Travel Tuesday - Okalahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma was one of those places that really surprised me!  I had gone to visit because I was running the Oklahoma City Marathon, and I honestly didn't expect much.  I was wrong.  I enjoyed several aspects of it.  So I thought I'd share a few with you in case you ever find yourself in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Take a few hours and visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  This was created after the horrific bombing in 1995 that killed 168 people.

You can take your time and walk around the different memorial sections.

If you go down to the Riverwalk area, and you go beyond the regular tourist and stores area, you'll see these fun statues.

So fun, how they placed them.  Don't you think!

I should mention, these are life size statues, and they are all action like.

I've talked to people who visited this area, and they didn't even see these.  Unless you walk beyond the main district in the Riverwalk area, you will miss this small little treasure.

So fun, don't you think!  You can pretend you are back in the old wild west days, where wagons and cowboys were riding around whooping and hollering at their snorting horses and cattle

Take a water taxi and see it via water.


*  Oklahoma City National Memorial is free to walk around the reflection pool and the other outdoor things.  However, if you want to go inside the building they do charge a fee.
*  The riverwalk is free and has a fun walking trail that you can go on.  Or you can take a water taxi and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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