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I was nominated by Hailey at Striding Strong for this award.  She's an amazing gal, if you haven't checked out her blog you are missing out!  Not only that, but she's a crazy fast runner and has taken 1st place at several of her past recent races.  She has a great attitude and you'll find a lot of positive thoughts and inspiration if you stop by and visit her blog!

I'm just going to copy and paste the rules for the award right here:

Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
List the rules and display the award. 
Share seven facts about yourself.
Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
Optional: display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

I had to think on this for a while, since I recently wrote a couple "interesting fact" posts for link ups that were about me.  So to keep this new and fresh, I am trying to make sure these are things I haven't shared before. (hopefully:)

1- I hate chocolate
I know your already thinking I must have lost my taste sensors, but I assure you I have them:)  But yes, it's true I have hated chocolate for my whole life.  I could be starving and if you put a plate of chocolate out, it would be left un-touched and I would just sit and starve.
In fact to get out of weird situations when I am eating at someones house, I just tell people I am allergic to it.  That pretty much handles it:)  However, because I hate fish, I also tell everyone I am allergic to it, haha.. Funny thing is I am actually not allergic to anything:)  (Note to self, hide this post revelation from them, haha.)

2- I love old movies and old TV shows and Westerns
I'm not a huge TV person and I don't really watch it much.  However, sometimes when I do, especially if I am ironing linens and getting things ready for weddings and I have hours to spend on it.  I will pop in old shows to pass the time.  Like: The A-Team, AirWolf, Fall Guy, Six Million Dollar Man.  Yup, I'm a dork!  I love Doris Day & Cary Grant movies - I love great and classic westerns like Lonesome Dove, Man From Snowy River (where my facination with Australia started).  Currently I love a Canadian Series called Heartland.

3- I love finding rare to see animals and photographing them
I have shown a few before, so since I finally figured out how to use You Tube:) for my own video's I thought I'd share one of my favorite Elk video's I took while driving through Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

4- I love discovering Slot Canyons
Thankfully I live in Utah and we have some of the best, but I've also ventured into Arizona because they also have some great ones!  What are slot canyons?  Flash floods wash water through the sandstone and create beautiful wave like slots some only wide enough to fit your body through, others a bit wider.  They take many years for nature to create, and you have to be careful not to explore them when there is any chance of rain.  But they can be amazing, and magical hidden treasure's at the same time.

5- Running & PR's
I've never been the fastest runner, but I have at times held my own.  I used to place 1st a lot in Jr. High.  In high school I was a pretty good runner, placed a few times each year in the 3200, 1600, 800 & 400, I was never a sprinter,  but I did go to state each year in Cross Country.  My fastest 5k cross country time was 18:02.  My last first place run was a street 5K in 1999 I ran and placed first in my age.
My fastest marathon time was my 2nd marathon (St. George Marathon) and my second fastest time was my very first marathon.  Why? I trained better and listened to a great coach (Dad) then, and I was only training to do 1 a year.  However when I ran the Leading Ladies Marathon I places 6th in my age group:)  Ideally as I get back into running from this injury I hope to keep closer to an 8 min mi. pace, we shall see:)

6- I had a moose as a running partner once
When I can run, I love running up in the mountains!  Early morning high elevation runs around 8,000-10,000 feet and let me tell you, you can see some interesting things and it's the best time to see wildlife.
One memorable run I went running side by side with big bull moose.  I was actually in a campground, and he was spooked and came up behind me and trotted along side me we were just about touching for a about 20 seconds.  I remember looking over thinking Hi, and I think I said it to him, but I don't remember to be sure.  His antlers were a wider spand than my arms stretched out and he was so tall that my 5,4 height fit right next to him and I ran under his antlers.  I must have been going to slow for him because eventually he cut me off and took off into the bush.
I should note, this is rare and you really shouldn't approach animals like that unless they come to you.  But when they do, its great!  Sorry, I don't have a picture of that:)

7- I am famous for knowing random facts
I love to learn, and sometimes even just random things.  My friends and family can tell you, I know a little about everything:)  It also probably helps that I love to talk to people:)  I've found the more you learn, the more you can also learn from others.  So if I have the slightest bit of interest I'll probably learn all I can:)  Oh and I love Google for when I hear something and haven't a clue on what it is, LOL I can become an expert in a few minutes thanks to Google, LOL.


I'm not going to nominate 15 blogs, because that is a lot.  But I'm going to nominate a few, great bloggers who inspire or uplift me daily or weekly.  Along with Hailey, these are bloggers that I am sure if I met them outside the "online" world, we would probably become great friends.  However, just because we only know each other online, I still consider them friends:)  They may or may not have already been nominated, but here they are.  If you don't already read their blogs, take a few minutes and check them out.

I'm just going to put them in Alphabetical Order

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