A Sensible Arrangement by Tracie Peterson - A Book Review

This is actually my second Tracie Peterson novel in just a few months.  I really like this author, she does a great western.  A Sensible Arrangement is just that a great western with an adventurous romance.  I loved this story, and it was another one of those books that captured my attention and I pretty much read it cover to cover.

Marty is living in Texas and has had much pain in her life and she is ready to leave it all behind.  So when she sees an advertisement in the local paper for a man looking for a "Lone Star Bride" who is willing to move to Denver.  Marty decides to throw caution to the wind, and answers the ad and agrees to be his mail order bride.  With one stipulation, that it is an agreeable arrangement with no strings of love attached.

Jake has also had much heartache in his life.  He's been burned by women in his past, and has no desire to fall in love again.  However, with a job as a banker in a high society standing.  He soon realizes he needs to find a woman to wed, who would be willing to stand by his side, with nothing more than a marriage of convenience between the two.  When he receives Marty's reply, he feels it is the perfect arrangement.

Marty's arrival into town becomes quite unexpected as she becomes a heroine in an attempted stage coach robbery.  Jake takes an immediate extra liking to his new bride, proud of the much stronger woman that she is, than he could have ever hoped for.  Even if a gun slinging woman isn't exactly what will help Marty's social standing in the community.

Marty does everything she can to accept this new life.  As a woman who previously worked a ranch, she finds it difficult to be idle and allow servants and others to do everything for her.  But she is bound and determined to make this arrangement work, and be the wife Jake needs.  Even if that means attending social events and boring tea parties with the elite women in the community.  Whatever it takes to keep her here, and from having to go back to the heartaches of Texas.

Jake, is finding it more and more difficult to ignore his feelings for his new wife.  This marriage of convenience isn't very convenient for a man who is falling in love with his wife.  The only problem is, he's been burned before, he's not sure if he is ready to let even his wife into his heart.

Marty's past of secrets begin to catch up to her, and when her own feelings start getting thrown into the mix she isn't sure what to do.  When the economy starts collapsing, and the banking business looks to be a sinking ship Marty and Jake realize they may just need each other more than they ever knew.

If you enjoy a lighthearted American western, filled with adventure and romance.  You'll love A Sensible Arrangement.   I look forward to more books in Tracie Petersons Lone Star Brides series!  Written for adults, this is a clean christian based novel, appropriate for any age.

Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Publishing for my review.  I was not asked to write a positive review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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