The Trap by Andrew Fukuda - A Book Review

I came across this series a few years ago, and it immediately grabbed my attention and sucked me in.  Yes, its a Vampire novel.  But it is nothing like the Twilight series.  In fact it's an entirely different spin on Vampires and this will sound crazy to those who have been reading the series, but I didn't even realize it was a Vampire book until after I had almost finished the first book. (Don't ask me how I was that clueless, but I was...)
Anyhow, I have been eagerly anticipating the third and final installment in this series.  After reading, it lived up to every expectation I had and then some!

The Trap by Andrew Fukuda takes off right where the last book The Prey left off.  Gene, Sissy and the others have escaped onto the train, where the destination is unknown but it was all they could do to avoid death like all the others left behind.

They are constantly hoping for a break, but as the train pulls up and they have only a minute to exit and move on, or die.  They have no choice but to follow the voice on the intercom speaker.  Eventually they arrive where other humans have been living.  Not in exactly ideal surrounding, they are more like in caves and underground tunnels.  Before they even finish orientation with the others, the sound sends everyone scattering for their lives.

Gene and Sissy already know they are the origin, but they are taken from the tunnels by the scientists and explained more detail on this.  The scientists hope to use their blood to create a new weapon that will change everyone back to a human state.
However, like everything in this series nothing is as it seems.  Things change quickly and Gene and Sissy are eventually thrown on their own to kill Gene's childhood friend Ashley June, in order to save himself and a few of his friends.

What happens next is a thrilling ride, and a lot of suspense that seriously kept me reading and turning the pages as fast as I could.  Just as I thought I understood the direction the book would end, author Fukuda throws us for another thrilling spin.  If I say anymore, I'll give too much away.  But let me say this, I absolutely loved the ending.  In one of the previous books when I was pondering the answers to a few questions, I had come up with an idea that was similar to the ending Fukuda picked.  But I'll be honest, I loved his much more.  This isn't one of those dystopian's that leaves you hanging, you really get an ending and I think you'll love it!

For those who loved Divergent, The Hunger Games or other great action thriller dystopian books.  You will love The Hunt, The Prey and The Trap by Andrew Fukuda.   If you are like me, you'll find any one of these books extremely hard to put down because the plot is creative and so original.
Its a Vampire series and there is a bit of death and gross nature that comes with creatures of that kind.  But these books are weaved so creatively you'll just want to devour them!
These are Young Adult, however in my opinion they are more written with adults in mind.  So my recommendation is for anyone 16 and older.

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