did before or after the race:)
    I do hope you get a chance to climb lots of mountains and river rafting, because it's a blast! I always like to think, life is to short to not fill it with as many adventures as possible:)
    I'm glad your enjoying your time in the hop, it makes me happy to know others are enjoying it as well, thank you!

  47. Thank you! Oh no, well river rafting is not for everyone:) But that's the beauty in this world, there is so much to do and see, something for everyone:)

  48. I do like to try new things, being fearless (in sorts) kind of helps with that, LOL
    Ski diving may not be for everyone, but there are so many other amazing adventures for us to do too, right!

  49. Well you do, do a lot of Disney travel, and nothing wrong with a travel tab for that. Disneyland/World is awesome! If I ever was looking for tips on it, I am pretty sure I'd be hitting you up for them:)
    Yup, it does snow in the higher elevations in Hawaii on occasion, and it's almost always cold in the mornings once you get up above 12,000 feet, but ya a lot of people just think of Hawaii as only warmth and beaches:)

  50. Thank you! Yup, shark diving was totally awesome, I had wanted to do it for years. I didn't want to go alone so took the parents gave it to them as a Christmas gift, LOL they loved it too!
    Wasn't Muir Woods gorgeous! I just loved it there, I would definitely go back if I am ever near San Fran again!

  51. Oh I do hope you get a chance to visit Muir Woods and Alaska someday! Alaska is one of my loves, if I could I would spend every June there, I just love it!
    I am glad you are enjoying the blog hop, thanks for joining up and participating!

  52. Oh yay, another skydiver:) Wasn't it so amazing? Oh I love Maui too, The Road to Hana and there are some forests there I just love hiking in. I spent half a month there once and seriously never got bored exploring that island!
    I have nieces and nephews who are in the toddler phase, and ya I still take them hiking and stuff, LOL of course I end up carrying them more. Once they get to that point, maybe you can get them started on small adventures with you:)
    I am thrilled you are enjoying the hop so much, thank you!!!

  53. Oh another adventure seeker, we would probably get along great!
    When I visited Oahu, this is going to sound crazy but I never did make it up to Diamondhead, and I regret that.. Maybe on my next visit! Bu I am super impressed you ran up it and back, I am not even kidding when I say that would be something I would do.. I do that quite often when I go hiking, LOL
    I am jealous you just returned from Hawaii, I wish it was in my budget to go this year, but it is not. It really is an amazing place, I agree with you on that!
    Glad to hear your enjoying the hop!!!

  54. Oh thank you! That is awesome another planner, YAY! I mainly stick to weddings, but we do corporate parties and people laugh at this one, but ya I have done a few funerals too:) (Tongan's throw huge parties to celebrate the life of the deceased. If that helps explain that:)
    Isn't Muir Woods awesome!
    Truthfully, I wish I had more time to travel. I go with the whole Work hard so I can play harder and I fit adventure and vacations in any way I can.
    I do hope you get to visit Utah someday, I may be prejudice but we do have a beautiful state, lots of national parks that are gorgeous to see!

  55. Thank you! I wish I could take the credit but my sister came up with the title and I did decide right when she said it, that it was perfectly fitting:)
    Oh, if I lived in the bay area I would visit Muir woods often! I drove from there down to Big Sur whenI ran the marathon there, such beautiful coastal country you have there!
    YaY, another skydiver and stingray swimmer:) Did you just love it? I love stuff like that, if you can't tell:)
    You are welcome, I am glad you are enjoying the hop and having fun with it!

  56. I do hope you get to visit Denali and Muir Woods one day, they are both so different but amazing and worth seeing! If you get to Denali, spend a week there is so much to see and do, and the wildlife in the area is amazing!
    I love your attitude, shark diving, why not!
    You are welcome, I am glad you are enjoying the hop!

  57. Thank you Farrah! One day if I ever get rich I am going to get one of those awesome expensive camera's and then I can really enjoy taking shots:) But for now, I do the best with what I have.
    Oh you so deserve Hawaii as a graduation present, that would be awesome and such a perfect place to go to celebrate and relax at the same time!

  58. LOL, oh you should take him on a shark diving adventure. You will love it, it's almost magical:)
    Ethiopia, wow, that would be amazing. I doubt I will ever get there, but if I had the opportunity it would be incredible.
    Costa Rica, I have never been there either, and 10 times, WOW you could be like a travel guide there:) It must be amazing to go so often, I hope you guys have a great trip there!
    You are welcome, I am glad you are enjoying the hop!

