Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater

For those who LOVED Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver series, she decided to give us a pleasant surprise, a sequel, but not of Sam and Grace, this time the beloved bad boy Cole St. Clair in Sinner.

So if you are like me, and I'll just assume you are:)  I loved Cole St. Clair, musician, singer, cocky self assured, dark and total bad boy!  In fact the moment he was introduced in the Shiver series he was one of my favorites and I couldn't get enough of him.  Although the Shiver series had a satisfying ending.  I thought it was brilliant that she decided to let us know Cole and Isabel's story.

Sinner takes place not in Minnesota like Shiver, but in beautiful sunny L.A., California.  Cole has been staying with Sam and Grace in Minnesota, but he's changed.  Not just wolf changes, but changed his life and he wants nothing more than to go to L.A. and find Isabel, she's all he's thought about for months.
Not only that, but he's gone back to music.  With plans for his next album, he makes a deal to film a reality T.V. show about his life.

Cole has changed, but his attitude and persona haven't.  He's still the lovable overly self assured, good looking bad boy who says whatever he wants when he wants and it's always cleaver to the T.
Everyone is expecting him to fail, after all this is Cole the musician who collapsed on state from an overdose and than disappeared and was thought for dead.  He was dead, inside but he was also saved, saved by being bitten and becoming a wolf.  But Cole has other plans, he may fail, but if he does it will be with a bang and not without trying everything to win over Isabel.

Isabel Culpeper has been living in L.A. she looks to be everything about the word alive and anyone who looks at her would love to be her.  The only problem is, sometimes appearances mean nothing, inside she is as dead as can be, and doing everything to remove herself from the pain of actually having to feel.
Still getting over her brother's death, living in high class L.A. neighborhoods, shopping on Wilshire and everything L.A and Beverly Hills, working at one of the most high end boutiques most celebrity visited.  She feels she has found a way to live without actually having to care about anything.  That is until the day Cole shows up at the boutique and gives her the most shocking surprise of all, she may just find she does want to feel again.

Cole and Isabel both have issues, some related to the other and the hauntings of the past, and others completely different.  They are both beautiful people who have what some would say everything they could want.  But looks are deceiving and they both feel lacking.  That is when they are apart, but together sparks fly, tempers roll and being as damaged as they are becomes an intriguing chemistry that keeps the reader on edge.

I loved this book, really couldn't put it down.  Maggie Stiefvater really knows how to write the perfect Cole personality for my liking.  He's just a character, but even I fell even more in love with him in Sinner.
Isabel takes on an entirely new roll in this book, and I found her character to be the perfect fit for the on again, off again, heated, cold and re-heated relationship they share.

Fans of Shiver will love Sinner!  Even if you haven't read the Shiver series, this book for the most part could be a stand alone.  Except if you haven't read the Shiver series the Wolf part might not make entirely much sense!  Either way, I highly recommend this book!
This is Young Adult, but the characters are 18 and most of the situations in the book are more adult minded, so I think it was more written with adults in mind than teens.

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