Life Can Be a Roller Coaster

This has been a unique week, and I use that word because frankly that is the best way I can think to describe it.  However, I would like to say I should probably call it an awesomely unique week!

The first round of the Grow Your Blog, Hop ended and overall I think it went pretty well.  I've actually come across several awesome blogs in the first round alone that I definitely see long term relationships coming out of it.

I needed a little break over the weekend, between participating and organizing it all it was getting to be a little too much computer time.  So I took Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon OFFLINE and did my first ever Netflix binge.  I watched 3 episodes of Hart of Dixie in a row one day alone, I can no longer chuckle at those who tell me they enjoy a good Netflix binge, I totally see what they mean now:)

Round 2 of the hop kicks off today, and I am just as excited for it as well.  It really seems like we have a pretty fun and interactive group of bloggers for this round as we did in Round 1.

So I am going to do something I rarely do.  I am going to type an entire post, in like a few minutes and not go back and change anything (aside from spell check, LOL).  So I will let the fingers fly, and we will see what happens!  I apologize in advance if I sound like a teenager, LOL

A week ago today I woke up, and sure I still had this crazy pain in my neck and an inability to turn it, heck it's still that way.  But before I side track too much.
It looked beautiful outside and I realized my ankle tendons haven't bothered me in over a week and I decided it's time to start walking again, get some fresh air and all the stuff I have been missing.

So I headed out, down a path not to far from my home.  I realized right then, how lucky I am, I live in such a beautiful valley surrounded by tall gorgeous mountain peaks.
Sometimes it just takes a different perspective to see something in a different light, even though it's a view I see each day I walk out my door.

Rarely do I bring a phone with me, but for some reason that day I had decided to try it out in my new Flipbelt and I put it in it.  I took a few pictures and when I looked at the scene in front of me, it just made me super happy.

Yes, that is snow on those peaks.  The weather is starting to change, and snow in the higher elevations are probably here to stay til next summer.  But isn't it beautiful!

Which was odd I was so happy because for a while, I was watching some huge fish that are caught in low water and besides being shocked there were even fish in the canal by my house, I didn't even think there were anymore. But yet before me lay thousands of stranded fish who will probably die soon, this week even.  Yet, I was thinking, I should scoop some up and bury them in my garden to fertilize it for next spring:)  Opps, I side tracked, that tends to happen to me a lot:)  But ya, I mention that because even seeing the poor fishes, I was still just loving it all. (Oh, I didn't go get any fish for my garden, yet...)

I finished that day with a 5 mile walk and maybe should have or shouldn't even tried a half mile run. It went so fabulously, I mean I thought it would go fine.  But with my luck in past months I wasn't sure.  It totally set my mood for the rest of the day, and soon to be most of the week.

I went out on a daddy daughter afternoon out that same day and we hit up 3 different sporting goods stores, Cabella's, Scheels and Sportsmans.  Visited 3 different gun and ammo departments, trying out different new weapons, 3 different kayak and paddle board departments not to mention checked out all the new outdoor running gear.  It was such a fun afternoon, and oddly possibly even the first time ever especially in so many gun and ammo departments, we didn't even buy a thing?
I know, crazy right:)

Something happened and the next few days were uniquely positive.

I hate to admit it, but normally I am not the most approachable person.  It's not that I'm not friendly, but lets face it I tend to not have one of those permanent smiles on my face that comes so luckily second nature to so many others.

Anyhow, I don't even think I had much of a smile, but something must have been in the air around me, because the rest of the week everywhere I went, or worked people just gravitated towards me, total strangers, people I rarely speak to and just crazy, fun odd conversations happened repeatedly.

