5 Things to Love About Hiking

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Instead of racking my brain for things I like or love, I decided to go with the first thing that popped into my mind, HIKING.
Why hiking?  Because it's summer and for me, summer wouldn't be summer with lots of miles out on the trails, exploring nature and taking in breathtaking views.

1. THE VIEWS - It doesn't matter if you are hiking along the shoreline, or if you are climbing the highest peaks or wandering the desert.  If you open your eyes you'll find beauty all around!

Left - Montana Glacier National Park Area -
Right - Yellowstone National Park's Mini Grand Canyon

2.  THE EXERCISE - Short hike, long hike either way its a fun way to get in exercise without really having to think about the workout.

3.  THE ANIMALS - Most of the time you might not notice much, but if you are lucky and if you keep your eyes open you might just have the opportunity to spot something amazing.

Elk - Mountain Goat - Caribou, Grizzly Bear - Young Deer - Buffaloo
Spotted all of these at different times while I was out exploring nature!

4.  FRIENDS & FAMILY - Although I do hike alone at times (smartly) most of the time I head out with family or good friends.  What a fun opportunity to get to know each other better in a beautiful relaxed atmosphere.

Hiking with my niece a few weeks ago, taking a break to enjoy the view.

5.  THE DIFFICULTY - Although sometimes it's nice to just go out on a few mile day hike.  Other times for me it's just as much fun to go out and do something a bit more difficult or technical.

Climbing Angel's Landing - Zion National Park, Utah

Do you love to hike?  If you could recommend 1 trail to me that you have done, that I should add to my "must hike" list, what would it be?

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