  59. I am busy but doing pretty good Polly thanks for asking!!!
    Oh, I am sure you have been on some great adventures too. That is what I love about this world, there is so much to see and do.
    Oh you should try shark diving, even if you are terrified of them. I was in a cage on that trip and seriously it was so safe. Even when the current was pushing my arms and legs out the cage, the sharks didn't even once go for them, LOL

  60. Thanks Crystal!
    Oh, I love TN and I have been there. I ran the Knoxville marathon and then traveled all over and explored the Smoky Mountains. Oh my you have a beautiful state, I would definitely visit again!

  61. Oh, That sounds fun WA is a beautiful state!

  62. Seriously loving your blog! I am in awe of all these adventures you shared in this post and these are only your top favorites!? Amazing! I am super into travel and have a bucket list of so many adventures I want to try out! I might be a little less on the thrill seeking scale but I definitely want to live it up and explore some big things. Your list gave me some ideas! I already have tabs open to read more! Although your rafting link didn't work :0

    Thanks for sharing ♥ I must admit you are officially an inspiration to me! And I hope to get to know you more and chat someday! :] I graduated in Marketing, and my heart is in event planning but unfortunately the curriculum I took didn't really open the doors to this area. Love to hear how you got to where you are now.

  63. Whenever I read your travel posts I find myself drawn to the gorgeous photos you have for every single post. The adventures you have experienced are more than most people will do in a lifetime. I have several favorite vacation/adventures and probably visiting Rwanda and trekking with gorillas would be near the top of the list, especially since the huge Silverback sat and leaned on my husband!

  64. You have been on a bunch of awesome adventures! Love when you share them! I will have to check out Muir Woods!

  65. Your so sweet, you made me smile big when I read this!
    I do love to travel and throw me any piece of adventure and I am happy. I just can't help myself. I was sort of raised this way, so I have kind of been like this my whole life, LOL
    I have also been loving getting to know you better, you have quite a fun blog too. That is one of my favorite things about hosting this, is getting know bloggers that I hope will become long term blogging friends:)
    I have to tell ya, I actually worked in Marketing for many years, I often get tempted to go back towards it. The background in it has really helped save me lots of advertising dollars with my own business. I do love event planning and I am lucky that there is a lot of need for decorators in the wedding industry here!
    To answer your question my short version of this. I went to college for Interior Design, and had no desire to sell furniture (which was what most jobs in that here are.) One day I was bored and came across a Wedding Decoration company for sale, and at the time I had enough money in the bank to buy it, and after a quick check, and meeting with an accountant I owned the business 3 quick days later, and that was 7 years ago. Now I get to decorate many times a year for many different people, so it puts the interior design degree to good use, LOLI have built it up considerably from where I was at 7 years ago. It's just crazy where life can take you if you just let it, isn't it!

  66. Oh you are so sweet! I love taking my camera along, I have read a lot of books this year and in years past a few photography classes to help it along. I wish I could afford one of those fancy camera's with all the cool lenses but until I can get rich, I do the best I can with my cheaper digital camera:)
    I have been lucky, I was raised to love adventure and if I wasn't single and not afraid to travel alone and see and do things on my own I don't think I would be able to get out and see as much.
    Oh Rwanda, and trekking with gorillas oh my gosh I am totally completely in awe and so jealous. Oh my heck that was probably amazing, I can't even imagine. Africa is on my dream list, and I doubt I will ever get there, but if I did and had an experience like you mentioned It would be so magically amazing I am sure!

  67. Thanks Sharon!
    Oh, you will love Muir Woods, it's nothing like you get in NJ, but the massive forests you will just love it. I can totally see a hiking adventure there for you and your family:) If you live close, I bet you even find yourself visiting often. I think I would all the time if I lived there:)

  68. I am so jealous of your adventures and wish I had done this stuff before I had kids! Someday I will get to see some of those places! I have been to Muir woods though and that was so amazing!

  69. Oh don't be jealous, I bet you'll get your chance one day!
    I always tell people it's one of the benefits of still being single at my age, I would likely not get to see as much if I wasn't:)
    But I am glad you have seen Muir Woods, it really is amazing and beautiful!

  70. Wow, I love all of your travels! I'm pretty adventurous too, and would love to visit some of these places. I have hiked in the Wasatch mountains, but have never been to any of the other places on your list. Muir Woods and Mount Denali are both high on my list!

    I'm glad to connect with a fellow Marathon Maniac as well! :)

  71. Thanks Aimee!
    Or really? That is awesome you've hiked in the Wasatch mountains, I can be found hiking in them at least once a week:) LOL
    I do hope you make it to Muir Woods and Denali some day, they are seriously awesome, you will love them!!!!
    Very awesome to meet another fellow Maniac:)


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