I was in such a good mood, I went all fun sarcastic joke like on everyone that came up to me in the library.  Go figure, so many people were so nice, kind and wondering where the heck I have been, and why they hadn't seen me before.  Which I laugh about because I have been working in these places for years.  Yet, possibly for the first time in a while I guess people just looked at me and saw the unwritten message, that said, this girl is happy, I want to talk to her.  LOL

Gosh, I bet your thinking, who is this girl, was she horrible and rude before?  No, I really am not all that bad, LOL  I just I really don't know what happened that Monday morning on my walk/run and having it go so well, and the fact that this stupid work injury for some crazy reason is starting to feel a bit better right now.  I guess it's brightened my hopes up, and shined up my personality and frankly it's been kind of a fun week!

That was until later towards the end of the week, when I got some news about something that I am normally really good at, but apparently have momentarily lost my touch. I lost the natural high I had been on.
So by Friday, I was indeed quite down in the dumps and in need of some girl chat.
So I called up one of my great friends and we hit up dinner and turns out we both had a bunch of stuff to let out.
It's interesting how life works out, when you feel like your life is hitting a low point and then your friend tells you something in her life that trumps yours in a way and all of a sudden your problems seem quite minor to others.  Before long yours are forgotten and your mind is all about your friend at that point.

I have to say, another thing that helped me gain a different perspective on my own situation and the negative thoughts that were creeping into my mind by the end of the week, was actually a blog post I read on one of the new bloggers RachelMcMichael I met during the hop.  Her post was all about turning your heart to gratitude and finding ways to get rid of negative thoughts.

So yes, this week has been about as unique as our Utah weather.  With Monday round 70 degree's and by mid week snow flurries and snow capped peaks around me on the mountains and then by end of he week highs in the mid 30's.  I say, ya my week in emotions was a roller coaster ride just like our weather!

So in short, I am doing a little body, mind and soul cleaning up and refocusing.  I realize most the week went so wonderfully purely on the fact that I was carrying happiness with me.  It's up to me, to have weeks like that more often.  It's also up to me to not let certain things bring me down.
Which is why I am really looking forward to some life changes that will be happening soon, and as I make them, I am looking forward to sharing them with you!


I have to apologize for my comment system.
It seems they (Disqus) did an upgrade and are requiring most visitors new and old who used their social media to log in, to apparently verify their email address before they can submit their comment.  Unless you are signed up as a member of Disqus.
It won't even let you submit the comment until you have verified your email. Which if you are going to be kind enough and leave me a comment, rather than drive you crazy.  If you make sure you're already logged in first before typing anything, then it shouldn't be a problem for you.

If you cannot tell I am seriously upset about this.  But being in the middle of the Grow Your Blog, Hop I am stuck with it as I don't have any spare time to do anything about it right now.  I do apologize if it causes you trouble when trying to leave a comment.  I just wanted to give everyone a PRE-WARNING on it!

Have you ever carried an attitude that you've noticed complete strangers and friends wanting to be around you more just because you might make them happy too?

What is something awesome that happened in your week?


  1. Such beautiful scenery on your walk!! :) Something awesome... well,... my husband and I got to run the Fort Myers Half and spend almost the whole day together without our girls - thanks to his parents coming to town for the weekend! - The run was awful, but the company was great! lol

  2. Love the scenery. That's what fall is supposed to look like.

  3. Good for you for taking a break from the computer over the weekend. Often times, we spend far too much time in front of the screen, and the break from it is often good for us on so many different levels.

  4. You needed some good time away from the computer - you do so much. Thanks for hosting this fun blog hop - I'm so excited to find new blogs to read & people to follow

  5. So glad you were able to disconnect and breathe this week - I know these past two weeks must have been so stressful!! {And so glad you enjoyed my post!} Truly - this blog hop has been SO much fun and I'm tagging along for the next one, too!! I had no idea about the Disqus update... but we all love you and are happy to log-in to comment! :)

  6. I know we haven't met in real life, however I picture you as very personable and approachable. Being a wedding planner I would think that a requirement. You probably don;t notice it! Great job taking a break from the computer-hard to do! Thanks again for the blog hop!

