Five Friday Favorites

Thanks to EatPrayRunDC, YouSignedUpForWhat? & MarontheRun for hosting this link-up. Today I am linking up again with The DC Trifecta Friday Five.  The topic they chose for today is 5 Friday Favorites.

Although the past few years my Friday's are not always how many others think of Friday's.  As most think of them as the signal to the weekend.  For me, they are at times when my work week really begins, especially when it comes to brides and their weddings.  However, I do have a few Friday Favorites to share.

#1 - Wedding Decoration - I love my job and I love to decorate for weddings.  Each bride has different tastes, this gives me the ability to use my talents and create for each of them, their own special beautiful day!  I not only get to have the pleasure of making someones day, but I get the pleasure of doing something I love.

Wedding Pictures

#2 - Hiking - If I do not have a wedding on a Friday, I do enjoy hiking.  I am fortunate to live 20-30 minutes away from 100's of different hiking trails and options.  One of the advantages of living where I do in Utah.  You never know what you'll discover if you get out and see the world with hiking boots and a backpack:)


#3 - Fishing - I love to fish, I am a catch and release kind of gal.  In fact I hate to eat fish, and won't even consider eating them as an option.  But I do enjoy catching them, whether that be a relaxing day at a lake.  Or a morning or evening next to a beautiful river!  I also sport an adorable cute pink fishing vest and hat, and I don't care what people think about that:)  Additionally, I have different reels that I use in various colors because sometimes it's just fun to be a girl and paint my nails to match my reel:)  LOL

Fly fishing
Me and my dad, and that is my pink fishing vest and hat I mentioned:)

#4 - Movie in a Park - I actually haven't done this yet this year, but it will come!  There is just something fun about watching a movie in a park!  Or even at times we will go up in the mountains camping and pull out a fun movie for the family to watch in the outdoors.

#5 - Hanging with my nieces and nephews - I have several of them, and they are so fun!  Whether it's a day at the beach (like below), camping trips, hiking and fishing adventures or hide and seek in the backyard.  I love spending time with them!  In fact, that is what I am actually going to be doing today, hiking with my sister and her two kids.

At the beach with the kids - Ignore the greasy sunscreen hair, LOL

Sometimes if I have weddings, my "Last day of the work week, Friday" may be on a Monday or Tuesday:)  But its all good, and these are a few of my things I enjoy doing on those days!

What are your favorite things about Friday's?

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