Reading, writing and blog changes

Hope everyone had a great weekend and past week!  I want to give you a few quick updates, and then let you in on some changes that you'll be seeing on my blog in the coming months.
But first I have to share this quote I found yesterday that I really love!


I don't know if I have told you before, but I belong to a national writers group, that has local chapters where we meet once a month.  I miss a lot of them because weddings and work take a priority.  But when I can make them, I enjoy them.  This week we kind of had a "social and pot-luck."   I realized I am really lucky to be surrounded by so many great women both published and others who have a great chance at it one day.
I really need to spend a little more time each week working on my own new book, than I currently do.  So I am setting a goal for myself for to work on between now and mid August.  The goal is to get at least 25,000 words written in the current book I am working on:)


This past week, because of the hip flexor injury I have really been unable to do anything.  I rested more than I likely even needed to because I am adamant about having this thing healed in a week or two at the most:) (Positive thinking:)  Not only that but I didn't have any weddings, and I purposely didn't schedule any other work so I could heal.
So what does a girl do when she can't do really much of anything else?  Read, and I read a lot.

However, I do need to admit, one of these books I started the week prior.  I have way too many books on my reading list, and I am never going to find the time to get to them unless I am multi-tasking:)  So I figured why not try to listen/read and run/walk:)

Some of these books I won't be doing book reviews on, but I enjoyed them all so I thought I would mention them.

Crewel & The Winter Witch were the ones I listened to via audio on my player as I went walking and running over the past two weeks.  Crewel was by far my favorite of the two.
The Rebel Princess by Janice Sperry, it's a little younger book than I normally read.  But the author actually used to be one of my baby sitters when I was a kid so I had to check it out.  Its quite a cute story, but I think ages 10-16 would probably be the best fit for this book!  It's full of lots and lots of fairytale/princess adventure!
Sleep No More, well if you know me and read my past book reviews you know I love Aprilynne Pike and her Wings series is one of my all time favorites.  However, this new one totally Wow'd me.  I will definitely be doing a book review on this one!


I have been contemplating for some time now to change my blog a little and how I do things, what I blog about etc...  The past year as I have been building my blog up from something more than just race re-caps. (Yes for the first two years I blogged, pretty much the only thing you saw were race recaps or wedding picture posts.)
The past year and a half, I have been doing a lot of things on a trial basis, see what works, see what doesn't and try new things.
Usually every three months I mix a few things up a little, and switch things around.  Keeping what people seem to enjoy reading, and cutting down or out what doesn't seem to be working.

I actually plan things out for my blog, I know that probably sounds weird but I do.  July you'll notice things being for the most part as they have been.  However, come August you will start to see some changes.

Things that will be staying; Monday's where I share a little about my life.  Travel and adventure Tuesdays have been really popular and I love doing them, so they are staying.
Giveaway hops will continue but I will be going back to how I used to do them and will only be hosting them every other month or possibly every two months.  They'll resume in the fall, the dates are still TBD.
I had already started adding a Inspirational Sunday post.  Although you may not see one every week, just creating them uplifts me and gives me a great jump to my own week, so I am going to be continuing those.
Everything else may get mixed up a little and I am going to be starting some new things.  So I guess you'll just have to see.  But hopefully, you'll enjoy the upcoming changes.


So what is next for me?  Well my hip flexor is feeling quite a bit better.  I followed my old physical therapy plan (from the first time I injured it in 2012) exactly.  I think the immediate action over the last 5 days has worked wonders!
Today I plan on taking an easy 1 mile walk and seeing how it handles it.  Any pain, I'll stop.  However, if I get through it as I hope, and no pain.  I may gradually begin running/walking more and more each day starting tomorrow.  So we shall see how it goes, *positive thoughts*

Even though I just took a week off for injury rest:)  I need a vacation, and I'd really like to take off for a week or two and get some camping in! 
I was thinking about this last night, this is the longest period I've gone in my entire life without camping and I'm not liking it!   I can't do it this week, because I have too much work lined up.  But to keep my sanity, I really need some fresh air, campfires, hiking and fishing soon, real soon and I am going to make it happen!!!

How did your weekend go?  Do you periodically change the way you blog too?  

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