Infinite by Jodi Meadows - A book review

Infinite is the third book in the Incarnate Series by Jodi Meadows.
Just a note: Although my reviews are never spoilers, it may be a spoiler for the first few books in the series if you have not already read them.

This is one of those series that was recommended to me a few years back, when Incarnate first came out, and I ended up loving the fantasy world and I was hooked.  The only bad thing about starting a great series at the beginning is all the years you have to wait to find out how it is going to end.  So finally when Infinite was released I was excited to see how Jodi Meadows decided to end it all.

Ana's been exiled from the city of Heart and is being forced to flee out into the Range with those who will decide to go with her.  Sam is still as in love with her as ever, so it's no question that he will be traveling and leaving the city with her.  But even Ana hasn't let on and told Sam all of the secrets she discovered about Janan and the choice that they all made thousands of lifetimes ago.  The price of reincarnation has been shared with her, and only a few other Old Soul's know.  This secret she has, may or may not be the end of the great love she has found with Sam.

Ana's not the shy New Soul she used to be, she's been forced to grow up and take on a role that only she can take on, thanks to her father.  Ana and Sam and a small group of their closest friends set out into Range not only to escape the dangers of Heart.  But they set out with a plan, a plan to destroy Janan.  Stop the reincarnation, and stop Janan's ascension that could ruin the world, at the same time protecting all of the New Souls who have been born since the Soul's Night.

The Incarnate series, is one that you can actually call lyrical.  Beautifully written, with great fantasy and imagination.  Infinite has lived up to the first two books build.  We will learn the secrets to all of our questions that have been compiling since the beginning.  We will learn the fate of the Old Soul's, New Soul's and everything that lives in this incredible magical world that Jodi Meadow's has created for us.
I refuse to ruin the ending, but I must say that I really enjoyed how Jodi Meadow's finished this beautiful world she created for us!  I highly recommend this series.  Although written for a young adult audience, as an adult I found I loved it much more than I would even as a teenager:)

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