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Okay, so normally I do an "About Me" post on Mondays.  However, this week with the giveaway hop starting I decided to skip it this past Monday.  I would wait until next week and just combine 2 weeks, but well have you ever just been in the mood to write?  Get a few things out?
That is me at this time.


Things had been going good in the running front.  I was gradually building up, slow but it has been coming.  I combine my morning workouts with a run/walk.
I've been walking a mile for the warm up, and then running around 2 miles, followed by a 1-2 mile walk.

I mentioned a few weeks ago, that the Dr. visit on my right foot dismissed a fracture and told me to see a specialist, which I don't get in until July 23rd.
So that left me to Google to see if I could figure it out on my own.  I came across something called Nerve Entrapment.  My symptoms fit pretty darn closely, so I researched more and figured out what I could be doing to help get over it.  (I figured what would it hurt to try!)
Good news, the treatments I have been working and I have had almost zero pain in the foot for over a week now, and that has included even when I have run on it and after.
Not sure if I am correct on my self diagnosis, but I am going to keep up what I am doing just in case until the Dr. Appt!  Especially since each day it feels better and better!

Which brings me to the next problem.  Seriously I feel like I am a broken record now!
So Monday this week, I had a little pain in my hip flexor as I was walking.  I made one stupid decision and dismissed it and finished the last mile I was walking.
BIG MISTAKE!  By that afternoon the hip flexor had torn and I couldn't even walk.  I had to drag my leg behind me because I couldn't stand the pain of lifting my leg up (and trust me, I can take a lot of pain!)

The reason I know what happened, in this exact same area, I had this exact same thing happen in 2012 and went through Dr's and physical therapy.
I know exactly what I needed to do to correct it and help it heal as soon as possible as now I know if you catch them soon they can heal in as little as a week.  Last time it took me almost 6 weeks, but I had torn it really bad then and I don't think it is too bad right now.
So Monday evening I stopped walking, and have been icing and elevating, and when the pain started to go down.  By Wednesday I could successfully lift up my leg and take a step or go up a few stairs without any pain.  So I began stretching as I was taught in PT in .

My fingers are really crossed and I am being extra super careful!  I don't plan on doing much of anything on it until next week, and even then only if the pain is completely gone.
The good thing about it, maybe its keeping me off my feet, which might just help the possible nerve entrapment???  Who knows, but if I don't have faith that everything happens for a reason, I would seriously just be screaming and way to upset!  Not that I haven't yelled at myself in my head a few times this week.  And it helps that my parents are just as upset about all of it as I am.  But fortunately I am passed that now (I think, LOL.)

The 4th

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend!
I had a great time, spend that morning/afternoon up in a small mountain town watching my niece in a parade:)  (I'm showing you a few pics on that here too:)
Small towns really do understand what it means to be patriotic, they have the best celebrations!
Also last weekend, I spent some time out hiking and enjoying my beautiful Utah mountains.  (I'm also including a few pic's.)
All in all a great time spent with my awesome family!

Do you have any fun weekend plans you'd like to share?  

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