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It's been a while since I have shared some wedding pictures.  If you don't already know, just like the name on my blog I a Runner and a Wedding Planner.  I own my own decoration company which allows me to be unique and have lots of different options on hand for the different brides I work with.

I get asked by people all the time if I have a "Favorite" wedding.  I have lots of favorites, however I thought I'd show you 2 of my favorite outdoor summer weddings.  I'm showing 2 because they really tie for first in my favorites list.  Some other time I'll have to show you some of my favorite indoor weddings.

Okay, so up first is the wedding I nicknamed The Starburst Wedding.  If you don't know why, then you need to go eat a piece of Starburst candy:)  I had to dig a little, this wedding was a few years ago, and I still couldn't find all the pictures:(

This particular bride actually let me pick her colors.  Yes that happens more often than you would think.  Basically I was given a list of her favorite colors and I went ahead and picked 3 of them.  I also was told she is a fun and bright person.

-I picked-
Fuschia Pink - Canary Yellow - Soda Pop Orange

If your wondering, no I did not meet this bride before I showed up to decorate her wedding.  She put her trust in me entirely and she had no idea what she was going to see come her wedding day.  This was in a beautiful backyard that was right up against a mountain.  The waterfall in her backyard was huge, almost two stories tall, so like a mountain itself:)

If your wondering the bride and her family absolutely loved it.  They thought it fit both their backyard and their daughter perfectly.  They had so many compliments from their guests they were over joyed.  Which only made me and my crew just all smiled that day/night!

If your wondering why this one tops my list.  Well I have to say using candy as the theme and then the beautiful surroundings I had to work with.  These colors just pop the word FUN!

Triple Arch Backdrop dressed in Green Ivy and light floral
At night this all lit up with so many white lights it was beautiful.
This was the first time I used this backdrop, so we designed and learned how to do
the ivy on it on site.  It took 3 hours just to put the ivy on it, I no longer do that day of anymore:)

This is an aerial view.  The guests came down a U shape hill that was lined with
sheppards hooks and bows that matched the rest - I couldn't find these pics.
I'm actually standing at the top of the waterfall in this picture.  I loved that thing!

Another aerial view, this one a bit closer up of how we did the tables.  We alternated
the colors so their were a few different table color combinations.
Hard to see but we did the banquet tables in the back overlapped to look like starburst:)

Another view of the eating, refreshment and candy bar area.
You can't see it but there is a 2nd level similar to this one that is was just a table
eating area for the guests on the 2nd floor.

One thing I loved about this yard that had nothing to do with me.  Was all of the beautiful
Rocks we had to work with.  The entire waterfall that was literally half the size of the house was done
in the beautiful Utah canyon red rocks, as well as all the yard points from the fire pit to the
paths and even the stairs around the yard, all beautiful stone!  Loved it!

We used a simple white 4 leg gazebo with a huge floral arrangement
at the top.  This picture was taken pre cake arrival.  We also dressed the wrought iron
gazebo up and wrapped it in tulle so at night when all the white lights cam on it looked like
lighted glowing glass.

Just the entrance book sign-in area.  Nothing fancy just simple.

This picture was taken before I was completely finished but the arch area
was for a bride and groom video area.  Although the grounds were quite beautiful
We actually brought in over a dozen ficus tree's and topiary trees to place throughout the yard
and areas as needed.
I mentioned I couldn't find all the pictures - Well the centerpieces we used were the tall
Champagne glass ones on the left (not red of course, lol).  Floating Gerbera Daisies like pictured on the right.
Each table like the overlays and sashes were alternated.
Simple but elegant, sometimes you don't need extravagant centerpieces when you
are going for a fun outdoor wedding theme:)


Okay, so my 2nd favorite wedding was one that I again never met the bride.  Her mother and I designed the wedding.  Mom said to me, "I am paying for it and my daughter doesn't care as long as it looks nice, so we are going to design the dream backyard wedding I always wanted." And she did!

Mom had chosen Victorian Lilac and a lighter yellow.  I talked her into the Canary Yellow because it matched the Victorian Lilac a bit better and gave things more of a pop!

The fact that I used a triple arch backdrop in both of these weddings was just by chance.  Why is this one on the top of my favorites for outdoor weddings?  Well I loved the colors, and it all blended together so beautifully and we had the space we needed to make everything fit and look nice.

So the backdrop was decorated in lots of heavy green ivy.  I weaved in purple organza ribbon
into the ivy and then we added bright Canary Yellow roses throughout to have things stand out more.
At night there were lots and lots of white lights that were woven into the green ivy which
along with the lamp posts on the side let things really light up for the night.
When I use this backdrop I put all the ivy, lights and ribbon on a day in advance before I
transport it to the event.  This saves me 3-4 hours wedding day, and then we can spend more time
on the other smaller details.
There were about 10 banquet tables throughout that we just did in white
linens that dropped to the ground.  These were used from everything from
the dinner bar, drink tables, candy bar, gift, photo etc.. tables

I do all of the floral arrangements we use at the brides weddings.
This one was one I did myself:)  These are all done days in advance
They take too long to wait until the day of.

They had a very large backyard, I believe we did 14 round eating tables that wrapped
around the property.  We went Canary Yellow only on the tables and sashes because
although the colors are fun, we were going for more elegant fun.  We left the purples for the
larger items.

Another view of the wrap around yard.  We also brought in I believe 12 lamp posts
so that come evening everything would be lit up with plenty of light.
I don't like to pat myself on the back too much, but I will say I can tie some of the best
sashes around!  I'm also fast at it, which is a plus!

I forgot to get a picture but we did a beautiful candy area, and used
my old fashion candy cart.  I am still kicking myself for not getting the pictures on that
It was one of my most favorite candy bar set ups!

Centerpieces were wrought iron Candelabra.  We added just a simple hint of greenery
to them.  Each top had about 12 candle holders that at night were all lit up.
The real candles only burn about an hour before they have to be replaced.  But gave a
beautiful romantic feel to the tables with 12 flickering candles at each.
(The metal pots in the back were for the different drinks in ice:)

This part wasn't my favorite.  Because we created purple tulle wrap fence posts around
the yard, we decided to wrap the 3 leg lighted gazebo in purple tulle.  Using the yellow as the accents.
It looked fine, but because the brides mom required that I put the 3rd leg back behind the mini
fence, this sort of ruined it for me.  If it hadn't been such a long day, I would have argued and just
did it my way and not of had the 3rd leg back behind.  But either way at night this thing lit up like
purple ice, it was gorgeous!

So those are my two favorite Outdoor Weddings.  Not to say many of the others weren't nice, because they were, but probably I am drawn to both of these more for the colors we used, and some of the creative liberties I was able to take:)
Purple and Yellow weddings are some of the most popular color combinations here in Utah for several years running!
However, I would absolutely love to do another "Starburst" wedding someday:)  I loved those colors together!

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