Big Sur, California - Travel Tuesday

Most people know if you are driving along the Pacific Coast Highway 1 in California you are in for many scenic treats along the entire way.  So for Travel Tuesday today, I thought I'd show you a beautiful spot called Big Sur, California.

There is a Big Sur State Park, that you can venture into and get a little hiking in, there are many of those big and beautiful Redwood tree's in this state park too.

This particular day in April when I went, I hiked up to this small waterfall.

However, if all you have time to do, is drive the Highway in your car, you will be allowed to see plenty.  Breathtaking cliffs, and lots of blue ocean and white crashing waves.

If you visit in the spring like I did, you may get the chance to see beautiful wildflowers & vistas.

Stop along the famous Bixby Creek Bridge, which is also one of the most famous photographed bridges in the world because of its beautiful surroundings.

Of course, maybe if you are luckier than me, when you stop at the bridge the sun won't be exactly overhead.  Which is the reason for the less than great quality picture above.

For those who love to run, may I suggest the Big Sur International Marathon.  This was actually the reason I went to this area in the first place.  But if you love beauty, scenery and crazy amazing hills.  You'll love this race.  You are running up and down this entire Big Sur coastline all the way to Monterey, California.  Its a great race, one of my favorites.  You can read about it HERE if your interested.

My pictures really don't do the area justice.  It is breathtaking and a different kind of amazing at every turn of the road.  You won't be disappointed if you visit this beautiful area!


*  Big Sur is approx 13 miles south of Carmel, California.
*  If your in for a fun drive and visiting San Francisco it is about 120 miles south from SF.
*  There is lots of photo opportunities so don't forget your camera.
*  At times it can be really foggy in the morning, generally on a good day this clears out by mid morning.  But keep this in mind if you are only planning on being in the area in the morning.  As one morning I was there, it was too foggy to even see the cliff views below.  But you could still hear their crashing beauty.
*  There are also lots of hiking opportunities.  I'd say it is hard to get lost, as you have the coast to your side.  But people never cease to amaze me and do get lost, so unless you are familiar with the terrain, stay on designated trails.
*  If you love to run, they have lots of races in this area.  I did the Big Sur Marathon in April and I highly recommend that one!

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