  7. Oh how fun, but I am sorry to hear it was awful! So nice of his parents to watch the kids so you guys could have a fun running day together!!!

  8. Thanks! I agree! I am glad I enjoyed it while it lasted, just a few minutes ago the winds kicked up and I am pretty sure there is snow coming soon, and the leaves will all be gone by tomorrow, well at least on the ones that have changed!

  9. I know huh, sometimes we can let this blogging hobby thing take over, a mini break was exactly what I needed:)

  10. Your sweet, thanks! Ya I definitely needed and enjoyed the little break. Don't get me wrong I enjoy and have fun with the hop, but the mini break will help me keep on enjoying it:)
    I hope you like it, it really is a lot of fun and great chance to meet new people with the same interests!

  11. That is kind of you to say:) Ya, it kind of is, but I will be honest sometimes I really have to fake the politeness with some brides, and moreso with their mothers, LOL
    Yes, the break was well needed, so I could keep this blog hopping fun for me too:)

  12. Courtney@TriGirl ChroniclesMarch 8, 2017 at 5:57 PM

    Your positivity is as beautiful as the mountains around your home. Seriously, I love that was left smiling by the end of this post =)

  13. Tricia MissSippiPiddlinMarch 8, 2017 at 5:57 PM

    Well I would totally come up to you if I saw you! I would more than likely give you a big ol' hug too! It's funny you say that about not being approachable cause I think I'm that way too, I don't mean to be, I just have been told I am. It's wonderful how being so positive inside just radiates to the outside and everyone knows it. Kinda like what they say about being pregnant ya know people just know.
    You have the most amazing views around you just wow. Poor fish. :)

  14. Aw love this. Sometimes you just need a new perspective to turn things around! And hikes outside and girl time always help too! I definitely love Rachel's scopes too....she always puts a positive spin on things!

  15. Denise @ Healthy Family MediaMarch 8, 2017 at 5:57 PM

    Kristy, gorgeous pics from your walk! I can't imagine you being anything other than sweet and positive in person, it's great when other people pick up on that too :) Thanks so much for hosting the Grow Your Blog Hop. So happy to participate in round 2!

  16. Hey sweet friend! I thought I commented but I guess I didn't press "enter" {oops!} I'm so glad you enjoyed the post - trust me - I wrote it because I was 100% talking to myself! I'm so glad you had a much better weekend. These blog hops are the most fun I've had in a long time! I wish they were year-round {though I know they probably require a TON of effort for you!} We are so thankful for you!!

  17. I've been practicing placing a positive on every negative thought I might find myself thinking throughout the day, and it really has changed me. I'm more grateful, thankful, and much less stressed. I've been able to accept the things that happen and work on the things I can control to find myself grounded so that I can move forward with confidence and optimism :] I'm glad you had a walk that helped make at least half the week super great. ^.^ But that off weekend with your Netflix binge sounds good too! :D

  18. Such beautiful photos! Glad you took some time out from the craziness, and seriously, a HUGE thank you for taking the time for all of us blog hoppers :)
    Meg x

  19. I've been really trying to train my mind and actions to focus on positive and not get caught up in my own head. It's so hard to do, but it really helps.

  20. I had trouble yesterday with Disqus. It refused to verify my email even though I kept trying. Weird. You do really have beautiful scenery right outside your door. It's hard to be UP all the time. It takes work! I think the roller coaster ride is a natural occurrence for most people. I know I struggle with it if I'm tired. Fatigue is a negative attitude trigger for me. I'm glad to hear your ankle tendons were feeling better.

  21. I agree that positivity and happiness attracts other people! I've had days like that, too, when I feel on top of the world and I think I'm probably more open to interaction during those times, which in turn attracts more attention.

