Wedding Wednesday - Sapphire Blue Wedding

It's been a while since I shared some pictures from wedding's I have done.  I really liked how the wedding last weekend turned out, so I wanted to take today to share them with you.

If you don't know, I am a Wedding Planner, I own an event decoration company in Utah.  Which besides running, weddings are also what I am 2nd most known for, hence the blog name, Runaway Bridal Planner:)

Above is the backdrop we used for the ceremony.  We used the lattice behind it to hide a part of the wall that we didn't want to be front and center for the couple.
The brides colors were Sapphire Blue and turquoise, although I only tied in Sapphire Blue into the backdrop, to not over do it on blues.

The next picture is yes the same backdrop.  However, we moved it into an open atrium in the hotel.  Because of this we didn't include the lattice.  It is basically the same backdrop with a few modifications to fit the new room.

This is one of the room views for the reception area.  Although the lovely yellow don't slip sign was removed later:)  It was a beautiful atrium, so I decided it didn't need much, so we went with a classy simple yet elegant look to everything.

We used Sapphire Blue runners, with mirrors, and then every other table either had 2 or 3 glass vases that were filled with different types of water beads.  I actually dyed the water beads to match the brides colors.

The above is just another view of the room.  There were 17 tables in total for the event.  The white linens are not my own, they actually are the hotel's.  I generally always go with linens that drop to the floor.  Only the runners were from my stock.

I mentioned we went with different looks in each of the centerpieces.  Some were small beads, some larger beads.  Some clear, some blue.  Some with the rock look, others with the crushed ice look.

I personally think adding a different variety to each tables centerpieces, and different vase heights gave it a great look and feel.
Like I said above, simple yet elegant.  Sometimes when you are dealing with rooms of large grandeur, less is more and small elegant touches show bigger statements than huge items that can take away from a finished look.

Just another view of the room.

And another view.  I should have grabbed a better shot, but this was actually a huge waterfall and colored water display, lights in the wedding colors.

I will admit, this table was not of my doing.  But I had someone show me how to do this fun new look.  I just loved the piles of ruffle look for the cake table.  Loved it so much I made sure I was taught how to do it, and I will be hopefully giving it a try this coming weekend at my next wedding.  The difference will be, I hate table legs showing, so I will make sure when I do it, the bottom portion is a bit different:)

So that is it, like I said simple and elegant.  I actually loved how the centerpieces turned out, and the backdrop although hard to tell in the above pictures fit the rooms perfectly.  Additionally as the light in the atrium dimmed with the setting sun, all the softer lights in the room, as well as the softer lights I used all over the backdrop, really set it apart and gave it the romantic dreamy feel.

So, hope you liked these pictures, maybe they'll give you idea's for weddings or events you are planning in your future:)

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