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Today I am linking up again with The DC Trifecta Friday Five. The topic they chose for today is What's New.
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I just shared a few of my high's of what is new yesterday.  I didn't want to double up my news to you all, so am hoping to share for the most part a few completely new things.

I have a small garden, and although a few things this year haven't worked out some have done really well.
I have currently over 60 large tomato's on my tomato bush that is about 5 feet tall, and only being help up because I install a prop earlier in the season to take the weight.  I picked the first 4 the other day as they turned red:)  My other tomato bush got a later start so it will take another month.
I've also had my first bunch of cucumbers pop up, and I took them up camping with me and did a little pickle canning while I was up there.  Don't they look yummy?
Tomato's are awesome, I learned they only have 16 calories in one large one!  Zero calories in pickles, however, there is a lot of sodium in them.  I've been having tomato and pickle sandwiches:)

I have olive skin, and although I always wear sunscreen on my face and neck, I still enjoy getting a bit of a tan on the rest of me.  Yes, I know there are those who will criticize this, and you are right:)  However, it is what it is...  I've got a great tan this year, although my legs are not quite as dark, and I'm not sure why:)

I know this isn't good news, but it is what is "new".  Of course I could have done without this!  Hopefully, it will be one that goes away quick!  On the plus side, if I was going to get sick, I am glad it was this week instead of last or next!

Wave Creations on left are for running only
Asics on right are non running things like weddings and work stuff

I actually bought them a few weeks ago, but am just now really breaking them in.
I bought the Mizuno Wave Creation 15's as a new pair or actual running shoes to alternate with the other newer pair I had bought just before my the injury.  As a bonus I got the $159 shoes on sale for $99 so I was totally excited about this! (Even though I think running shoes in general are getting crazily overpriced.)

I also bought a pair of all black Asics GT-2170's also getting these at an even better deal at 50% off because the store was clearing them out to make room for the new model:)  Anyhow, these are a running shoe, however I have no intention of actually using them for running.  As a wedding planer who puts in 6-10 mile carrying 20-100 pound items during those miles,  on any day I have a wedding.  Lets just say I need an all black shoe that is supportive like running shoes  So these are really for that purpose and any other work stuff I do.

So I have a sister who believes in Bigfoot.  I'm not talking the type of person who just pretends to believe, I am talking the kind that actually believes with her whole heart.  Who goes out searching and researches Bigfoot sightings.  Who is out on occasion at 1-2AM in the mountains with her husband with spotlights just in case of a sighting. (yeah they both believe.)
She's not crazy, well no crazier than most people.  But she seriously believes in Bigfoot, no matter what anyone says.

Well we have a family camping trip coming up, and I have conspired all of the family and my older nieces and nephews into the prank.  I am currently in the process of sewing a Bigfoot costume up which should look pretty good by the time I am done.
In the dusk hours of one of the nights on our trip, as we are looking out from the campfire into the woods that will be barely visible from the departing sun.  My taller nephew will be dressed up as Bigfoot running through the forest for my sister and her husband to catch a glimpse of.  (dusk because something you see but not in good light will look much more real!)
We will make sure they see it.  We know she'll be talking about this for years and knowing her she'll make sure every camper up there is aware of the sighting, which should be hilarious.  Then knowing her she'll probably go back up there camping every weekend for the rest of the summer/fall to catch a glimpse again, LOL.
We never plan on telling them the truth!  My family is great at jokes, and we can do things without smiles or laughing.  My niece and nephew think that this should become a family tradition and a fun prank to play on her each year until she catches on.

Hopefully it will work and I believe it should!  She really is all believing in Sasquatch, hahah!
(I'm not worried about her reading this because she is up camping all this week:)

That's my What's New 5!
So tell me what is something new in your life?
Do you believe in Bigfoot?  It's okay, I won't judge...  Well at least I won't tell you if I do:)

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