    My favorite thing last week was getting to spend Sunday with my niece. We went to brunch then watched a Harry Potter movie because she is into reading the books now. It was great to catch up on her life a bit :)

  22. Positivity does attract!!! I am so with ya!

  23. I feel the same, I used to (hate to admit this) be okay with not being approachable, in fact in my younger years I was one of those people you either really liked, or really hated. But as I have grown up, I think sometimes I get caught in thought and busy and forget to place a smile on my face and I wonder sometimes if I come off the wrong way...
    Ya, poor fish. I really should go get some for my garden, but today is rainy snowy and if I climb down into the muddy drained canal I imagine I might not be able to get out very well, LOL

  24. Definitely time outside and girl time always helps! I do enjoy Rachel's blog, and even being very new to it, I do like the way she thinks and spins things!

  25. Thanks Denise, I am happy you are participating this round too:) That is kind of you to say, I try but I am human I have my days and sometimes I might be not quite as fun to be around than other days, lifes a work in progress though, right:)

  26. It may have been my comment system, a friend notified me it was having issues yesterday and I have been a little upset that it has been making it difficult for a few to leave a comment, so I apologize for any trouble, but appreciate it!
    Your post may have been written for you, but it was exactly what I needed that day and I read it at nearly the perfect time that day because right after I txt a friend and the rest was history:)
    I wish I could do them year round too, but unfortunately they do take up quite a bit of my time. Plus in February I did one that lasted a month, and by the end of the month participation was down 50%, it was hard for those who wanted to do it and make it work, and those who only wanted to use it to benefit themselves. I was a little pickier this time on who got and and although I always wish for 100% participation, I think we had about 80% which is a little better. I am going to be doing more in 2016 if you like them, love to have you join up too!

  27. That is awesome! That is something I need to do better on. I am always pretty optimistic and positive, but I do have a tendency to let a few negative things in that annoy me, sometimes take up too much time in my life, that is something I am working on!
    Ya, I loved that little Netflix binge, I was just lucky I didn't have an event or anything I seriously wish I could just sit back and do nothing today and watch more of the new show I am addicted to today, but probably not going to happen:)

  28. Thanks! Yes, sometimes we just need a little break from life to do nothing and relax:)
    You are very welcome, I enjoyed catching your post yesterday, looking forward to getting to know you more!

  29. It is hard to do, I hear ya on that. But like you I am also trying to focus on the positive, it just makes life go better!

  30. I am so sorry!!!! I have another friend who also is having big trouble with it and it won't let her comment. I can't tell you how annoyed I am with the comment system for doing the check they are doing right now. The timing couldn't be worse! It was also just as I was thinking this new system was perfect for me.
    Not only that, but I feel bad for anyone like you who is coming by and having troubles, please know I am so thankful you stop by, and I do apologize for the little comment mishap!!!
    Thank you, I am glad my tendons are doing better this week. I no longer get too excited when they do because I've never had 3 weeks straight without a new flare up, but even with that I still have hope:)

  31. Isn't it fun when you get that way? I wish I could say I am like that all the time, but truthfully it doesn't happen as often as I should make it!
    Oh that is awesome! I love spending time with my nieces too. Totally fun you had a Harry Potter movie weekend, I love when they get older and we can become friends with them and get into the same things as they are into.. Cherish those moments:)

  32. I love those pictures of the beautiful scenery! I totally agree that a positive attitude attracts others. I tend to have a very serious look on my face but I'm consciously working on smiling at everyone until it becomes second nature.

  33. Thanks! It really does, doesn't it! You are better than me, I am not good at all at remembering to try and smile, guess I just have to hope they see the inner happiness, LOL

  34. Had no idea about the Disqus upgrade but someone did comment saying they had problems. Great pictures on your walk! Sounds like you had an awesome week! Love that people just gravitated to you due to your happy and good mood!

  35. Thanks, ya I am lucky to have such pretty trails, although the storm we are getting right now is pretty much taking all the leaves off, but winter is pretty too:)
    Ya, I looked into it when a friend told me about her problem commenting. I wish they would have given us the option to agree to it for our own or not, I don't like things like that coming up.


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