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I am doing pretty good with my new lifestyle eating changes.  I've lost 12 pounds since I really started working hard on it in June, and 18 pounds total weight loss for the year so far.  I have a ways more I'd like to go and I think at 1-2 pounds a week, that is a fairly good average since its a lifestyle change and not a crash diet.

I had to hold off on starting back running this past week, my hip flexor tear was doing much better, but I just had that feeling and could even feel the injury itself that it wasn't ready.  Instead I began gradually walking again.  1-2 Miles each day last week.  Less and less pain on the uphill each day, telling me the therapy I have been doing the past 2 weeks is working!
I do however plan to gradually resume running this week, it will be gradual probably not more than a mile a day.  Plus a 1-2 mile walk.  I'll let any sign of pain be the indicator on how that will go!

Sometimes even mountains covered in ski trails are beautiful:)

I switched to new running shoes, and one pair is actually my new every day shoe.  It made a drastic difference on both feet and their different injuries.
My guess of my newer right foot injury being Nerve Entrapment, treating it for it at least.  Has proven to be spot on with how it is healing.  In fact I haven't noticed any pain/problems with it in almost 2 weeks now.
The original injury is also healing so fabulously.  I transitioned out of the orthodics the doctors had put me in and the timing was right, I've seen nothing but drastic improvement over the last 3 weeks since I did this.

I mentioned my debate.  Well, this week the 23rd is finally that Dr. Appt with the Specialist again.  I've been waiting over a month for it, but I have no signs of pain or problems.  So I am very tempted to cancel it.
However, if I cancel it, what if the pain comes back....  Well I'm going to think long and hard on this, and I will decide by tomorrow.

I've had a fun week, caught up with a good friend over lunch one day.  Spent a little time up in the local canyons.  The pictures shared in this post are from a few of my sights this past week.
Had a great Friday playing with a few of my nieces and nephews, I actually played hide and seek with them for several hours.  I was exhausted by the time the five of them left.

Thanks to the economy and the Pinterest bride:(   Summer brides this year around here seemingly are into the DIY backyard weddings, and there is not enough money in those to make it worth my time.
So since business has slowed a little and likely won't pick up too much until September, I have a lot of fun upcoming things planned.
Generally I am an after the fact blogger, for security reasons. But I'll give you a little peak into some of my plans without giving specific dates.

*  I have lots of upcoming camping trips planned (finally).  Which means fresh air and cooler elevation temps.  Ahhh I can't wait!  I hate planning and rarely ever do, but as long as its a short time away, then I guess it's okay to plan a little:)

*  Stand-Up Paddle Boarding - I've been wanting to try this for a few years now, and told my sisters about it and come to find out one of them loves to do it and wants to go with me.  So we are going to rent boards for an upcoming camping trip and do lots of lake paddle boarding!  If I like it as much as I think I will, I might really consider buying one!  I've already called a place and asked how much they'd charge to rent them out for a week and was able to get a pretty good deal!

*  Boating - My sisters and I were talking and we think it would be a fun idea to all go in on buying one of those large rafts to share.  It will be a lot more fun on trips if we can take ourselves and the kids up rafting.

*  I mentioned camping above, but I've also got a lot of hiking and fishing trips planned.  Thank goodness my injuries are fading out because this gal loves to hike!  Frankly I could fish every morning and evening, and hike every afternoon if life allowed!

Thank you to everyone who participated both as a blogger hosting a giveaway or an entrant to the Fitness Favorites Giveaway Blog Hop.  Visit the giveaway page HERE.  The winner has been announced, you can check and see if it is you:)

So tell me, what was your past week like.  
Do you have some upcoming plans your looking forward too?

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