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This past week I was expecting to have loads of time to relax and play catch up.  But each day things kept coming up, and before I knew it I was busier than I have ever been in a while.  Have you ever had a week like that, had so little scheduled and looked forward to the downtime, only to discover too many things pop up to make you busier than the weeks you planned to be busy?  Crazy!!!


So what was I up to this week.  Well, lets talk about my running:)  Because after 16 months off it, I love saying "my running" again.  So last Sunday I had a plan, to use my Fitbit One and make sure I hit my 10k steps each day.  Additionally, the plan was to gradually increase the daily running a bit.

Monday - Run/Walk - 2 Miles (400 Meters ran total.)
Tuesday - Run/Walk - 3 Miles (1/2 Mile ran total.)
Wednesday - Walk - 3.5 Miles
Thursday - Run/Walk - 3.5 Miles (almost 1/2 mile ran total.)
Friday - Off
Saturday - Wedding Decoration 6 Miles walked.

Hey, it may not sound like much and it isn't, but I'll take it!
Let me just say, I always knew when I did a wedding it was a workout, but this was the first time I wore a Fitbit.  6.38 Miles, and it wasn't even one of the larger ones.  I look forward to seeing how far I walk this weekend at the next wedding because it's about 3X's the set up.

FYI, I hit my 10k steps each day and on Saturday I hit 15k.  Which means I have my work cut out for me this week, to beat last weeks Fitbit results!  I absolutely love that little gadget, and using it to find self motivation!!!!

My 3 Year and 1 Year Anniversary

Three years ago on April 20th, 2011 was when I first started this blog.  In 2011, 2012 the only time I ever really blogged was when I ran a marathon, and did a re-cap.  At the time it was a fun way for me to share with my friends and family, my race details as I worked on my 50 states marathon goal.

However, in January of 2013 when I got the work injury, the blogging slowed down.  It wasn't until the end of  March and early April 2013 that I decided blogging could be so much more.  I started looking around at different fitness/sports/running blogs and following them.  At first I never commented, I just played around and looked for inspiration while I was becoming more and more injured, and less and less able to run.

Eventually about 1 year ago I came up with a new blog plan and that plan has turned into what you see now. I absolutely love the blogging community and my readers.  I love following other bloggers as well as finding new blogs to enjoy.
I look forward to the next year, and the opportunities and growth that could come with it.

Next Monday I will do my official Blogiversary post, if there is anything specific you would like me to talk about, write about please let me know!  I am still open to ideas!!!


* I made it up to 1/2 mile running last week.  So this week, I hope to add a tad more to it, and to hopefully hit the 1/2 mile point at least 2-3 times this week.

*  Heartland - It's a Canadian TV show, modern day western.  I absolutely adore it, and have for years.  The season finale was last night and hopefully I get some time later tonight to watch it.  I don't watch a lot of TV, but the few shows I watch I just love!

* The wedding that I am decorating for this weekend.  It's actually for a co-workers daughter.  I don't think she reads my blog, but I am looking forward to it for a few reasons.  One of which, I am adding a little extra decor surprise for them.  In case she does read my blog, I'll save the secret for now:)

*  I had a beautiful wedding last weekend, so I hope to have time to show off a few pictures this week on Wednesday.  But at that wedding, so many people came up to me who loved my work. Including the hotel owner and his event coordinator, and they really want to work with me and my company and put wedding packages together for their hotel.  They came up to me several different times through the day and night and mentioned it as well as made sure I exchanged business cards with everyone.  So I look forward to hearing from them this week.

*  I'm also looking forward to some upcoming career changes.  What & where, well that is going to be kept my secret for a bit longer.  But once everything is decided and set, I will (hopefully) be thrilled to let you all know.  Especially since, I have decided to go with my heart and gut this time.  Which may or may not end up being a mistake, time will tell...

*  I was told about a local wedding and home decor store that has been around for a while, but I only just discovered it last Friday.  I have an appointment on Tuesday for me and my business:)  This warehouse is amazing, and so huge I could get lost in it for days.  So many crafts, home decor and endless isles for weddings, almost anything I could imagine and all at wholesale prices for businesses only.  So I invited my mom and all my sisters, and we are going to go shopping:)  I'll spend more than I should, but all of the stuff I have been needing to update for my wedding company, is getting replaced or updated!  I invited them, so they could get anything for their homes they would like.


So what are you looking forward to this week?  Any spring races coming up that you are looking forward to?  
Additionally, if you have any idea's you'd like me to talk about/share when I write my Official Blogiversary post next Monday, please share!
(Make sure to leave a link to a post in the Comment Luv section below, that you want me to make sure I stop by and check out!)

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