Do You Need to Thank Your Followers? Join Us For The Next Holiday Giveaway Hop

Just a few days left to think about joining up with myself and Tutus and Tennies for the Holiday Giveaway Hop, which focus is on thanking your followers.  The hop runs November 23rd - December 6th.

You ONLY have until Wednesday November 18th, to decide if you want to join up with us.

Why would you want to join a giveaway hop?  Because you will get more viewers, and entrants to your giveaway than if you hosted one alone.

Everyone creates their own individual giveaway. But we are all linked together, and at the end of each ones giveaway is a list and link to all the other giveaways.
So entrants can hop around and enter as many giveaways as they would like, for lot's and lots of chances to win.

Why this one?

Well, the timing is perfect!  We are starting this before the Thanksgiving Holiday, so during Thanksgiving break, it's up and running for people to come and enter as they are online already thinking about what they plan on doing for their other holiday shopping.  It runs until December 6th, which gives you lots of time to promote it during the hop.  The winners can be selected and prizes will go out and everyone should be able to hopefully get things before Christmas.

As a suggestion, if you were already planning on cutting back on blogging the week of Thanksgiving.  You could set up your giveaway to that starts on the 23rd and not worry about additional posts that week. (Unless you want to.) Instead just let all your page views that week go directly to your giveaway.

This particular giveaway hop is a bit different than those I have hosted in the past.  

* You must give 1 FREE entry.

* There is NO limit on max entries.

* No theme, you giveaway what you know your readers will want to win. (There is still a $10 value, and no coupons or discounts allowed as a giveaway prize.)

* The rest of the rules apply as normal, you can find them HERE.

Looking for a few more reasons to join us:

Are you looking to grow your blog?

Are you interested in networking with other bloggers?

Do you have a giveaway item you've been wanting to share on your blog?

Or have you been contacted by a company to run a giveaway for them?

Do you want more exposure when you run your giveaway?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above, then you should join us for the Holiday Giveaway Hop that runs November 23rd - December 6th.  It's going to be lots of fun, and we would love to have your blog with us!

If you've already joined us in previous hops and are familiar with all the rules, and you want to give this a try then you can add your blog to the list below now.

If you haven't joined in a giveaway hop with me before, You MUST read the rules first, and make sure you can agree to them.  Visit THIS PAGE and you will find all the information and rules. If you have additional questions, comment below or email me and I will get back to you!




  1. I'm considering the holiday blog hop - but I have a lot coming up in the next few weeks so I'm not sure I can fully commit. It's on my mind though!! :)

  2. I'm excited to participate in my 2nd of your Blog Hops. I am having a blast in the one we are in now. It will be fun finding the item/items to giveaway too. I love the holiday :) Thanks again.

  3. This is such a fun idea!! I'm registered and can't wait!! :)

  4. This sounds fun!!! I will have to think about this one. These hops you do are amazing!!!

  5. No worries, only sign up if it fits your schedule and you have time to create a giveaway post! We'd love to have you if you do, but totally understand if you can't join us!

  6. We are thrilled to have you! I am so happy you are enjoying the current hop, when I hear people say that it makes it all feel worth it!!!

  7. If it's something you might be interested in, we'd love to have you join us! But if it's not in the cards, then we totally understand too!

  8. I am excited about the hop! Who doesn't love a fun link up?!

  9. I'm so excited to do this. In fact, I was so excited that when I filled out the linky, I messed up my blog name and entered my url instead. Any way this can be edited?

  10. Denise @ Healthy Family MediaMarch 8, 2017 at 5:59 PM

    Happy to see so many of the Grow Your Blog Hop bloggers participating! Thanks so much for hosting, Kristy :)

  11. How much fun! I'm stretched thin right now... but will try to get in on the next one! Love that you embrace other bloggers.

  12. I have not participated yet because I am nervous I wont be able to keep up! I have struggled to post the past few months and I often only get once a week because I also really do like to read blogs to and it is time consuming! Going to check out the rules though...

  13. This one is far less time consuming. Its just one post you put together and then you pick your winner at the end. No other commitment other than you promote your giveaway like you normally would.
    But no worries if you don't have time, that is certainly something that happens this time of year with everyone!

  14. It is pretty cool several have joined in this too.

  15. I know, right! Thanks for your support!

  16. I totally just messed up my link for the blog there any way to delete and I can reenter?

  17. I am actually in it right now fixing something else, I'll go make the correction for you! Glad to have you join us!

  18. This sounds awesome! I remember seeing this last year actually on Tutus and Tennies blog! It's so great that you host all these events Kristy :)


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